Power Up, Break Through & Go!

How do you power upHow do you Power Up, Break Through and Go?

BE the change you want to see in the world and ACT now to make it happen — starting with yourself.
Welcome to learning the metaphysical truths and skills to know your Purpose, follow your Path and manifest a great, wonderful Life and make a BIG DIFFERENCE in the world.

The new moon is a very powerful time to manifest your wishes! And this New Moon is a time when all the cosmic energies around us will support YOU to make a breakthrough and GET GOING!

This is your chance to make a big change, to begin something new, to take a different path, or start over — and do so quickly and with CLARITY.

So let’s start today and open your mind and heart to the universe’s information and ground yourselves to Mother Earth.

Being awake,” being “WOKE” as many young people today put it, means being SPIRITUALLY CONSCIOUS. It has to do with the SPIRITUAL TRUTH behind words and actions.  A spiritual truth always raises and uplifts; brings hope and positivity; creates unity and advances all Beings – minerals, plants, animals, and human BEINGS. On the other hand, false consciousness preys on fear and incites anger and tempers burns like a fire, scorching everyone and everything along the way.

But you cannot fight fire with fire; it only makes a bigger fire!  You may hate what is happening, but responding with hate only adds to the problem.

What to do? Be the change you want to see

First know that the new era of awakening we are beginning is a collective one. It used to be, historically, that awakening was an extraordinary experience usually reserved for the male aspirant who transcended the world by leaving it and becoming a mystic on the mountain top. Instead, today, now — it is both an individual and collective shift from the mind of “I can do it” to the heart of “we are it.”

We are moving away from the egoic, masculine consciousness of the past many millenia of “I am right and you are wrong” that has created a battleground within relationships, within the world and within ourselves.  Yes, this duality makes it seems like life is all one straight line. But in fact, life is much more messy than that.

Life is not just one way or the other, but BOTH and everything in-between.  To live this new way, means being willing to give birth to something new. This will require us to co-create, collaborate, nurture and bring into being an entirely new consciousness, a heart-based approach that puts an end to war, within and outside of us.

To do this requires surrendering, letting go, opening and sacrificing for the whole — so that we ALL  — and not just the few who can pay for it — live healthy and happy lives on a safe and healthy planet.  It is saying “yes” to potential and possibility instead of limitation, division and separation.

This process of co-creation I just described is most akin to the process that women must undergo to gestate, give birth to and raise a new human being. Women must surrender their body, temporarily, to the creation of a new life and then spend an enormous amount of emotional, spiritual, mental and physical energy to raise and nurture this infant into a child and eventually an adult.  This is a messy process with no guarantee of the outcome. Yet despite this un-knowingness, great challenges, potential unforeseen disappointments and even horrors . . . women do this every day and have ever since female and male humans walked this Earth.

That is why this new energy, this new frequency is called a feminine consciousness  because we — as a planet — are being required to give birth to a new way of being human.  And like a birth which is messy and the outcome is not guaranteed, when the contractions start — and our global polarizations and natural disasters are those contractions — there is no going back.  There is a lot of birthing and growing pains we will undergo. Yet by wholeheartedly embracing this profound moment of possibility, it is also the most exciting time to be alive and AWAKE. Here and now.

So, let’s use this month’s NEW MOON to tip the scales in our collective favor — and “Power Up, Break Through and Go!”

How do you do this, “to “Power Up, Break Through and Go”?? When all your chakras, all your energy centers, are cleared out of blocks AND aligned, wth an OPEN HEART and MIND, you:

  • HEAR & SPEAK your truth to yourself
  • Your feelings and actions are guided by your heart
  • You see and understand how things really are
  • and LIVE safe, secure and protected
  • You can readily and easily “Power Up, Break Through and Go!”

So let’s start right now:

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I hope you learned something of value today.


Rev. Dr. Trinity

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