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Learning Light Translation

Welcome to our Divination Library. Here you will find videos that will help you learn how to understand the current light signatures of Astrology, Numerology, Human Design, and the Gene Keys and how they affect us:

  • Prosperity Path 2023, outlining the energy of the current year
  • Past Important Astrological Times that have paved the way to the current Great Change.

2023's Global Energy Forecast

What you need to know so you can move more smoothly into your future

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What is Prosperity Path 2023?

It is the yearly energy forecast

Cost $350

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Weather forecasts help you prepare for physical climates such as rain, storms, and sunny days.

Energy forecasts help you prepare for the nonphysical climates such as the best times to lay low, reflect, and build abundance.

Prosperity Path 2023 is an hour-long video where I guide you through the forecast and explain how to understand YOUR specific energy for the year. With Prosperity Path 2023, you will receive:

  1. Webinar and Recording ($250 value): this covers the global energy theme to help you tune your energy to your highest vibration each month; also covers all materials mentioned below
  2. Empowered Energy Guide ($50 value): a step-by-step guide to help empower your energy effectively each month with reflection and action tips
  3. Global Energy Calendar ($50 value): monthly calendars with eclipses, new and full moon empowerment dates, transformational keywords, and abundance and reflective periods
  4. Birth Chart (free!): first step to understanding your inner path

Do you want to prosper in 2023? So what are you waiting for?

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2022 Cosmic NewsCast

Cosmic flow of Social Change with Trinity & Francesca


On February 20, 2022, Pluto —the “Global Consciousness Planet” — completed a 246-year solar orbit since the USA’s founding on July 4, 1776.

When Pluto returns it resets the Global Conscious Social Change.

What you will discover is:

  • Why the USA Pluto Return is important and how it is affecting us
  • What is its significance to the USA and the world then and now
  • How can you move with direction with this cosmic flow of social change
USA Pluto Return Big Picture cover

The upgraded level of Pluto's energies now are: INITIATE - LIBERATION - VENERATION (DEEP RESPECT).

We all know the story of the USA Birth or do we? Learn the hidden secret of Pocahontas and how she is part of the USA Pluto Return.

What you will discover is:

  • What is the "Big Picture".
  • How is it reflected in the NOW?
  • Deeper "cosmic big picture of Pocahontas.

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Past Important Astrological Times

1-hour educational webinars on astrological events leading up to COVID -19

2020 The Great Change

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DECEMBER 21, 2020 Astrology, Numerology, Gene Keys forecast on the Great Conjunction. The two celestial giants Jupiter and Saturn meet in Aquarius at 0 degrees creating a mega shift with long-lasting effect. Learn how this affects you. Get the translation of this epoch shift with new and ancient divination arts.

2019-2020 Navigating The Change

Library-2020-Mars Retrograde thumbnail

What's Up with the Mars Retrograde: In this talk you will learn:
• The key frequency signature of the Mars Retrograde of 9-9-2020
• What is MOST important to know and how it affects you
• How to best navigate the stream of global change with ease & calm

2019-2020 The Big Change 

Library-2020 Stellium thumbnail

The 2019 & 2020 Stellium: The January 2020 Stellium created a "Redistribution of Global Power." It began the "Big Change" we are currently navigating. In September 2019 there was the Virgo Stellium, this was a foreshadow of what was to come in January which manifested as COVID-19. This webinar can help you better understand our current climate of change. As with all history, when you know your past, it can be very empowering and give you direction for the future.

2018-2019 The Money Change 

Library-2018-19 Uranus eneter Taurus thumbnail

Uranus Enters Taurus: In the astrological circles there was much talk about something big coming down the pipeline. You can go as far back as the year 2000 to hear the whispers of change. Now 20 years later we are in the throes of this "Big Change." One of the early signposts was in 2018 and then in 2019. This webinar explains the main frequency signature that is important to understand when it comes to your money.

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Clarity Through the Zodiac

20-Min Astrology audios - Aries now available