September Pisces Full Moon9-1-2020

September 1/2 Pisces Full Moon: Exhaustion & Weakness vs. Wisdom & Equality

Welcome to Inner Beauty Healing’s astrology forecast for September 1/2, 2020, Pisces Full Moon – Exhaustion & Weakness vs. Wisdom & Equality.

Let me start by telling you a story. This is the story you have in your head, the voices of your mind and spirit in your head. It is . . .

Beauty, The Inside Story – “Exhaustion & Weakness vs Wisdom & Equality”

“I was talking to a number of my friends the other day and they told me how exhausted and weak they felt because of all the uncertainty around them. After our conversation, I felt the same way. I love my friends so much. But Voice & Mind — this can’t be good for me. Your thoughts?” asked Clasey.

“That is good self-awareness, Clasey. I’m proud of you,” replied Mind. “Options are: choose not to visit with your friends because they drain your energy; or change the subject; or listen, but choose not to be entangled in their story,” said Mind.

“Clasey, use your Wisdom. You are the Master Creator of all that is you and your life. As the Master Creator, you change by lighting your Aspirations, your Inspiration and Inventions,” replied Voice.


Are you ready to step into being Master Creator?

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Now, let me begin by explaining to you how to use your Cosmic Compass to walk your Prosperity Path with this upcoming September 1st and in other areas of the world, Sept 2nd Pisces Full Moon of 2020.

(And if you’ve got your own personal birth chart that I sent you or you just happen to have one, this is a great time to pull it out. And for those of you who don’t have one – but want one, contact me a Francesca@InnerBeautyHealing.US and we’ll see what we can do.)

Let’s say hello and thank you to the Moon & the Sun for their beautiful frequency of light that they share with us.

What kind of Pisces Full Moon light are you getting on September 1st & 2nd? It is the light of Exhaustion & Weakness vs. Wisdom & Equality.”

This Pisces Full Moon highlights the shadow of Exhaustion and Weakness and at the same time lights the strength of Wisdom & Equality by challenging you to stretch into being more of who you are as a Master Creator.

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Astro-Numerology for September 1st & 2nd 2020 is:

  • On the 1st, Pacific Time, it is a 1 Day + 9 Month + a 4 Year = a Universal 14 Day, the Liberator
  • On the 2nd, Universal Time, it is a 2 Day + 9 Month + a 4 Year = a Universal 15 Day, the Spiritual Alchemist
  • Sun is in Virgo, to be of Service and at the opposite end is the Moon in Pisces, the Dreamer; both at 10° –  the Creator & Original Thought
  • The Sun and Moon are pointing nicely to Uranus, the Breakthrough planet in Taurus the sign of Havingness at 10° – the number of the Creator & Original Thought

What does this mean to you? What is the Pisces Full Moon going to do for you?

It can:

  1. Bring out your exhaustion and weaknesses to help you breakthrough your issues
  2. Bring you to feelings of equality and working your wisdom
  3. Bring you to freedom and liberation

August is the month of “Mindful Creating.” So let’s take a breath, a moment to look back and say hello and thank you to all the “Mindful Creating” you set into place this month. Now going forward, you can put this into play.

For September, the energy forecast for the entire month is playing out in the theme of “Serve with Wisdom.” And on September 1, the Pisces Full Moon is enhancing this theme through Exhaustion, Weakness, Wisdom and Equality.

To utilize this forecast, as you go through September, observe how you “Serve with Wisdom.” Ask yourself: Am I creating exhaustion? Am I creating weakness? Am I creating wisdom? Am I creating equality?  Answering these observations can help you break through to being the Master Creator you are.

Here are my tips for this Pisces Full Moon of 2020.

Prosperity Path Tips:

  1. Service – If you find yourself being the Servant rather than being the beauty of Service, you’re probably being swallowed up by exhaustion and weakness. This is a great month to breakthrough by going inside and reaching for your unique Wisdom and initiating . . .
  2. Equality – this is the inside job of equality. Choose to go inside and observe your weaknesses and encourage them to change in a way that will work for you. Choose to redirect your mind to appreciate you, just like Clasey’s mind chose to make the change. This way you can . . .
  3. Serve with Wisdom – which leads us all to liberation and freedom


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COVID-19 is creating a New Norm. This is a Divine opportunity to drive your destiny with your breakthrough brilliance. It is time to trust your inner beauty and deliver the art of your leadership within.


Much Light & Love


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