Our Cosmic Political Landscape:  July 2018


This is Rev. Dr. Trinity. Thank you for dropping in to my blog and podcast “Our Cosmic Political Landscape,” on the politics of the time.  The theme for this podcast is: Break Down, Break Up and Break Through!

My Inner Spirit Healing Talks are offered to teach you the metaphysical truths and skills to know your Purpose, follow your Path, manifest a great, wonderful Life and make a BIG DIFFERENCE in the world.

Starting last month, I changed the focus of my talks to explain, cosmically and karmically, the political landscape of the period and both the “what” and the “why” it is happening. My purpose? To help guide you through these troubling times by teaching you to recognize the underlying metaphysical currents that propel the world. I focus specifically on the political challenges confronting all of us because our individual lives are in a context. By understanding that metaphysical currents strongly effect politics, we can make choices that compliment our efforts instead of being confused, angry, stuck or closing our eyes, wishing for it to be “all over.”


 EVERY month, there a New Moon and Full Moon and BOTH are very powerful times to manifest your wishes because you can grab on and “ride” those powerful cosmic energies, and thus, consciously and quickly, manifest your wishes. Knowing the direction and strength that the “cosmic winds” are blowing is like using your sails to GO WITH the wind, thus getting to where you want to go, fast and direct.  But if you are in a cosmic storm, using the sailing analogy, instead, you take down the sails, head down and “batten down the hatches” to prevent water from getting below the deck. This way, you survive the storm and live another day.

Right now, despite all the gains of our modern world in terms of science, technology, mathematics, medicine and materiality, we are “completely lost” when it comes to “things that don’t make sense” to us, in logical, rational terms.

For example, most of the critics of Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy dismissed him outright because his politics were so incredibly far right — blatantly and unapologetically sexist, racist, homophobic — that they thought he would NOT be elected. Then he was . . . and we have been trying to figure out why, ever since.

In part, this happened because we label the politics, thoughts, behaviors and feelings like Trump’s as: “crazy, weird, freaky, or unbelievable.” In doing so, we put them out of mind and thus, we take them out of reality.  Yet, these oppressive behaviors, values, thoughts and words are VERY REAL, and in fact, we have forgotten this country was founded on such values.  The resurgence of white nationalism, anti-immigrant hysteria, isolationism and bullying politics is a consistent part of American history.

Let me break it down. The wave of populist politics that ushered in the Trump Presidency called for a return a 1950s America. Last month, I recounted the world history of the past 50 years that led to World War II and the rise of military dictatorships fighting to re-divide the colonies of the world.

Yes, the World War ended with the utter devastation of Asia and Eastern and Western Europe with threat of instant and global annihilation with nuclear weapons hanging over the world.

Yes, since the 1950s, the US has politically led the world through its moral leadership, championing world cooperation as a beacon of democracy and welcoming millions of immigrants and refugees to our shores in their search for opportunity and freedom from tyranny and oppression. The US challenged and changed its own policies and structures of racist, sexist and homophobic oppression. By the dawn of the 21st century, it seemed that these steady, incremental steps towards the liberation of oppressed peoples all over the world, led by the U.S., would soon be realized . . . in this or the next generation.

But now, all those decades of building steps to world peace are being turned rapidly back. Under President Trump, the US now uses its military superiority to threaten N Korea with nuclear retaliation, its political might to break the Paris Climate Change and the Iran Deal international agreements and its economic dominance to bully its Mexican, Canadian and Chinese competitors into submission.  As I said last month, the key word is submission.

Slavery Timeline

Slave Trade from Africa to America: 1650-1860

Under Trump, “might makes right,” again — THE adage that guided the world — and let us be honest, the US, since its formation.  Have we forgotten that the entire purpose of the 1st American colony at Jamestown, VA, founded in 1607, was for BUSINESS?!

The Virginia Company, a group of roughly 100 members of this joint venture, founded the first permanent English settlement in North America. The goal of the Virginia Company was explicit: establish a permanent colony in America that would make a profit for the Company. And profit, they did. Through tobacco. This is how and why America was made.

It is more than irony then that Jamestown’s very survival was possible on the one hand, by the aid of the Native American Indians who helped them survive the winter. AND then, the colonists returned that kindness by exploiting tobacco — which Native people used preciously, for healing and sacred ceremony — into a mass, cash crop commodity for the European market. Twenty-five years later, by 1630, over a million and a half pounds of tobacco were being exported from Jamestown every year — a production scale made possible only through Indian land grab and African slave labor.

Yes, some colonists came to escape religious persecution, but they too followed Jamestown’s basic capitalist business model:

  • take whatever and however much you can
  • exploit people and nature’s resources
  • make all the riches you can
  • and success is proof of God’s blessing
Old Uncle Sam

1890’s American Imperialism

American history is filled with example after example of this same mentality.

Look honestly at every land, territory or colony we have taken — from the entire East to the West Coasts of America, to Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska

Look honestly at all the millions of people — indigenous, enslaved or immigrant — that have built America

Look honestly at the reality of the haves and have nots . . . And how race, class, gender, sexuality and ability is the underlying “re-distributor” of the country’s wealth and poverty.

 What does all this history have to do with today’s Trumpism? What are the powerful cosmic energies behind it?

Power Pyramid

Power Pyramid: King, Lords, Knights, Peasants

According to astrology, we have left the Age of Pisces — a time of order based on hierarchy. This hierarchy WAS based on power.  Whoever was the biggest, strongest, wealthiest was at the “top” of the pyramid. Life was just an endless competition and the victor was whoever “won,” no matter the ways or means.  In America, that has ALWAYS meant white men on the top and everyone else, below.

This hierarchical behavior is the essence of Trump. He is standing up for and supported by those who, like himself, are trying to preserve this “old, ruthless, winner-take-all way of life” as the American Way of the Past, Present and Future.

But since December 12, 2012, the Age of Aquarius emerged: the beginning of a 5,200 year epoch of co-creation, collaboration, nurturance and an entirely new consciousness.  It is a a heart-based approach that will put an end to war, within and outside of us. All the universal cosmic forces are coming into alignment to bring this transformation about. THIS is why there is a polarization: which way forward?  We each must choose, whether we like it or understand it.

The choices are clear and unambiguous. Power over, as modeled by Trump? Or power with, as modeled by other great world leaders, like Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Rigoberta Menchu of Guatemala or our own Chinese American revolutionary, Grace Lee Boggs.

Grace Lee Boggs said: Grace Lee Boggs

“To make a revolution, people must not only struggle against existing institutions. They must make a philosophical/spiritual leap and become more ‘human’ human beings. In order to change/transform the world, they must change/transform themselves.”

If we choose to move forward by “powering with others,” then Americans must take a sober look at our REAL history — not a propaganda version that glosses over the truth of our ruthless past. Why? Otherwise, we will remain blind to these fault lines, deep and wide within American character, history, culture and society and will be astonished, taken aback, and at a loss of what to do every time this very truth — exemplified by Trump —rears its ugly head.

This ruthlessness, spurred on by a selfishness and greediness run amuck for over 500 years, must be reckoned, reconciled, forgiven and transformed. How? By breaking with this legacy of the “good old American Way” of conquest and oppression. Not out of guilt or forgetting who we are, but by stepping up to and meeting the challenge to BE the truly human, Americans we can be.

Join and move with the cosmic winds of transformation. The future is at hand.

Break Down, Break Up and Break Through!


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