The Secret of Genius

“The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm” A quote from Aldous Huxley writer, philosopher. The Secret

Hi, I’m Francesca Ordona Hollingsworth and I help professional women over 40 look amazing and play bigger.  How?  I teach you how to paint your world with the palette of your soul with compassion, respect and empathy.

Today’s Beauty-Inside Story is…


Be the Master of your Life

Hot humid rain of the jungle, drumming on your back, crouched with bare feet by an unknown swampy shore.  The 3 babies are asleep, time to take action, must find roots, frogs, even snails, something to eat. Must move with stealth or get caught, be found, maybe tortured, consequences are death.  Reed from The Secret of GeniusYou look at your bare feet and know you must step into the mushy mud.  The type that sucks you in, slowly covering your skin with slimy popping air bubbles that crackle as you sink deeper into the shore of reeds.  You’ve been told that these waters have leaches, that they are drawn to the scent of your blood, with the precision of a razor they penetrate your skin and feed on your blood, your life force.  You loath this thought but you know you must be brave and face your fears.  You take a deep breath and step. 


Today, Feb 10th at 4:32 pm, in the America’s the lunar eclipse will take place.  The moon that lights our emotions, will be in the courageous, creative, playful heart centered sign of Leo.  The Sun that lights our identity, will be in the revolutionary, freedom, breakthrough genius sign of Aquarius.

This lunar eclipse is asking you, do you have the courage and heart to breakthrough and master your inner genius?  Are you ready to look at what you really want and set yourself free, to stimulate your core, to boldly go where you’ve never gone before?

Let’s start off and say hello to the Moon, our inner light, our reflective light and the Sun our outer light. And let’s welcome in the energy of this fiery lunar eclipse.  What is making it fiery?  In short, it’s due to the sacred geometry of the planets.  They have ever so slowly moved into patterns that help guide us.

What shapes have they created in the sky?  A Fire Triangle, to help ignite your inner talents and self-discipline.  A kite is drawn, to assist in your peace of mind as you navigate these turbulent times.  And Two fingers of God are pointing you to heal your emotions, your feeling, your inner selves.  Yes…this eclipse is our Lunar Guide.

Which celestial masses are drawing this picture to guide us?  There’s the Moon and the comet Chiron, know as the wounded healer, where the Fingers of God are pointing.  There’s Venus the plant of “what we love.”  Mars the warrior planet of action.  Saturn the enforcer of discipline and stability.  Uranus pushing to breakthrough to the other side.  Jupiter bringing expansion and abundance. And there is Pluto asking us to transform.

Put their keywords together and the secret of genius message is…..

You have the power to heal the wounds within.

The power is in, “what you love”

Time to activate the warrior within

Take heed and enforce your inner light

This discipline will create stability with ease

Time to breakthrough to the other side

Time to expand and transform

Reach for, your courage, with heart

And  become the lion within

Embrace your inner child’s creative playful spirit

The secret of genius within

Be the Master of Your Life

Know the secrets within


Is this is what you want, to be the Master of your life?

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In January’s full moon podcast, Ignite Your Inner Genius it was the secret sauce for joyful success.  It was asking you…How do you LOVE?  Is it through the filter of scarcity, through the filter of fear, or is it through the challenge of giving yourself self-love, to SEE the Love & Light in your inner story.

Two weeks ago for the January new moon podcast, Awaken Your Inner Genius, my sister Reverend Dr. Trinity spoke about humanities Evolution and how Trump is Awakening our spirit and our awareness that we are all ONE.

Since then, we have been on fire!  In some ways you might say we’ve been burning down the house.  What do I mean when I say, we are burning down the house?  We are lighting up what isn’t working for us and putting it in the blaze to burn brightly, so we can see clearly.

An example, is the conflict Trump has created with immigration.  Who is in, who is out?  This is an old story we have visited many times throughout history. This is driven by our global fear, the unease that we are not ONE.  It is reeking havoc on personal freedom, of not just strangers, but friends, family, associates, people can’t come in, people can’t go out.

Why are we burning down the house?Secret of Genius

Let’s take a closer look at fire.

What is fire, what does it do?

  • it incinerates
  • it transforms
  • it leaves fertile soils

Do you want to incinerate your fears so you can be the master of your life?  Then you got to really SEE your Strengths, your Gifts.  If you’re having a hard time seeing your Gifts and/or accessing them.  Then my guess is that they’ve been hidden in the shadows.  More than likely, they’re hiding behind your fears, like the fear of leaches sucking your blood. The truth is, you’re bigger than the leaches.  So wouldn’t you say, it’s time to incinerate your fears?  Because what are the consequences, what is it costing you, inner torture?

Do you want to break through and transform your life to joy?  Got you’re hand raised, then you got to take action to transform with awareness.  How do you do that?  Move toward the power of “what you love” and if that is difficult, activate the warrior within.

Do you want to live a fertile life?  Then you got to plant yourself in the right environment.  What is your environment like?  What is your inner environment like?  Is it time to transform your inner environment so you can have fertile ground to thrive in?

Maybe that’s why, it feels like, we’re burning down the house.

The insight you had today, to Be the Master of your life is:

  1. Incinerate your fears
  2. Transform with awareness into your Gifts
  3. Plant yourself in fertile ground.

Seems simple, yes, but the challenge is, many of you may not know how to do this and you are going to need tools, resources and support to help you implement this. For some of you, not being able to Master your life has been a pattern you’ve had for years and without mentorship it’s hard to break through.

Well, I’ve got the perfect place for you to achieve all 3!  Do you want to know where that is?  It’s with Me! Yay!  I’m fired up to tell you about my new super-hot program. It’s filled with my personal beauty secrets.

This program encompasses a life time to fashion and beauty passion. I began sewing at 3, designing at ten, at 21 I won the top design award from Parson’s of NY, the top design school in the US, where Mark Jacobs was my classmate; Donna Karen, Calvin Klein, basically all the top designers taught at. In addition to working for a number of fashion labels, for 8 glorious years, I designed for my own label Variance, sold to Macy, Nordstroms, boutiques throughout the US, Goldie Hawn wore my designs. In addition, my second passion, the healing arts, I’ve got way over 20 years in it, a Master of Medical Qi Gong, Astro-Numerologist and a Rev of Psychic Healing.

I’m so excited because this is my passion program. For those of you that are really committed to Be the Master of Your Life, I’m want to do something very special for you. So here’s the deal, normally, my 1:1 consulting is $500 an hour but because I’m so passionate about my program, I’m doing somethings special.

This isn’t for everybody, this is specifically for professional women over 40, that want to look amazing and play bigger, that have a hard time finding flattering clothes that fit, don’t know what to wear and are not comfortable with how they look.  But what you really and truly want, is to make a difference in the world and be seen for who you truly are, beautiful, powerful, mature women.

I don’t have a lot of time available, so this is truly a gift.  I’m going to gift you with a Complimentary Look Amazing and Play Bigger Breakthrough Session.  In this session, we’ll take a look at where you are now,what your specific goals are and what may be stopping you from having what you ultimately want.  I’ll give you some resources to help you right away!

What you need to do is email me at, be sure you send me your full name, phone number and that you are responding to this offer for the Complimentary Look Amazing and Play Bigger Breakthrough Session and I’ll send you an email in the next 24hours to schedule you 1:1 appointment with me.

Have a beautiful and wonderful Lunar Eclipse.

Much Light and Love

Francesca oh!

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