You Cannot Be Defeated!

Ready, Set, Go! You Cannot Be Defeated!

If you did not know it, a New Moon is a very powerful time to manifest our wishes and THIS New Moon is so, so special, too!

You Cannot be defeated

All the cosmic energies are surrounding us, to launch us on our journeys, at your highest level and serving our Highest Purpose. In fact, everyone will get a “big push” at the end of the month on March 31 with the 2nd Full Moon of the month. This is called a “BLUE MOON. So, this New Moon is a big wind up to that.

This is why, with this New Moon, the theme is:

“Ready, Set, Go! You Cannot Be Defeated!”

If you are like me, this past month has been INSPIRING!!  I’ve found myself STANDING UP and clapping for us — I loved the Oscars, the talent, the beauty and all the politics, inspirations and aspirations.

I’ve loved the MOVIES that have been showing, too

– Black people, queer people, and strong women everywhere!

– for our breakthroughs, our TRUE champions

I see and applaud the NEW trails being forged — by actors, directors, writers and everyone throughout the industry — where the plot lines and characters reveal the complexities, ironies, frailties, injustices, and outright contradictions of our actual lives.

And in this new, emerging Age of Aquarius — the era that we’ve barely begun — the polarizations which come up every day and make you want to yell, scream, run to and run away at the same time — are also ushering in the opportunities like those now on display in the movies to co-create, collaborate, nurture and bring into being an entirely new consciousness, a heart-based approach that puts an end to war, within and outside of us. In other words, the characters and story lines on the screen ARE showing us we can live with everyone. If you can imagine it, you can create it!

The opportunity is here. Not tomorrow. Now.

Today, the karmic and cosmic causes and conditions have arrived to turn your dreams into reality. Use this NEW MOON and get:

Ready, Set, Go! Ready Set Go

You Cannot Be Defeated!

Let’s do that, right now.

But first, how can I go anywhere when I do not know where to go?  Who do I think I am, anyway?  If you have these questions, it is due to underlying difficult feelings — whether fear, shame, guilt or doubt — that energetically block you from seeing, knowing and being your true self. Difficult emotions run us ragged and steal the joy from our lives.

Your difficult feelings originated, however, from actual hurtful, wounding or traumatic experiences in your life, or those you inherited from your parents or family in their lives.

Healing requires going back into the past, seeing what happened and allowing yourself to understand it — to “get the message” in other words — so you can let it go.  Think of it like a phone message you kept “saving” because you did not want to hear it yet, but finally “heard” it; once you did, you could erase or delete it because you “got” the message.

So too with blocked energies which are “unlistened to” messages, waiting to be heard, understood and released.  By releasing blocked energies, you release that past and it stays in the past, instead of you keep dragging it along into your life.

So let’s do that now. Let’s let go of the past that keeps you from moving forward, from “launching” yourself into the life you were born to live!

How do you do that?  It is actually not so hard.  It is like having had a big fight with someone important in your life — your partner, your best friend — and you decided to clear it up, talk it out, forgive each other and start over again.  You kiss or shake hands and make up.

So too with your own difficult feelings — you are listening, talking it out, forgiving and making up with YOURSELF.  The process will be through meditation, aspirations and intentions, moving deeper and deeper, layer after layer of difficult feelings.

Let’s do that.

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