Elevating Consciousness

Aura Healing Sessions

What is Aura Healing? Your aura is part of your mental, emotional and spiritual body and it can be hurt. Aura Healings heal these wounds.

Let me draw you a picture. Mary was a shy 6-year-old and every time her teacher called on her to read aloud, she got nervous, lost her place and stuttered. Soon the teacher stopped calling on her and sent her to a special class for reading. Mary was embarrassed and believed she was a terrible student. Decades passed and now Mary has a Ph.D. in English but she still feels like a terrible student, a failure. Why? Because Mary has a picture in her aura that never healed. 

Your bad experience shows up as "frozen picture." Consequently, Mary kept seeing and living through the same frame over and over again. She was living her present life out of past information. One of the ways you heal hurtful pictures like these is through an Aura Healing. Let me explain.  When you dream, you dream in pictures. If you wake up and remember your pictures and are aware, you can figure out what your subconscious wants to tell you. These pictures too, are in your Aura. During an Aura Healing Session, you remain awake and Trinity or I see, read, and describe the pictures in your Aura. This brings awareness so you are able to let go of pictures that are no longer serving you. The session ends with a healing that releases these "frozen pictures" and leaves the past behind. 

Aura Healing Sessions

1 to 2+ Hour Sessions

Aura Healing for You


Ideal for healing when you have issues with:

  • Money, Creativity, Career
  • Confidence, Decisions, Stagnation
  • Trauma, Work, Family

Investment: $497

Aura Healing for Business


Ideal for when you have an issue with your business like:

  • Conflicts, Employees, Clients
  • Growth, Location, Competition
  • Decisions, Money, Bad Luck

Investment: $497

Aura Healing for a Place

FOR A PLACE (home, building)

Ideal for when you have problems with:

  • Dark Energy, Can't Sleep, Unknown Fear
  • Bad Luck or Need More Luck
  • Strange Happenings

Investment: $497

Session Details:

  • Sessions are one to two hours via Zoom meetings and are recorded.
  • You'll receive the contact information within 48 hrs and a link to the recording after
  • Prior to the reading, prepare a question
  • Your space should be quiet, undisturbed and relaxed
  • Do not plan anything after that is strenuous or stressful
  • Be sure your tech equipment is charged and working


"Francesca is an amazing psychic healer.  I was dealing with my mother’s worsening Alzheimer’s disease and a number of times I asked Francesca to help calm my mom’s worries and agitation.  This helped her make a successful transition to her new living arrangements.  Perhaps the most impactful work was in the selling of mom’s house. Due to mom’s illness the financial situation was in dire straits. I had to put her house on the market in a terrible selling market. It wasn’t selling. Then mom’s credit was frozen and closed. I was terrified, I was facing an additional $6,000 per month expense. If the house went to foreclosure mom would lose everything. I was very and discouraged, so I asked for a house reading. Francesca suggested they do a joint sister reading on the 22nd. I’m still stunned, the very next day, on the 23rd, I received a great offer. My mom wasn’t going to be bankrupt and the sale closed without a hitch.  I can’t believe how effective their healing powers have been and I am thankful that they chose to bring them to bear in this situation. I don’t know how they do it, I just know that they can and do."

Katherine, retired CFO, Hawaii  

Working with Trinity and Francesca has been a blessing for me and family.  We went from having little or no communication to expressing love and caring for each other. Nothing short of small miracles started occurring between me and my family. All my life I felt a constant sense of anxiety and fear both of people and new situations. I managed as best I could but came to think of this constant stress and pain as normal. After a healing session these constant anxieties and fear I carried disappeared. The inner disapproval and harsh judgment was no longer there. It has been a liberation in the truest sense of the word.

Raji, fine artist, Berlin

“I’m a 50-year-old Vietnamese female. I was raised by narcissistic and controlling parents. I was by all appearances and accounts very successful however due to my low self-esteem, I have always felt like an undeserving imposter. . . . All I knew was that I felt some sort of a block towards a happy and rewarding life. A year ago, I had a psychic healing session with Trinity, and over the course of a few months, I started to feel connected to myself and to my environment. I actually learned to acknowledge myself and love myself for who I am. With self acceptance, I no longer feel like an imposter. I am no longer feeling apologetic for my existence. I feel like I’ve finally arrived at the party. The best part is that since I no longer have to fight with myself, life is so much easier.”

L.T., physician

I was going through a break up and had been suffering from depression for many many years. I've done therapy before, and did so again after the break up. When I first came to Trinity, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I came in with an open mind.

I had a private reading with Trinity and it blew my mind. I've always been skeptical about readings, but boy did Trinity change my mind! She saw things she would not have known unless I told her! The reading was not like I thought it would be, but it gave me an understanding of why my life was the way it had been. Thanks to this reading I knew what I needed to do to change the path of my life, and how to be at peace with myself and my surroundings.  This experience with Trinity has been life-changing for me.  I am at the best place in my life so far, and I know it's only going to get better.  I am stronger and I am in charge of my life, and I have Trinity to thank for giving me the strength, serenity, knowledge, and peace to arrive at this point.  Thank you Trinity!

Xiomara Yasmani, physical therapy student