March 31, 2018 Libra Blue Moon: Not Taking No For An Answer

This is the inside story of Novena and her “Not taking no for an answer.”

oprah quote

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”  A quote from Oprah Winfrey.

Novena awakens refreshed from a great night’s sleep.  She’s grinning from ear to ear because she’s ready to play!

She opens her closet door and asks herself “What am I going to wear?

Is it going to be the passion of red or the crystal clarity of blue?  What irresistible image am I going to create today?”

But it wasn’t always this way, Novena wasn’t always confident, comfortable and beautiful in her skin.

She was 4 foot 11 inches and a bit portly, so nothing ever really fit her.  Pants, skits and dresses were too long.  Waistbands and sleeves were always uncomfortable. It seemed like it was an endless search to find anything that looked good on her.

She’d spent hundreds of dollars on clothes, make-up, diet programs and nothing worked. Nothing made her happy.

Until one day, on the day of the Blue Moon, she decided to STOP looking outside of herself for the answers. She knew she spent so much time in her head with negative thoughts about herself.

Novena had enough! It was time for a change.  She was Not going to take No for the answer any more.  She was going to stop spending money trying to change herself from outside.

It was time to invest on her inner self and go deep inside and Release Her Inner Beauty.

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Today is March 31st and it’s a Blue Moon.  This means it is the 3rd lunation of the month.

On March 1st we had a full moon, March 17th we had a new moon and now on March 31st the last day of the month, we have another full moon, thus it is called a Blue Moon.

Funny, on Wednesday night as I was going to bed, I turned out the lights……and the light.. of the moon…was blue. It seemed as if I had put on blue colored glasses.  I said to myself, “how funny we have Blue Moon Light in my room tonight.”  It amused me to see how blue light showed up before the day of the Blue Moon.

Now shall we look at what the Moon and Sun have to say today.

Let’s say hello to the Moon.  This is a Libra Moon at 10 degrees.  This moon is your inner light, your reflective light.  It’s the light that is lighting your emotions.  It’s the light of Balance, Harmony, Relationships, of Partnerships.  It is the light of beauty, of what we love, how we relate…..and of… MONEY.

And the Sun your outer light, the light that is lighting your identity, is in opposition to the moon, to your emotions.  It’s in the fiery sign of Aries at 10 degrees, the warrior, the initiator, that can fill you with the need to act, to move forward and LEAD.


The key planets in play are: 

  • Mercury at 12 degrees, in Aries, being partner to the Sun
  • Mars at 7 degree being partner to Saturn at 8 degrees in Capricorn
  • Sun and the Moon pointing with tension to the partnership of Mars and Saturn
  • Venus just leaving Aries and entering Taurus at 0 degrees

What does this all mean?

One of the big themes of this moon is LOVE, what you value and how you relate.  Because Venus the planet of love and relationship is ruling this lunation.

There is an activation triangle being drawn in the sky above by the Sun and the Moon pointing with tension to Mars and Saturn. This triangular beam of light will stimulate you with the energy to plan, to create your GOALS.

It will be lighting you up to look at what you value, what you love in your partnerships, relationships both business and personal. It will be lighting a light on your money, how you treat it, how you manifest, how you relate to it.

It will be holding you responsible for what you truly value.  Pushing you towards the question “What is my message?” “What is it that I most want?” And opening the portal to your inspiration, so you can plan and make your life happen.

BUT and this is a BIG but, Mercury is in retrograde, which puts us in a holding pattern.  This means go ahead and plan, plan to move forward but wait to take action AFTER April 15.

Here are 3 Key tips to help you with manifest with this Brilliant Blue Moon:

  1. If you feel aggression go to compassion. This moon is high energy and fiery. To give you the spring to move forward, and the best way to do this is not through aggression but through the portal of compassion.
  2. This is a dynamic moon, so don’t try to control what shows up but go with the flow.
  3. Set up your goals, action items and plan but spend enough time in reflection and implement after April 15.

So, where do you go from here?

  1. If you’d like to get more up close and personal information on this lunation, check out my Blue Moon Facebook Live video for today.  I’ll be to shedding a little bit more light on this Illuminating full moon.
    Image Made Easy for Professional Women
  2. Plus, you can go to my website at www.innerbeautyhealing.us and sign up for the newsletter.  You’ll get a direct link to our moon meditation podcast so you won’t ever have to miss manifesting with the power of the moon.
  3. And If you’d like more personal info, check out my Meetup group, “Image Made Easy for Professional Women,” and JOIN!



Hope to meet you there!

Have a beautiful and wonderful Blue Moon.

Much Light and Love.



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