The Wisdom of 4 Numerology

December’s Super Full Moon brings in the frequency of 4 Numerology. It’s about building, creating stability and logically manifesting on the physical plane.

This quote form Marianne Williamson seems to capture December’s wisdom of 4 Numerology, “You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be.”

That being said, today’s Beauty Inside Story is:

The Story of Tessa:  The Logic of Four


The Story of Tessa

“Dad you want to play?  You want to build a house with me?”

“Sorry Tessa, I can’t play, I got to go.”

“Where’re you leaving for?”

“Tessa darling, I go to work.”


“To make money.”

“You work to make money?  You can’t play?”


Tessa looked at her dad with concerned eyes.

“Bye, bye beauties, time for me to go to work and make money,” Dad said.

He winked at Tessa, picked her up, gave her a hug and kiss and left for work.

Tessa followed Dad with her eyes as he closed the front door behind him. Tessa shook her head. “Mom, Dad isn’t very smart.  He’s not smart like you.”

“What’s that honey?  Dad’s not very smart?  Why do you say that?”

“Well….He says he works to make money, he can’t play. “

“Mom that’s stupid.  He should be like you. You play and then WE get money from the machine!”

Mom turn to look at Tessa and smiled a big grin while she watched Tessa do her victory dance.



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Gemini Super Full Moon 12/3/17

Today is December 3rd.   The month of December brings in the frequency of the 4 Numerology, the logical builder that manifests into matter. Tessa had the wisdom of 4.  She was in communications with her inner self.  She knew what was important to her and how to see life with ease.  She may have only been four, with the vocabulary of an innocent four year old but she had the wisdom of an elder.  She was manifesting the 4 Numerology.

So the question is, can you see through the veil and seek and speak your inner truths?  Because that is the energy of this powerful December Super Moon.

Let’s say hello to this last full moon for 2017.  This is a Gemini Super Moon at 11 degrees.  This moon is your inner light, your reflective light.  It’s the light that is lighting your emotions.  It’s the light of the messenger, the quick thinker that can see both side.  It’s the fun filled adventurer who communicates like quick lighting.

And the Sun your outer light, the light that is lighting your identity, is in opposition to the moon to your emotions.  It’s in the optimistic sign of Sagittarius at 11 degrees, the truth seeker, the philosopher teacher that allows you to seek your truth and liberate your life.

The key planets in play are:

  • Mercury at 29 degrees goes retrograde in Sagittarius at the moment of the full moon.  It’s creating exponential possibilities for breaking through limiting beliefs of the mind.
  • Jupiter in Scorpio at 11 degrees is pointing nicely to Neptune, saying, go deeply inside and I’ll help you expand your dream opportunities.
  • Neptune in Pisces at 11 degrees creating an exact T Square with the Sun & Moon. It’s asking to open your heart and change, to be flexible.  It’s encouraging you to dream, imagine and transform.


This is a Master Super Full Moon and it’s asking you to relate, communicate, partner and expand in areas you hold closely to you heart and dreams. It’s giving you the opportunity to open the Master portal, so you can communicate more effectively with clarity and depth.  This will move you toward the path of finding your divine truth and purpose. Which will encourage you to transform by expanding your inner joy to create your dreams.

This Gemini Masterful Super Full Moon is telling you to speak and seek your inner truth and change, be flexible.  It’s pointing you towards fun and play so you can experience joy, wealth to ultimately liberate your life. This will allow you to expand your abundance and heighten your prosperity and wealth.

This is the Full Moon of Wonder.

Like Marianne Williamson said, “You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be.”

Gemini’s Super Full Moon is opening NEW MASTER portals of communications, new ways to think so you can master your divine purpose of being.

Here are 3 tips to help you manifest what you want with the support of this super full moon:

  1. This is a Master Messenger Full Moon, pay attention to what you hear, see and feel because it will be much more clear.
  2. This is a Master Seeker of Truth Full Moon, quiet time is a must to hear the subtle voices of your inner truth.  It’s important to take a moment to retreat, take the time to create a meditation and sit with this powerful energy.
  3. This is a Master Full Moon of Wonder. Relax and tune into music, write, read, explore, develop a new skill, give yourself permission to imagine, dream and wonder.

And if you’d like to get more up close and personal information on this lunation.  Tune into Inner Beauty Healing’s Facebook LIVE airing of this at 1:00 pm PST time today.

Now to reflect what has happened for this entire year of 2017.

  • January-February:  Awakened your Inner Genius, that We Are All One
  • March-April:  Mastering your Dreams to Take a Quantum Leap Forward
  • May-June: Shedding Light on YOUR Truth
  • July-August: Climbing the Mountain of Awakening to Awareness
  • September-October: Empowering Imagination & Quelling Inner Conflict
  • November-December: Mastering Powerful Communications of Fun & Play

To wrap up 2017 in a nice big bow, this  year has brought us up close and personal experiences of New Beginning, showing us how We Are All ONE.

Let’s take a moment of silence to reflect on a few of these global heartfelt experiences.  Let’s take a healing breath for the:

  • Floods in Texas, Florida and Porto Rico that are washing away our toxic emotions
  • Fires in California that are burning through our pain, our rage, our resentments
  • Earthquakes in Mexico & Iran that are breaking up our boundaries, our false structures that no longer serve us

What’s up for 2018? Make 2018 your year

If you thought 2017 was an intense year just wait for 2018.  It’s building up to be a big surge.

Now it is time to get ready for next year!  With 2018 we’ll enter the MASTER year of 11, aka 2 Numerology.

This brings in the MASTER Energy Portal to Cooperation & Peace.

But as we saw for 2017 there can be lots of tumultuous twists and turns.

My recommendation is to not get stuck in the storm surge of confusion, worry and overwhelm.

So the question is, “How do you Make 2018 YOUR YEAR?”

Want to maximize your potential by understanding the ebb and flow of the energy of 2018?

Want to worry less and know best times to take action, lay low and your best days for abundance in money and relationships?

Want help with being in your brilliance to manifest an awesome 2018?

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It’s going to be a 2 hour webinar. I’ll be mapping out the energy for each month.  Plus I’ll be focusing on the hotspots so you can navigate 2018 with ease and calm.

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2018 is a MASTER Year that will move us exponentially towards Cooperation and Peace as we come to terms that We Are All ONE.

Because of this incredible power surge, 2018 for you could show up as rough waters.

If you’ve been following me or Trinity, you probably understand by now, that knowing the ebb and flow of the energy of 2018 can help you sail right through this epic tranformational year with strength, clarity and calm.

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Much Light and Love.


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