Women’s March-Awakening Inner Genius

Hello. This is Rev. Dr. Trinity celebrating the the first New Moon in January.  As I said last month, the Sun, Moon and all the constellations in the Universe influencing our Earth, have brought us to a new global cycle.  A “Year of ONE.” 2017 is a new beginning for all of us. The entire GLOBE is entering an Awakening.  The Women’s March is an awakening of our inner genius.

In fact, “awake” is a word I have heard many, many times in the past month. Why? Recent political events, Brexit, Putin, Trump, have shaken people from complacency, confusion and wishful thinking and are now ”awake” meaning, conscious about what is really going on in the world.

 Women's March Washington, DC

By Ted Eytan from Women’s March, Washington, DC, USA

With Trump’s election as US President on Nov 8, outright hostility gushed out towards women, LGBT people and people of color, especially Latinos. A felt, palpable rise of fear swept the country. But since Sat Jan 21st, the day after the inauguration of US President Donald Trump, a million people around the world, especially women and girls, broke through that fear and showed up on the streets!  AWAKE, AWARE and VOCAL, they called for multicultural inclusion and social justice for all people, including Mother Earth!

What I am here to add, however, is the GREAT NEWS that being awake is being SPIRITUALLY CONSCIOUS. With consciousness, you can knowingly CREATE your life.  It is like putting the key into the car’s ignition and turning it on.  You can GO!  Not only can you go, but this first new moon is THE TIME to BRING OUT YOUR PLAYFUL, INNER GENIUS to CREATE & MAKE your life.

The new moon is a very powerful time to manifest your wishes! So let’s start off by letting go of your stress and getting comfortable. How do you de-stress? Easy. Open your mind and heart to the universe’s information and ground yourselves to Mother Earth.

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In the US, January was a BIG MONTH.  On Jan 16th, we celebrated the Martin Luther King Jr Holiday. It was a 3-day weekend with a wide assortment of events, marches, speeches, panel discussions, films, performances, and interfaith prayer gatherings. During this holiday, I heard many, many people share their feelings, strategies, perspectives, analyses, positions, predictions, hopes and fears about the Trump Presidency.

Jan 20th began the U.S. presidency of Donald Trump to “make America great, again.”  His actions from his inaugural address, cabinet appointments, executive orders and tweets, attacked long held alliances and human rights gains made over the past six decades.  Furthermore, Trump’s ascendence is seen as a “beacon” for other rightwing, ultra conservative nationalist movements in other countries. France, Germany and the Netherlands are predicting a similar return to isolationism and reaction.

But then, on Sat Jan 21st, a new mass opposition Movement was born.  For the first time, very, very large masses of people came together across age, race, gender, sexuality, citizenship and ability divides.  Not to be led, but to lead!  Speaker after speaker chided critics, shared stories, evoked histories, advanced strategies, and inspired confidence to return home and organize, organize, organize!

As I said last month, 2017, itself, is a YEAR OF ONE.  One, meaning all, and one meaning first, primary, the start of a new beginning.  And the Universe delivered! WOW!  You can feel it.  Beneath are currents, counter- currents, undercurrents. Above are masses of people drawn into resurgencies, insurgencies and counter-insurgencies.

And while it may seem that the Universe is outside us, that “things just happen,” as a spiritual adviser and metaphysician, I am here to say that all these mass historical Movements and Moments were collectively created, from by us. Good and bad.  Left and Right.  Remember, the universal law:  “As above, so below.”

What you see in your mind, you speak; what you speak, is what you do; what you do, is what you become.  This is your idea made manifest.

If that is true, then what is this strife and why is it happening now? Trump SAW his vision, then acted to make it happen.  But his is not a singular, one-time only event. It is taking place in a global and cosmic context.  As I said earlier, we, ARE a global community of humans, animals, plants and elements on planet Earth, and have been ushered into a TIME OF CHOICE.

Let me explain how. A child in elementary school learns the alphabet, learns to read and write, THEN chooses what to read and put into their mind.  We inhabitants of Earth now know the basics and are ”old enough” to choose what how we live on this planet. No matter how well or poorly, how conscious or unconscious, how informed or uninformed our choices, we MADE those choices and therefore, must now live with the consequences of those choices.

Will 2017 mark a return and another version of the same life cycle of the past thousands of years  . . . country vs. country, race vs. race?  Men above women? North above south?  Humans above all living being? Only the strongest survive? All others submit?

This is a time a choose, consciously, to act on our consciousness and awareness and BRING into manifestation the life that we have been dreaming about . . . one of sharing, collaboration and compassion.  This requires of TRANSFORMATION of our old way of being, doing, speaking, acting and thinking.

This is a TIME of creation open to ALL. Therefore, USE your creative, playful, inner genius and MAKE the life you have always wanted and begin NOW! It is especially easy right now. The Universe has “greased” the wheels and gears of your “picture making machine,” so let’s get started.

The KEY word in the equation is PLAY!  Remember playing?  When you play, you are engaged, you are right there with it. When you play, it is easy and fun because you are in the flow of the process of creating and making through DOING.  When you play, you are not sitting in the sidelines, watching how other people play.  You are ON the field, in the water, climbing up and around.  You are adjusting as you go, too.  Something is too big, you get a smaller one.  Something does not feel right, you stop and change it around until it does. You don’t get it at first, you fall down, you run into a wall.  You pick yourself up, get back up and try again.  This is playing.   It comes easily, naturally. Use your creative, inner genius and WOW!


When all your chakras, all your energy centers, are cleared out of blocks AND aligned, wth an OPEN HEART and MIND, you:

  • HEAR & SPEAK your truth to yourself
  • Your feelings and actions guided by your heart
  • See and understand how things really are
  • and LIVE safe, secure and protected.
  • Add your creativity and playfulness into the process, it is all so much easier!

The key is YOUR HEART.

Where do YOU go from here?

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I hope you learned something of value today.


Rev. Dr Trinity


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