I’m Francesca Ordona Hollingsworth

I am a Divination Artist. I've been on this journey for well over half a century. That may seem like a long time but really it feels like a blink of an eye.

I was born the 11th child out of 13, and we were financially poor but I always felt I had plenty. I grew up sharing everything but that was fun and not hard. At 6-months my parents were told I had a really bad heart murmur. The doctors weren't sure what this meant but I got the definite impression everyone was really worried. Now that I can look back, I see that this start in life influenced me greatly.

At a five, I could draw, at seven I knew I was psychic, when I was fourteen I decided to become a fashion designer and not follow my other passions for science and math and become a doctor. I won the best design from Parsons School of Design in New York and after graduating, I went overseas and designed. When I returned to the US, I started my own line of clothing "Variance" in San Francisco. I even found out Goldie Hawn wore my clothes. Then at thirty-two I had my first son and closed shop.

Now, as Mom, the health for my family came to the forefront and thus began my interest in holistic health which lead me to esoteric healing modalities. I eventually got my MMQ, Masters of Medical Qigong. and 3 years later I became a Reverand of Psychic Healing and over time an Astronumerologist, and a Gene Key Ambassador.

Do you remember there was a prediction in the Mayan calendar that in 2012 the world was going to end? Well, on October 1, 2012, (my birthday month and the start of my 1st numerology year) just past midnight, I fell down the stairs. When I woke up in the morning my face looked like I had the bejeezus knocked out of me. The funny thing is I had no pain but lots of clarity about my purpose. It was like the lights went on in my head. 

Since then, I've united my love and passion for art and healing with my sister by creating Inner Beauty Healing. 

I help by guiding you along your unique Prosperity Path so you can be and live "The Art of You." My process is through 1:1 guidance, private group meetings, healing tools, and e-courses.

Client Thank You:

“Thank you, Francesca, for teaching me how to go deeper, if I ever had any doubt about what I am to do or if I’m on the right path – that doubt has been erased.” Bonnie-Esoteric Healing Practioner & Instructor

As an inner beauty healer, I am a Reverand of Psychic healing, Master of Medical Qi Gong, Astro-Numerologist, Gene Key Ambassador, Artist, and a professional Fashion Designer. My designs have been worn by the rich and famous such as Goldie Hawn and have been carried in the chic boutiques of Macy's, Nordstrom's, and specialty boutiques throughout the USA. With my experience and knowledge, I help you by:

  • Clearing energy blocks that hurt you in your career, business, relationships
  • Empower you by showing you your natural gifts
  • Eliminate negative mind chatter by teaching your mind a new way to think
  • Work with you to express your inner and outer beauty by being and living "The Art of You."
Are you ready to Uplevel Your Energy?

I invite you to schedule a 15-Minutes Sliding Scale session ($50-$125) and pay what you want in any one of these disciplines:

  • Astrology-Numerology
  • Human Design
  • Gene Keys
  • Aura Healing

by: Francesca oh

The Power of Beauty

As I sit here and think about the power of beauty,

I listen to the melodic tones of the piano and I find myself in a palace of beauty.

I close my eyes and I see, I feel and I experience the immense energy of beauty.

As I open my eyes, I remain in the envelope of the empowerment of beauty.

Flowers, gems, animals, a beautiful sunset all reflect true beauty to us.

Artists express this to us through visual images.

Actors express this through their connection to their body.

Fashion, shows us beauty through the model, giving us images of what we can be. Which is why we are so excited to see what is new.

As human beings, we express beauty through what we create.

Such as ourselves, in what we decide to wear in the morning,

to designing a high tech cell phone or a sleek car,

even growing a delicious scrumptious strawberry,

to the most amazing beautiful creation,

a child.

So you tell me, is beauty powerful?

The Power of Beauty

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Are you ready to make a difference in the world and been seen for who you truly are.....

A Beautiful, Powerful, Woman,

I invite you to schedule a 15-Minutes Sliding Scale session ($50-$125) and pay what you want today.