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Hello. This is Rev. Dr. Trinity. Last month began the “Year of the Fire Rooster” according to the Lunar Calendar.  The rooster crows to wake-up everyone because the rooster tends to the roost (the home) and the flock (the people) who live here. It is a time to take charge of what you can, “Find your voice and crow like a strong Rooster!

Wake-up Fire Rooster

2017 the Fire Rooster, our Wake-Up Call!

So everyone is calling us to “wake up!”

But “awakening” is not a pleasant thing. Why? There is a lot of threats, name calling, and hyperbolic accusations and grandstanding everyday since the beginning of the Trump Presidency. Long-standing alliances, protocols, laws, treaties and agreements between the U.S. and other countries are being thrown up for question.

There is a palpable fear and anxiety for many and at the same time, an almost exuberant giddiness of those in power rolling back laws, policies and practices protecting the environment, health, education and which adversely effect the most vulnerable people in the population – the poor, women and children, immigrants, LGBT and people of color.

Today, “being awake” means facing a lot of fearful, hard and harsh realities of a bitter and divided world unfolding before us. So while one may now “be awake” and “see” what is going on, it is very hard to handle and more importantly, know what to do about it all.

This very truth is overwhelming.  I am here to help you sort through this conundrum.

So let’s start off by letting go of your stress and getting comfortable. How do you de-stress? Easy. Open your mind and heart to the universe’s information and ground yourselves to Mother Earth.

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“Being awake” actually means being SPIRITUALLY CONSCIOUS. It has nothing to with how loud, long or forcefully you “speak your mind,” or whether it is broadcast on radio or TV and it is trumpeted by others.

It has to do with the SPIRITUAL TRUTH behind the words and actions.  A spiritual truth always raises and uplifts; brings hope and positivity; creates unity and advances all Beings – minerals, plants, animals, and human BEINGS. “All for one and one for all.”

Acting with false consciousness, no matter how popular, “politically correct,” or well intended, your words and actions will sow disharmony, conflict, pessimism, and exclude one group for another. Speaking words or taking actions that promote ignorance and disdain for others, that threaten or intimidate the vulnerable, that misinform, mislead or confused make problems, not solve problems.  Feeling self-righteous, proud and powerful may make you feel like you are doing the right thing, but actually, you are stumbling along in darkness without knowing it.

False consciousness preys on fear and incites anger. Tempers burns like a fire, scorching everyone and everything along the way.  But you cannot fight fire with fire; it only makes a bigger fire!  You may hate what is happening, but responding with hate only adds to the problem.  Energetically, you have to use other elements — like earth (that is, grounding) or water (meaning, abundance).

For example, in my own life, a few days ago, a young woman came to my door selling magazines.  I had bought candy, subscriptions and memberships before, but honestly never knew if my money went where it was supposed to go. So now, I just say no and donate to groups I am confident about.

So I told her, as I told others, that was not interested.  She did not like that and became increasingly stubborn and angry as I continued to say no.  By the end of it, she was so mad at me she said, “That’s why Trump is deporting your relatives” — in reference to my Asian heritage — then left.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, and as I myself had been puzzling what to do about the growing anger and fear in the country, I saw this was my “up-close-and-personal” answer to just that very question.

Her words and actions towards me came from her own anger of being so bad off that she was out, on a cold, rainy night, hustling to sell subscriptions! I was grounded, so I understood her anger and frustration.  I said no to her subscriptions, but not to her; my heart was open, abundant and flowing. Even though her own words were meant to hurt me, they did not. They spoke of her hurt and I accepted and understood them as such.

How was I able to do this?  My dreams led me to this path. I cannot say that I saw this happen in my dreams, but I was already prepared for it, somehow. It felt familiar.  The same way that a kitchen is familiar to you when to walk into it, to cook, even though it is NOT YOUR kitchen. I knew what to do.

I have had racist, sexist and homophobic things said to me, before. That was not new. What was different this time was hearing and seeing the hurt, inside, of the person who said them to me.  I responded with a firm no AND with compassion, not anger. I was different and that is what made this experience different.

I said last month that we can knowingly CREATE our life.  For adults, however, most of us have lost our creativity and imagination.  We were born with it in abundance as children, but then spent our growing years UNLEARNING and DISCONNECTING with our creativity and imagination.

As adults, to LET OUR DREAMS & IMAGINATION INSPIRE OUR LIFE — we have to re-learn and re-connect to our Spirit, and that is best done in our sleep.  When our body and mind is at rest from the ” to do list,” and our Spirit is free to roam, walk about and explore . . . and dream, imagine and experience alternative ways, paths and ideas that our CONSCIOUSNESS just cannot.  Our conscious mind is limited to what it knows through our bodily senses and of course, book learning.  But our SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS, however, knows no limits.


When all your chakras, all your energy centers, are cleared out of blocks AND aligned, wth an OPEN HEART and MIND, you:

  • HEAR & SPEAK your truth to yourself
  • Your feelings and actions guided by your heart
  • See and understand how things really are
  • and LIVE safe, secure and protected.
  • Add your creativity and playfulness into the process, it is all so much easier!

The key is bringing your mind to a deep level of peace and calm; very still, like the water of a pond where you can see the bottom, clear.  Then in this state of stillness your mind can “see above, below and beyond; past, present and future” — if you want.  It takes practice.

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I hope you learned something of value today.


Rev. Dr. Trinity

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