Quell Your Inner Conflict with Peace, Balance & Harmony

“Turn your wounds into wisdom” a quote from Oprah Winfrey.  This the story of Gunding living in the World War II and how she quelled her inner conflict with peace, balance and harmony.

It’s 1943, in the Philippines, in the juggle, “Shh…listen they’re blowing the bodiong,” Gunding listened to the deep penetrating call of the seashell.mom & dad

“Time to hide…go into the hole…I’ll check grandpa and get the twins.” Gunding pushed her 2 year old daughter off into the direction of the hiding hole. Pausing just long enough to be sure her daughter’s tiny little feet were headed off in the right direction.  Then Gunding ran as fast as she could to the grass hut where her father lay.

“Tatay, the Japanese soldiers are near,” she whispered.  “We got to hide,” her eyes pleaded.  “I can’t carry you….”

He nodded.  “Go, go, Segunda, they may just leave me alone.  They’ll see I can’t move.”  She gave him a slight nod, kissed him on the cheek, knowing this may be the last she’d see her father alive.  Then she scooped up the baby twins, one in each arm and rushed to the hiding hole.

Gunding was only 20, 3 babies, an invalid dad, smack dab in the middle of the jungle and a warring world.  All she wanted was peace, peace and cooperation in the world, that was what was in her heart.  That’s what she was determined to create for her war-torn family, even in the middle of this jungle.  How?

She turned her wounds into her wisdom and she did it with her eyes.  When she got to the hiding hole, she looked at her baby girl with the eyes of Mother.  The eyes that communicate, I love you, I’ve got you, no worries, peace, peace, time to cooperate and sit here quietly in my arms and wait.

Segunda took a deep breath, settled in and pulled shut the camouflage roof.


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Aries Full Moon 10-5-17

Today is Oct. 5th,  now October brings in the frequency of the Master Communicator.  The frequency of Two.  Just like Gunding’s story it is time to learn the mastery of communications at all levels, not just with words.   So the question is, what have been your communications recently?

So let’s say hello to the Moon in Aries, your inner light, your reflective light, the light that is lighting of your emotions.  It is the light of the Warrior, the battle cry, lighting feelings of conflict.

And the Sun, your outer light, the light that is lighting your identity, is in opposition to the moon, to your emotions.  It’s in the peaceful, balancing, relationship sign of Libra.  It’s allowing you to Quell Your Inner Conflict with Peace, Balance and Harmony.

The KEY planets in play are:

  • Pluto in Capricorn, with both the Sun & Moon pointing directly at Pluto, saying to transform and build a stable global world.
  • Mercury in Libra, communicating balance, peace, harmony.


This full moon is asking you to be a master communicator to yourself and others by seeking the truth of your joy and self expression.  And by doing so, will create peace, balance and harmony .  This full moon, will give you opportunities to be aware of yourself as number one but at the same time, it will give you opportunities to see how we are all ONE…how that thought can create peace, balance, harmony and stability, not only in your world but the global world.

Like Oprah said, “Turn your wounds into wisdom.”

This Aries Full Moon is showing us peace through conflict, wisdom through wounds.

Here are 3 tips to help you Quell Your Inner Conflict with Peace, Balance and Harmony.

  • The Shadow of this full moon is the victim vibration.  Stay out of the victim vibration.
  • Conflict may arise, so be willing to be open to communicate and see the other side.
  • Reach for the JOY not the sorrow. It may not be easy or obvious to see but it will be there if you seek your inner truth.

And if you’d like to get more up close and personal information on this lunation.  Tune into Inner Beauty Healing’s Facebook LIVE airing of this at 1:00 pm PST time today.

Now to reflect what has happened so far for 2017:

January and February awakened your Inner Genius, your spirit that we are all One.

March and April was Mastering your Dreams to take a Quantum leap forward.

May and June said, “Do you believe you are big, beautiful, empowered and wise because if you do, that is what you will become.”

July was to climb the mountain to transform.

August was to awaken your inner shadow.

September was Imagination is the path to make your dreams coming true.

The insight for October is, “Quell Your Inner Conflict with Peace, Balance and Harmony.”

Seems simple yes, but the challenge is many of you may not know how to do this and you are going to need tools, resources and support to help you to implement this.

If you need help, you can call upon US.  Go to our E-Courses to find out more.

Have a beautiful and wonderful full moon.

Much Light and Love,


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