Hidden Mysteries Revealed

For the past 11 months, we have been in a global awakening.  It is a new beginning . . . a massive “sorting out” process — through polarization — where one part of the world wants to “go back to the way it was” while the other part of the world wants to leave that past behind.

For example, Is this “fake news”or not?  Is there global warming, or not? Fake NewsBut this is not just a “difference of opinion,” on issues that are taking place, but rather the values BEHIND those differences, and more importantly, how we, as a people on this Earth, handle those differences. Yes, there are important policies struggles about the environment, health, education, immigration, military, and foreign policy towards Korea, Russia, Venezuela, and China.

These political differences, alone, are very far apart. But what I want to address is in the “demonization” of differences. This is the significant spiritual issue now.

It is easy to say you want to “BE the change you want to see in the world” and yet, you feel you do not want “those people” in your world, either.  Quite a paradox!  What to do?

2017 is “the Year of One” and this New Moon, is a time to for “Hidden Mysteries to be Revealed” — so let “the mystery” of how to do this be known . . .

The New Moon is a very powerful time to manifest your wishes! And this New Moon is a time when all the cosmic energies around us will support YOU to “see and understand the ‘mystery’ of how to “be the one people” we are.

With “this mystery” revealed, it becomes your chance to make a big change, to begin anew, to take a different path and start over — and do so with CLARITY.

So let’s start off by letting go of your stress and getting comfortable. How do you de-stress? Easy. Open your mind and heart to the universe’s information and ground yourselves to Mother Earth.

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“Being the one people we are” starts with KNOWING THIS TRUTH. We are all human; we belong to the same human race. We live on the same, single, ONE PLANET.

2017 is a year of “awakening,” being “WOKE,“ being SPIRITUALLY CONSCIOUS.  This means hearing, listening and practicing SPIRITUAL TRUTHS.

A spiritual truth always raises and uplifts; brings hope and positivity; creates unity and advances all Beings – minerals, plants, animals, and human BEINGS. On the other hand, false consciousness preys on fear and incites anger and tempers burns like a fire, scorching everyone and everything along the way.

ONE BIG TRUTH is that LIFE is not just one way or the other, but BOTH and everything in-between.

We are leaving behind a 5,000 epic — the Age of Pisces — a time of order based on hierarchy. This hierarchy was based on power.  Whoever is the biggest, strongest, wealthiest is at the “top” of the pyramid. Whether you call this system the “survival of the fittest,” or that those who do survive do so because they are “the chosen ones”— it is as if “LIFE IS JUST THIS WAY.” In other words, there will ALWAYS BE WINNERS & LOSERS!! It is just human nature.

In the Age of Pisces — an era that we ARE LEAVING — this was the belief.  Life was just an endless competition and whoever “won,” became the victor.

This new, emerging Age of Aquarius — the era that we ARE ENTERING —is ushering in the opportunity to create a new way. This means giving birth to a NEW WAY to create this new life.  That is, it will require us to co-create, collaborate, nurture and bring into being an entirely new consciousness, a heart-based approach that puts an end to war, within and outside of us.

But can we human beings really do this?  Can we change our “basic human, competitive, dog-eat-dog” nature?

Hmmm . . .

A “MYSTERY” can be something that is impossible to understand or explain.  But “mystery” can also be an “unsolved problem” and not necessarily, an “impossible problem.”  And this New Moon, is a time for “hidden mysteries to be revealed.”  So, there is “an unsolved problem” — the “mystery” of human nature — whose “answer has been hidden.”

So, let’s use this month’s NEW MOON to “solve this mystery.”

What are the “Hidden Mysteries to be Revealed” about human nature?  Simple:

All LIFE grows, changes, and transforms through 2 aspects of an interdependent relationship in which the “spirit/being” (which is eternal) and “matter/form” (which is impermanent) are joined together.

Life is really the interplay between two primary forces: the current of evolution and the current of involution:

  • ) Evolution — the gradual development of the simple BODY form into higher and more complex body forms to survive; for example, the evolution of wings on animals to fly; gills on fish; a larger, more complex human brain
  • 2) Involution — the gradual development of the consciousness of the SPIRIT in body, gradually incarnating deeper and deeper into its form, shaping evolution as it does, beyond survival.

There is an unfolding, hidden purpose that reveals itself through every successive step. As we humans strive UPWARDS in our consciousness towards the higher frequencies, so we ARE ABLE to draw this consciousness down into our lives on the material plane. Thus, as DIVINE LIFE involutes, so human, earth and planetary and personal life evolve.

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I hope you learned something of value today.


Rev. Dr. Trinity


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