Time to Master Your Dreams

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” A quote from Eleanor Roosevelt.  Today’s Beauty-Inside Story is Time to Master Your Dreams, Daisy’s story.


Daisy, sunshine Daisy, warm, comforting, sweet Daisy. She was in her mid-thirties, married, no children. I think sh5-Element Fashion Daisy's Storye had a regular job, but you know it’s kind of funny, we never talked about it. Why?  I think because she was always asking questions about me.  Like you know, she was the sun and just made me feel comfortable inside.

But we did talk about was her art work, because that was her passion, that made her smile and shine so brightly.

Daisy had straight dishwater blond hair, she was kind of on the short side, around 5’ 2” and most people would have thought a bit heavy. You see, this was the perception because the most defining feature about her body was her large hips and thighs. Daisy had the typical pear shape, narrow shoulders with wide hips. Now if Daisy was born in the Victorian time she, would be idolize as a Queen. This was the ‘to die for’ shape during the Victorian era, but no such luck for Daisy in this day and age.  The sad thing is, Daisy was ashamed of her large hips because ever since she could remember having large hips were not in.   Everywhere she looked, tv, movies, magazines, stores, even mannequins, the fake people, had no hips.  She saw clothes that did not cater to her shape. She couldn’t relate with these images of beauty. She began to worry.

Somehow this made her conclude there must be something wrong with her. In her teens, twenties and early thirties she blamed herself for having large hips. This blame made her torture herself.  She found herself craving sweets and she answered her worry with various forms of self-inflicted malnutrition. Sticking her finger in her mouth, to make her throw up, was one of the ways she tried to stop herself from playing the BODY BLAME GAME. But she discovered, that it was impossible to be HAPPY and HEALTHY, when you’re constantly blaming yourself for not having the right body.

The truth is in Five Element Fashion, her large hips are a key factor to Daisy’s beauty. In Five Element Fashion, which is rooted the Five Element Theory of TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Daisy is an Earth Element which is governed by the Spleen and Stomach, that’s why Daisy liked the taste of sweets.

Daisy didn’t know she was an Earth Element.  Her natural state of well being is to radiate the feeling of balance, warmth, groundedness and down home comfort, very much like when we look at the color YELLOW, the color which the Earth Element resonates with.

DAISY, was a beautiful shining, comforting, grounded Earth Element but she didn’t know this, so she suffered needlessly.  And had a very hard time dreaming about who she could be.


Today, March 12th at 7:57 am Pacific Time is the full moon.  The Moon, that lights our emotions, it’s in the analytical, discerning, perfectionist, compassionate, service sign of Virgo.

And the Sun our outer light, that lights our identity, is in the intuitive, dreamy, boundless oceanic sign of Pisces.

This full moon is asking you…..Do you see both sides of the coin?  The analytical side and the intuitive side?  Are you in a warring opposition or are you working from a place of harmony and balance to create your dream world?  So many planets are in play this time to help us to master our dreams.

They are: Chiron the wounded healer, Mercury the mind and communicator, Saturn the time keep and enforcer, Mars the planet of action, Venus the planet of what I love, Pluto global consciousness and transformation, Jupiter & Uranus the theme of the year, expansion through breakthrough.  Then so many of these planets are at 22 degrees.  The vibration of the Architect of Peace.

This full moon is the Master Architect of Peace.  And what is its inside story?

Heal your mind

This is the time

Take action

Reach for what you love

Global consciousness is transforming


Breaking through old ways of thinking of being

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And now for March 10th,  the full moon is saying what Eleanor Roosevelt so eloquently said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Beautiful Daisy had a hard time dreaming of the future because she listened to all the false talk around her. That chatter was making her go crazy inside, it made her believe there was so little beauty, so little beauty in her, in the world around her, so little beauty in her dreams.

If only she knew her gifts, if only she could see her gifts, that negative hurtful chatter would lose it’s hold on her, on her future, on her dreams.

It was really time for Daisy to wake up from the bad dreams she was creating.  Why?  Because to remain where she was….hell.  And if you think about it, what would be her FATE if she stayed in this state?  What was it costing her?  Her health, her self-worth, her future?  So how long was Daisy going to grow in this infertile soil?

The truth is, it didn’t have to be this way for her.  Because Daisy is the Master of her Dreams.  It’s just difficult to direct you dreams if you don’t know what you got.

So here is the insight for today, the first 3 keys to Master your Dreams toward a future you love, is to start with:

  1. Awareness of You, the true You, not the You that the Body Blame Game makes you follow.
  2. Desire, follow your desires, Follow the desires of your Gifts.
  3. Apply them, Taking Action to Change, and do it from a place of Self-Love.

Seems simple, yes?  But the challenge is, many of you may not know how to do this and you’re going to need tools, resources and support to help you implement this.   For some of you, not being able to Master your Dreams has been a pattern you’ve had for years and without mentor-ship, it’s hard to breakthrough.

The good news is , I’ve designed a juicy program to achieve all 3! So you can have the courage to Live Your Dreams.  It’s ‘Revealing Your Timeless Beauty in 90 days or less.” to Look Amazing & Play Bigger, so you can make a difference in the world and be seen for who you truly are, a Beautiful, Powerful Woman.

If you want to know more, go to our website at www.innerbeautyhealing.us  and you’ll find “Revealing Timeless Beauty” under the E-course tab.

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Have a beautiful and wonderful full moon.

Much Light and Love.



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