How Do You Do Something Easy

How do you do something easy?

Hello. This is Rev. Dr. Trinity. Thank you for tuning in to celebrate this New Moon. As I have said since the start of the year, the Sun, Moon and all the constellations in the Universe influencing our Earth have brought us to a new global epoch.  2017 is “the Year of One,” a new beginning, for all of us.

After the eclipse
The entire GLOBE is Awakening, though this “awakening,” has not been an easy or pleasant experience. The environment, the poor, women and children, immigrants, liberals, people of color and LGBT people, especially transgender people, are steadily under attack from the Trump Presidency from the rollback of policies that used to protect the environment, health, education and most vulnerable.

At the same time, there has been an exuberant giddiness supporting these roll backs, as these policies and people — protecting the environment, multiculturalism and insuring equality and fairness for all — are viewed as the source of the problem.

This is actually a global polarization with an ever widening gap.

In Europe, part of the world clamors for cultural inclusion, participatory democracy and multiculturalism. The other part wants strong man authoritarianism and white nationalism.

While this very truth is sad and depressing, the active resistance that immediately stepped up and fought back was inspiring and points to where we are going . . . up, out and forward!

I am here to help you see this REALITY by applying this maxim in your meditation, LET COMPASSION & LOVE SERVE YOUR HUMAN HEART — and allow yourself to “see” YOUR path upward, outward and forward.

The new moon is a very powerful time to manifest your wishes! And this New Moon for this month, September is a NEW BEGINNING. This is your chance to make a big change, begin something new, take a different path, or start over — and do so quickly and with EASE.

How do you do something easy?  If you know where you are going, if you have a clear direction, if you have clear markers along your way . . . your PATH will be easier to see, follow and walk. Let me show you “how” to see your own Path.


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As I said in a previously, “being awake,” being “WOKE” as many young people put it, means being SPIRITUALLY CONSCIOUS. It has nothing to with how loud, long or forcefully you “speak your mind,” or whether it is broadcast on radio or TV and it is trumpeted by others.

It has to do with the SPIRITUAL TRUTH behind words and actions.  A spiritual truth always raises and uplifts; brings hope and positivity; creates unity and advances all Beings – minerals, plants, animals, and human BEINGS.

Acting otherwise is acting with false consciousness. No matter how popular, “politically correct,” or well intended, speaking words or taking actions that promote ignorance and disdain for others, that threaten or intimidate, that misinform, mislead or confuse — make problems, not solve problems. False consciousness preys on fear and incites anger and tempers burns like a fire, scorching everyone and everything along the way.

But you cannot fight fire with fire; it only makes a bigger fire!  You may hate what is happening, but responding with hate only adds to the problem.

What to do?  Develop the quality of equanimity; be even-handed, internally and externally balanced. And then using the energy of equanimity, in deep meditation, you can “see” ahead, in neutrality and without judgement — your destiny, your purpose and your path and therefore, KNOW where you are going and how to get there.

Equanimity is a state of psychological and emotional composure; one is undisturbed by experience of or exposure to emotions, pain, or other phenomena that may cause others to lose the balance of their mind. This does not mean you have no difficult feelings.  You DO have those feelings AND at the same time you balance those charged, challenging feelings with deep understanding of the human condition and compassionate insight — because you know WE, collectively, are in the Age of Aquarius, the epoch of transformation.

Here is a useful guideline to remember for these times: “When in deep water, learn to dive!” And we ARE in deep waters.  The whole world is experiencing tremendous political, cultural and environmental “storms.” Equanimity gives us our “sea legs,” so we can go up and down in the storm.

FIRST, know that you can knowingly CREATE your life.  This begins with seeing things the way they really are and accepting things as they are.  This means: Not wishing for people or circumstances to be different than they are. Otherwise, you are in fantasyland, not reality. In terms of our current political climate, this means deeply, deeply accepting the truth of our divisions AND knowing that each person, each society, each country is also evolving.

This is not giving up on change, but rather, taking the long, long, long view towards the transformation of the human race.

Right now, this beginning starts at the tipping point. Will the next years ahead be filled with strife that drags us lower and backwards?  Or sustained by a vision that inspires us to create new ways of doing, seeing and working together?

Use this month’s NEW MOON to tip the scales in our collective favor — up, out and forward.


When all your chakras, all your energy centers, are cleared out of blocks AND aligned, wth an OPEN HEART and MIND, you:

  • HEAR & SPEAK your truth to yourself
  • Your feelings and actions guided by your heart
  • See and understand how things really are
  • and LIVE safe, secure and protected.

The key is bringing your heart to a deep level of peace and calm. Then in this state of a very open heart, you can BOTH accept the present polarization, yet know that all life is cyclical; an eternal circle of birth, life, death and rebirth . . .a so, look and see forward, the next step in our evolution.

We are at the birth, the beginning of this new age. This world will grow, live and develop into a world of harmony and balance — if, when and how — WE create and practice this new paradigm today, in our present life.

We are the SEED of that future.  Plant your seeds and CHOOSE to grow.


So let’s start right now.


Rev. Dr. Trinity

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