April 1, 2022 Aries New Moon: Healing Control & Reaction

Hi there. Francesca here from InnerBeautyHealing.US with the Global Energy Forecast for the Aries New Moon on March 31st in the Pacific Time zone and April 1, 2022, in Universal Time zone.

Today, let me step back in time to show how the year has been playing out. In this way you can see how the stars above are lighting a path and you can connect the dots to create a current flow of ease and grace within you.

  • January was the month for Struggling for Silence. Top-of-mind struggles, limitations, psychosis were Omicron variant! Vaccinate or not vaccinate? Mask or no mask? With these experiences, the new & full moon lit the path to Sacrifice Addiction and for Nurturing Enriched Realism
  • February was the month of Justice. Realism. Truth. February 20, 2022, was the astrological event, USA Pluto Return.  This lit the way to upgrade the contract with the global consciousness from Freedom, Liberation, Rebirth to Initiate Freedom with Veneration (with respect). (To learn more about the USA Pluto Return go to our Divination Library) On February 23, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine highlighting weakness, equality, tenderness.
  • March is the month of Rebirth. It is here to re-evolve weaknesses, doubt, dishonor, turbulence, construction, opinion and control by unveiling a new way of being through asking you to let go of that which is no longer serving you.
  • On March 18, the Virgo Full Moon sent the gift of Gracing Peace & Compassion through witnessing the Ukraine/Russia turbulence. This is the constricting of the heart to open the door for acceptance for Universal Love
  • This leads us to the Aries New Moon. This is the moon of Healing Control & Reaction
  • Where we are heading now: April, the month of Harmonizing Humanity by Healing Control & Reaction with re-evolving your inner authority with valor for Freedom.

In the Gene Keys, the Moon, Sun, Mercury, and Chiron (New Moon Stellium of emotions, ego, mind, healing) are in Gene Key 21. This is the light of:

  • Valor
  • Authority
  • Control

In Ukraine, the New Moon Stellium is pointing WARMLY to Mars, Saturn, and Midheaven (action, responsibility, public image) in the Gene Key 49.

AND in Russia, the New Moon Stellium is pointing with TENSION to Mars, Saturn and Midheaven (action, responsibility, and public image) in the Gene Key 49. This is the gate of:

  • Rebirth
  • Revolution
  • Reaction

What does this all mean?

This means: the healing Aries New Moon of initiation and initiative which is to initiate a battle of control — a battle of reaction for the purpose of revolutionizing authority through the re-evolution of authority.

In this battle of control and rebirth, Ukraine’s public image is being warmly received and Russia’s not so much.

The reward and where we are headed is to break through the controlling and reactive addictive mind and to heal the wounds of the mind with lightness, grace, and realism.

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Be Well & Prosper for the rest of this Glorious 2022.

Sending much Light & Love,


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