Be Your Own “Incredible”

Be Your Own “Incredible”

If you did not know this, a New Moon is a very powerful time to manifest our wishes and THIS New Moon is so, so special, because it marks a very auspicious, fortunate and heavenly-blessed opportunity to manifest abundance.  The immediate few days before, during and after this NEW MOON are “Good Value Days.”

All the cosmic energies are surrounding us, will give you a “big push,” so this is the time “go with the flow” and create what the VALUE you need right now. I consciously use the term, value, because we easily forget that money is a FORM of value. Asking for “lots of money for me” is NOT the same as asking for “material recognition of my great value.”

What is the difference?  “Lots of money” can mean finding a $100 dollar bill on the street. (I’ve done that; I was very happy finding that crumpled up $100 dollar bill on the ground; and because it was FREE, I was even more delighted! But also, that happiness was short-lasting, too.)

Think instead of how open, understanding you are!  Is there really a dollar amount that can be assigned to these qualities of character? No.

What is the going dollar-rate for KINDNESS; INTEGRITY; SINCERITY? Get my point?  These qualities of character are simply invaluable.

This is why, with this New Moon, the theme is:  Be Your Own “Incredible” — so ask the “bounty” of your “incredible” to OVERFLOW NOW — with the people, places and things in alignment with you.

In this new, emerging Age of Aquarius and the Time of the Feminine.  The era that we’ve barely begun, is ushering in the opportunities to co-create, collaborate, nurture and bring into being an entirely new consciousness.  A heart-based approach that puts an end to war, within and outside of us.

The opportunity is here. Not tomorrow. Now. 

Today, the karmic and cosmic causes and conditions have arrived to turn your dreams into reality. Use this NEW MOON and Be Your Own “Incredible.”

Let’s do that, right now.

First things, first.  How can you BE your own INCREDIBLE YOU when you don’t believe in you, yourself?

If you are saying this to yourself, it is due to underlying difficult feelings about yourself — doubt, shame, guilt — that energetically block you from seeing, knowing and being your true self and how truly INCREDIBLE you are.  After all, there will never, ever BE another person like YOU. The YOU who is alive right now, with your particular parents, culture, language and experiences — is one of a kind.

If you do have difficult feelings about yourself, know that they originated from actual hurtful, wounding or traumatic experiences in your life, or those you inherited from your parents, family, tribe or society.

Healing requires going back into the past, seeing what happened and allowing yourself to understand it — to “get the message” in other words — so you can let it go.  Think of it like a phone message you kept “saving” because you did not want to hear it yet, but finally “heard” it; once you did, you could erase or delete it because you “got” the message.

So too with blocked energies which are “unlistened to” messages, waiting to be heard, understood and released.  By releasing blocked energies, you release that past and it stays in the past, instead of you keep dragging it along into your life.

Let’s do that now. Let’s let go of the past that keeps you from moving forward and being your INCREDIBLE YOU!

The most common block in the heart is the absence of self-love.

  • How can I treat another with respect if I treat myself with abuse and loathing?

At the same time, being The Critic or The Judge of Others creates separation from other people and fails to recognize our interconnectedness and interdependence with all of life.

To promote connectedness and warmth with yourself, including the parts of you that are difficult people, visualize yourself sitting in a chair in front of you.

Then rub your hand over heart in a small circle and say, yes, to these Aspirations while bringing your mind first to yourself, and then to you sitting in the chair in front of you, going back and forth.


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Where do YOU go from here?

If you liked my talk and meditation and want to be part of a circle of other fellow travelers, we offer mentorship, training and healing through various Inner Beauty Healing programs and memberships.

Specifically, I offer a program, “Facing your Inner Shadows” and “Walking in Your Own Light.” The purpose is to provide the tools to understand how energies work within the body and the ways they can be used to heal the past, especially traumatic experiences that have left a mark on the body-spirit.

We work together, privately, to uncover your blocks. I teach you self-healing methods to “let go” of pent up old emotions through simple energy grounding, centering and clearing techniques. In my sessions I share what has worked for me in my own self-healing work and work with you to find and develop what works for you.

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