The Story of 3 Numerology

November brings in the frequency of 3 Numerology. It’s the Playful, Joyful, Creator energy.

Like what Norma Jean aka Marilyn Monroe said, “We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.”

Today’s Beauty Inside Story is,

The Story of Trish, Creating in the World of  3:  Look to Play to Know Yourself Deeply


Mom, mom, mom, I just read in my science book, about molecules and they are soooo amazing!

They are kind of like Horton when he hears the Whos….well….sort of…. kind of…. They are these trillion, billion, quadrillions of very tiny itsy bitsy particles flying around at these crazy speeds and they make up everything around us.

The fastest ones… they have a lot of space between them.  They make up the gas.  The not so fast ones, with less space in between, they make up liquids.  And the slow pokes, the dense guys, well they’re the solids.  And all these molecules…well…it’s blowing my mind MOM….They make up me!

Trish leaped for joy because she knew she was not alone.  She was kind of like Horton…living with lots of itsy bitsy tinny winy Whos!  Well kind of …sort of…. Anyways, the thought that she was made up of tons and tons of molecules and they must be her friends, because they wouldn’t live with her if they weren’t her friends…made her very, very, happy.

Trish made a buddy pack with her molecules.  She was going to play nice with them.   No mean talk, like ‘You’re not good enough,” because you know, you don’t treat your friends that way. And now that she knew that the itsy bitsy teeny weeny molecules were part or her, she could play, create and teach them too!

Trish was going to go deep down inside and find her gold, so she would have the brilliance and twinkle like the stars.


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Taurus Full Moon 11-3-17

Today is November 3rd and the month of November brings in the frequency of 3, the Playful, Joyful, Creator.  Just like in Trish’s story, it is time to “Look to Play to Know Yourself Deeply.” So the question is, how have you been playing with yourself recently?  Have you been showing up as a good friend to play with or a not-so-much one?

Now, let’s say hello to the Moon in Taurus, your inner light, your reflective light, the light that is lighting of your emotions.  It is the light of the stable, determined, beautiful bull, lighting feelings of groundedness and sensuality.

And the Sun, your outer light, the light that is lighting your identity, is in opposition to the moon to your emotions.  It is in the transformational deep powerful sign of Scorpio, allowing you to know yourself deeply.

The key planets in play are:

  • Pluto in Capricorn, with the Sun & Moon pointing nicely at Pluto
  • Neptune in Pisces, with the Sun & Moon pointing nicely at Neptune
  • Jupiter in Scorpio, working with the Sun to playfully and abundantly transform and create a stable life
  • Venus in Libra, in opposition to Uranus to breakthrough to what you truly value


This full moon is asking you to transform and build a stable global world similar to October’s full moon.  But this time, it’s about playing nicely with compassion, abundance, creativity and a sense of fun and joy.  This full moon is opening the portal for to have masterful communications, to create solid stable relationships with yourself, family, friends, lovers, your world and your dreams.  It is sending the vibration to joyfully breakthrough to what you truly value.

Like Norma Jean said as Marilyn Monroe “We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle”

This Taurus Full Moon is sending you waves of stability, to help you transform through masterfully communicating how you relate to yourselves and the world around you.

Here are 3 tips to help you manifest what you want with the support of this full moon.

  1. The brilliance of this full moon is how you communicate. So monitor you thoughts because even if they can’t be heard, they are communicating how you create your world.
  2. Give yourself permission to imagine and dream of what you really want.
  3. Look deeply inside to what you really value, it will help you breakthrough to the joy you hold inside.

And if you’d like to get more up close and personal information on this lunation, tune into Inner Beauty Healing’s Facebook LIVE airing of this at 1:00 pm PST time today.

Now to reflect what has happened so far for 2017:

  • January & February awakened your inner genius, your spirit that we are all One.
  • March & April was mastering your dreams to take a quantum leap forward.
  • May & June dared you to be big, beautiful, brave and shed light on your truth.
  • July was to climb your mountain.
  • August was to awaken your spirit.
  • September was to empower your imagination.
  • October was to quell your inner conflict.

The insight we have today for November is “Look to Play to Know Yourself Deeply.”

Seems simple yes, but the challenge is many of you may not know how to do this and you are going to need tools, resources and support to help you to implement this.

If you need help, you can call upon US.  Go to our E-Courses to find out more.

Have a beautiful and wonderful full moon.

Much Light and Love.


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