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Hello. This is Rev. Dr. Trinity.  This is 2017, the Year of One…..meaning, the number 1, first, primary AND one, meaning ALL….Our Oneness. It is also the “Year of the Fire Rooster” according to the Lunar Calendar.  The rooster crows to wake everyone up because the rooster tends to the roost (the home) and the flock (the people) who live here.

So 2017 is THE time to “wake up!” — waking up to the global reality that WE — everyone on this Earth — ARE interconnected, interdependent, ONE….Our Oneness.

This idea is hard to believe, however, in light of the growing divisions, polarizations, antagonisms, separations and exclusions going on in the political arena — where people are good vs. bad, legal vs. illegal, liar vs. truth teller, liberal vs. conservative, democrat vs. republican, terrorist vs. patriot . . .

The way things are going right now, how can we realize, desire or even want to be ONE?

I am here to help you understand this seeming contradiction by REVISITING, RE-BALANCING & RE-CREATING YOUR RELATIONSHIP — to yourself and others.

So let’s start off by letting go of your stress and getting comfortable. How do you de-stress? Easy. Open your mind and heart to the universe’s information and ground yourselves to Mother Earth.

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As I said last month, “being awake” means being SPIRITUALLY CONSCIOUS. It has nothing to do with your religion or even having a religion.  It is not your beliefs, feelings, actions or thoughts.

It has to do with the SPIRITUAL TRUTH BEHIND your beliefs, feelings, actions or thoughts.  A spiritual truth ALWAYS raises and uplifts; brings hope and positivity; creates unity and advances all Life — minerals, plants, animals, and human BEINGS. “All for one and one for all.”

So this ONENESS of all Life — is this a hope? a dream? a future possibility? Or an impossible dream. A fool’s wish.  An adult’s version of Santa Claus — completely made up, fiction and fantasy.

Actually, the ONENESS of ALL is a present reality.  That all life — now, then and forevermore — springs from and returns to the same source.  That is why We are all ONE; we are NOT separate from each other. We are interwoven, interdependent, interconnected.  Yes, we do experience our lives individually, uniquely, distinctly.  At the same time in our daily individual life we also experience our bonds together.

Yes, we may be going in different, opposite, or contradictory directions; or do not feel, like, tolerate others and in some cases, so dislike others to the point of feeling and acting with hatred and murderousness to others.

All of these behaviors, while seeming to be counter to our ONENESS is actually a testament to our oneness. Why?  Noticing when we act in harmony and when feel contrary reveals the existence of a Universalism that draws us “to recognize, to see” when we are in balance and when we are not. Feeling that “something is out of place” is a recognition that “something” is amiss. This IS universalism and is the realm of the spirit, the realm of spirituality.

As I said earlier, spirituality is NOT religion. But then, what is it?

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Spirituality, what is it?

Like love, spirituality is a relational activity and can only be known through experience with another, including experiencing the felt absence of another.  Spirituality, like love, is not objective; it cannot be measured, quantified, bought, purchased or put in a box and kept.  Spirituality, like love, can only be experienced in a state of freedom.

Spirituality is entirely subjective, personal and individual, yet it is what tells us that we — each separate being — is part of something greater than ourselves, and thus, transforms our perception of “ordinary” life and relationships with others into the “extraordinariness” of everything.  Experiencing beauty — a sunset, a laughing or crying baby — does that. Giving or receiving understanding, kindness, warmth, or just a smile does that.  Some people call this experience being “touched by God.”

This experience of the Truth of our existence as part of a great, wondrous whole is available to us at any time.  It is does not cost anything.  It is not dependent on one’s education, age, race, sex, class, social status, politics, geography or religion.

It is from this experience of the sublime, the beautiful, the inspiring, the extraordinariness of all “ordinary” life arounds us that led humankind, however, to try to understand it . . . and that is how religions got born.

Unfortunately, in that attempt to share one person’s experience and understanding of their individual spiritual experience, we made the mistake of taking this immensely unknowable knowable and generalizing, categorizing and regulating it with rules of right and wrong beliefs, behaviors and practices.  We ended up putting spirituality into a box, locking it, turning it upside down, naming it according to a particular belief system and then calling that THE truth and therefore, THE TRUE religion.  And even more unfortunately, millions and millions and millions of people, animals, plants and entire nations, countries and continents of Earth have been subjugated and dominated in the name of God and Religion.

The great thing that is happening now, however, is that we are AWAKENING to the truth that whatever name you call your “God” — Jesus, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Higher Power, Tao, Brahma, the Divine, the Source or if you believe in god at all, it all says the same universal truth — that we are all one.

Before, we used to think that this ONENESS meant ONE religion and the SAME name and version of “God.”  We’ve been trying this approach for thousands of years — through conquest — military, political or otherwise.

But something that is Universal does not mean that there is ONE, TRUE and ONLY concept behind this Universal truth.  In fact, there is a multiplicity and ambiguity of meanings, a lot of untidiness, and an absolute impossibility of a singular definitiveness of this Universal Truth.

Haven’t we already spent enough time trying to fit all of us into a single box to know, by now, that it is just not possible.  In fact, there have been a LOT of boxes that have been overthrown in the past several decades.

Our Oneness

Trying to fit us all in a box. We have risen.

  • Like colonialism: All nations and people’s have the right to self- determination. Thus, the old colonial powers gave up after WWII and the colonies of Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Pacific have risen.
  • Like racism: There is NO superior race and the formerly dominated and subjugated races have risen.
  • Like sexism and homophobia: There is no superior sex and gender. Each person has the right to be who they are and love who they wish. Women and LGBT people are no longer holding back or  staying in the closet.  They have risen.

So why then all this turmoil? All this changing, this RISING UP, STEPPING FORWARD and MOVING OUT of entire nations and people’s have BROKEN the mold of the old way of life.

It challenged the prevailing rule of rich, white nationalist heterosexuality and its political systems as the “best and only way” to run the world. So a good part of the US has not given up this old way. In fact, they are TAKING it back — fiercely, viciously and consciously.  They DO NOT want a multiracial, multicultural, multi-gendered American society based on equality.  Why?

They are afraid of the New America that is becoming — but this fear, really, is that the same hatred, injustice and intolerance they used to rule OVER others will be visited upon them.

They DO experience discomfort in a world where white people are one among many.  They DO experience guilt when the truth of their privilege and domination — current and past — is revealed.  They DO experience resentment when they share the bottom with others, instead of getting an automatic “pass” or “step up” as they have for hundreds of years.

But do not mistake guilt and resentment as domination and rule over.  In fact, this discomfort is good for those who have been on the wrong side of history up until now.  It tells us their feelings of fear . . .

What are we to do, in response? As Danielle Egrew, another psychic reader and healer, wrote:

“We lead, we lead, we lead with love. With respect for those we disagree with, with secure dignity instead of fear. And with temperance and purpose, not entitled rage. There is no more need to fuel ignorance in ourselves in order to mirror ignorance in others.

 There is no us. There is no them. There is only We the People.  

Our Oneness -- We the People

Our Oneness – We the People (c) 2006 Bonnie Jacobs

We lead with the thinkers, the warriors. We lead with the peace makers. We lead with the teachers, the healers, the spiritualists, the singers, the shy, the outgoing, the doers, the activists, the moms, the dads, the children, the scientists, the workers. We lead not with whose god is right, but with right goodness.

 Your neighbor is not your enemy. And Party Lines are not real.

We must decide if our addiction to tribal warring outweighs our need for survival. We step up. All of us. In our own way. And we have extra compassion for those who cannot, for their burden is great.

 And this opportunity for growth is about transcending, overcoming, through love. We lead. We lead. We lead with love.”

Of course, in practice, this is very, very, very hard to do.  A recent angry crowd at Middlebury College in MA prevented Dr. Charles Murray, a scholar from the conservative American Enterprise Institute, from speaking.  Dr. Alison Stanger disagrees with Dr Murray and invited him specifically to engage ideas and challenge him.  But both were mobbed by the angry crowd, and she was injured.  Days later, she wrote:

  • What the events at Middlebury made clear is that, regardless of political persuasion, Americans today are deeply susceptible to a renunciation of reason and celebration of ignorance. They know what they know without reading, discussing or engaging those who might disagree with them. People from both sides of the aisle reject calm logic, eager to embrace the alternative news that supports their prejudices.
  • More broadly, our constitutional democracy will depend on whether Americans can relearn how to engage civilly with one another, something that is admittedly hard to do with a bullying president as a role model. But any other way forward would be antithetical to the very ideals of the university and of liberal democracy.

This needs to change. So you see, it all begins and ends with each one of us. Take this openness in your heart to love and accept yourself with all your problems and limitations, including a deeply hidden belief that you don’t deserve to get over your problems — take this same heart and open it to all other people.

THIS is the practice of unconditional love. It is a practice . . . and it takes practice. This is how we humans do things. We grow ourselves — step by step.

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I hope you learned something of value today.


Rev. Dr Trinity

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