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Consciousness becoming Conscious

Divination Seminars you don't want to miss

What are Divination Seminars? They are seminars that teach you how to live a prosperous life. How we do this is through the translating of the planetary light signatures above. The Divination Arts we use are Astrology, Numerology, Human Design, and the Gene Keys. 

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Quantum Leap

Welcome to Quantum Leap! Consciousness teamed with Universal Wellness.

An interactive session designed to help you dramatically "leap" forward . .

Forward into what?

Into being the New Human. The human who lives WITHOUT the mental addictive chatter of lack and limitation.

Increase your inner clarity and leap forward into more peace, more balance, and more harmony.By participating in this session, your set intentions will help you

Create Your New Human

For this half-hour interactive webinar get ready to have FUN & PLAY!

Experience the gifts of CONSCIOUSNESS.

Witness the empowerment of active engagement, an essential ingredient to generate your GOOD FORTUNE!

What you can expect are:

  1. Getting to Know You introductions
  2. Sharing your Quantum Leap intention
  3. Learning and playing inner and interactive games to build Consciousness Wellness
Date: May 27, 2023Time: 6:00 to 6:30 pm

DONATION: Sliding scale (recommendation $5-$25).

If you cannot attend LIVE, no worries, you will receive a link to the audio.

To get to know us at Inner Beauty Healing better, visit our website Resouce page for the current Energy Forecast & New & Full Moon Blog at InnerBeautyHealing.us

LIMITED Space available so Leap NOW!

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How to prosper in 2023

Discover Your Path

Hi there, Francesca here. I'm an Astro-Numerologist, a Reverand of Psychic Healing, a Master of Medical Qi, and a Gene Key Ambassador here to help guide you towards your prosperity. This is the recording of Prosperity Path 2023, my annual webinar with my co-host Rev. Dr. Trinity Ordona.  It outlines the energy for 2023 and teaches you how to understand your own path to prosperity for 2023.

Events from the previous years have created great changes inside and out. Now that we have entered 2023, you may wonder what you will gain this year. How will you flourish as your finest self? Well, the year of 2023 is the Year of Mastery. It is about invoking the courage to master your inner self. It is the time of self-reflection, of awakening, and of realizing your dream self.

Prosperity Path 2023 is an hour-long video where I guide you on how to transform and elevate your energy for 2023. My goal is to help open your mind so that can live your purpose as your best, bountiful, flourishing, empowered self. With Prosperity Path 2023, you will receive:

  1. Webinar and Recording ($250 value): this covers the global energy theme to help you tune your energy to your highest vibration each month; also covers all materials mentioned below
  2. Empowered Energy Guide ($50 value): a step-by-step guide to help empower your energy effectively each month with reflection and action tips
  3. Global Energy Calendar ($50 value): monthly calendars with eclipses, new and full moon empowerment dates, transformational keywords, and abundance and reflective periods
  4. Birth Chart (free!): first step to understanding your inner path

Do you want to prosper in 2023? So what are you waiting for? Click the button to receive Prosperity Path 2023 today!

Yes, I want to Prosper!

In the spirit of ALTRUISM

Love of giving for the benefit of the whole

These are DONATION events

In-Sight Calendar Session

InSight Calendar banner

How to BEST set your energy for the month so you can PROSPER

Join Francesca for a half-hour online to find out:

  • Numerology codes so you can drive your life with FUN & DIRECTION
  • Astrology abundance periods and how to best create FINANCIAL FLOW
  • Gene Keys light signatures for DEEPER FULFILLING VISION

DAY: Always held on the last day for the next month's forecast (Ex: Jan 31 for February; Feb. 28 for March, etc.)

TIME: 6 - 6:30 pm PDT

In the spirit of ALTRUISM - love of giving for the benefit of the whole - this is a DONATION event. If you cannot attend LIVE, no worries: you will receive a link to the audio.