8-11-2022 Aquarius Full Moon

August 11/12, 2022 Aquarius Full Moon: Forgive Reaction

Hi there. Francesca here from Inner Beauty Healing with the Global Energy Forecast for the Aquarius Full Moon.

This Aquarius Full Moon is  Forgive Reaction. CLICK to Watch Video

If you saw August’s calendar on my Energy Forecast page you see that the theme for August 2022 is Forgive.

Now for this Aquarius Full Moon on August 11/12 (depending on where you live in the world), it is the light code to break through, act, and head towards  Unity, to Understand & Forgive Reaction.

How do you do that?


  1. To Understand and Unite your inner and outer beauty, close your eyes and take THREE deep breaths.
  2. Say “Hello” to yourself and say “Hello” back.
  3. Ask yourself to see what makes you feel agitated about yourself.
  4. Now choose to put on the lens of Re-Evolution. This allows you to see your secret Style (how you evolve and how you are evolving).
  5. While you watch, awaken your smile. Continue to allow it to grow.
  6. When you feel complete, imagine you are being showered by gold rain.
  7. Now get excited and say “Hello” to the Rebirth of your United You.

With this Aquarius Full Moon, it is here to help you Fogivie Reaction, inside and out.

In the Gene Keys, the Moon (Emotions) and Saturn (Discipline) are together in Gene Key 49. This is the light of:

  • Rebirth
  • Revolution
  • Reaction

The Sun (Ego) is opposing the Moon in the Gene Key 4. This is the light of:

  • Forgiveness
  • Understanding
  • Intolerance

They (Moon, Saturn, Sun) are all pointing with tension to the August Stellium of Uranus (Breakthrough), and North Node (Destination) in Gene Key 2. This is the light of:

  • Unity
  • Orientation
  • Dislocation

AND Mars (Action) in Gene Key 8. This is the light of:

  • Exquisiteness
  • Style,
  • Mediocrity

They (Moon, Saturn, Sun) are pointing nicely to Chiron (Healing) which is in Gene Key 51. This is the light of:

  • Awakening
  • Initiative
  • Agitation

What does this mean to you? How is this Aquarius Full Moon going to help you?

Aquarius is the Revolutionary Jail Breaker. It is here to help you break your rules, break your patterns, and heal your wounds through the gift of Understanding and Forgiveness.

When you suffer from past Reactions, the path of healing is through the inner light of Understanding and Forgiveness.

But when it comes to Unity, it is about the Revolutionary path, the path of Re-Evolving.

This Aquarius Full Moon is sending the light to realize your re-evolution is being oriented to Understand and Forgive Reaction. It is helping you forgive your reactions, others’ reactions, and the world’s reactions.


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Be Well & Prosper for the rest of this Glorious 2022.

Sending much Light & Love,


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