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“A Miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love.” Marianne Williamson.  Today’s Beauty-Inside Story is, “Cinquenta, Making Miracles Happen.”

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Cinquenta was five, a big girl now, even though she still wasn’t three foot tall.  She was so proud.  She was old enough to walk home from kindergarten with her big brothers and sisters for lunch, a whole three blocks.  She was never scared because her brothers and sisters always took care of her.

Cinquinta loved to skip, it made her so much faster and it was a lot easier to keep up.  She’d watch her feet fly up and then slap the ground.  That whack, when the soles of her Mary Jane’s made contact, filled her with satisfaction.  Her eyes would go up and down, and on this day, the tips of her toes landed right in front of a five cent piece, a nickel.  OMG she thought, today is a luck day. She’d celebrate with her little sister Juanita and baby brother Jojo and take them to the Little Grey Store for a treat!

After lunch she waved bye-bye to her big brothers and sisters as they returned to school.  Cinquenta thought, she got the best of both worlds. Half day at big-kid school, half day to play with Juanita and Jojo.  It was heaven.

Now, it was time to take the journey.

She showed Mom her treasure, she asked if she could take Juanita and Jojo to the Little Grey Store to get penny candies.  It would be a long two and half block walk, but the reward was worth it.

The three set off.  It was a slow journey; the sun was high in the sky and they traveled toddler pace, sometimes baby steps, sometimes normal when Cinquenta would carry Jojo….slow, but always moving forward, towards the Little Grey Store.

Then they came upon a break in the path, it was The Alley.  It was unpaved and full of rocks.  Cinquenta loved rocks.   You never knew when you’d come upon one that was a gem. Cinquenta knew that The Alley lead to the Little Grey Store.  It was a shortcut and would shave off a good portion of their path. But, she’d only gone down The Alley once with her older brother and it was not very familiar to her. She thought, hmm…even though Jojo was little….together they’d could do it. And even though the road would be rocky, it would be an adventure!  So they turned right and headed down The Alley.

Time passed smoothly, rocks were everywhere. You’d see one cool one, check it out and just ahead of you, would be another….and another…..and another…..and soon they were three-quarters of the way through.

Whisk…..something just flew past Cinquenta’s head.  She looked up to see a Boy. He had a hand full of rocks.  Why had he thrown them at her?  Was it the color of her skin?  It wasn’t the first time she’d ask this question of herself.

The Boy was white, she could tell he was about her age, even though he was at least six inches taller.

Without a thought Cinquenta and Juanita put Jojo between them, forming one single target….Cinquenta.

Cinquenta knew it would be bad to run.  Run…and they might trip and hurt themselves….and this Boy was way bigger than all of them.  So even though she was fast, she wasn’t that fast, especially since she’d have to carry Jojo.

Cinquenta decided the only way out was to stand, face the Boy, stare him down and call upon an angel to save them.  One rock whisked by….then another….and then BAM! A door slammed and Dad, the Boy’s dad came running out, face half covered with shaving cream, towel on his shoulder and belt in his hand.

Cinquenta did not wait, she scooped up Jojo and walked as quickly as she could down the rest of The Alley.  Making a bee-line to the Little Grey Store.

Thinking, thank God the Boy’s Dad came to save them and so very sorry the Boy might get hurt.

Today was her lucky day.  She was being watched through the window to be sure she was safe.

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March is the month of 5 and it brings in the energy of change, quick decisions, ideas that invite exploration.  Five is the number that can welcome each experience as a gift.  Rocking forward, rocking backward to stay centered.

Today is March 1st.  It’s the first full moon of the month.  And at the end of the month, we’ll have a 2nd full moon.  These means that for 2018, we will have two Blue Moons in a row. Coincidence?  I think not.

Let’s look at what the Moon and Sun have to say.

Let’s say hello to the Moon.  This is a Virgo Moon at 11 degrees.  This moon is your inner light, your reflective light.  It’s the light that is lighting your emotions.  It’s the light of service, of analysis, of perfection.  It is the light of health, of work of growing and mastering self-awareness.

And the Sun your outer light, the light that is lighting your identity, is in opposition to the moon, to your emotions.  It’s in the watery sign of Pisces at 11 degrees, the intuitive, the sensitive heart that can fill you with compassion and empathy.

Plus this is the 3rd full moon of the year at 11 degrees in an 11 year. Coincidence?  I think not.

The key planets in play are:

  • Venus in Pisces at 23 degrees, pointing nicely at Jupiter in Scorpio at 23 degrees
  • Saturn in Capricorn at 7 degrees, pointing nicely at the Moon in Virgo at 11 degrees
  • Neptune in Pisces at 13 degrees, sitting partner side-by-side to the Sun at 11 degrees

What does this all mean?

2018 is an 11 year that is opening NEW MASTER portals of communication, new ways to think, so you can master your divine purpose of being.

With our inner light in the light of service, in the light of health and work, we are being asked to look closely into our relationship, our partnership, with our self-awareness in these areas.

With our outer light in Pisces, we are being lit up to open the portals of communication with our intuition, our higher self, the place where we create miracles.  Letting us know we are more than our physical self. That we are Both and One.

With Venus and Jupiter in play, we are asked to open the portals, to what we value, what we love, what brings us joy and to ignite it. And the doorway that is being made available to us, is the pathway to play.

With Saturn and the Moon, this gives us the access to the doorway of stability, of discipline, by listening to our inner voice.  To connect to what is holy within us and giving it the ground to grow.

With Neptune, it is about the genius of our dreams, of what we imagine and giving us the portal to bring it out into the light.

This is a time you’ll be called to be of greater service, to go deep inside.  It is a time for making miracles, in your relationships, your partnerships, your health, your work, your play.

Here are 3 Key tips to help you with manifest with this 3rd 11 degree Full Moon:

  1. Go within and connect to your dreams. With intention, set the seeds to create the miracles that will grow light into your life.
  2. Look at what brings you joy and what does not. Observe these experiences and see how they are meant to help.
  3. Take action towards partnership with optimism, to seek the truth.

And if you’d like to get more up close and personal information on this lunation, my plan is to go Live at Five today, to shed a little bit more light on this illuminating full Moon.

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Have a beautiful and wonderful full moon.

Much Light and Love



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