Know Your Truth & Feel Good

Here, at the end of 2017, the theme of this New Moon is a time to “Know Your Truth and Feel Good” — so let’s feel good!

For the past 12 months, we have been in a global awakening, but an “awakening” of a different type.  It’s not like we all “went to sleep one day, woke up the next and everything was better.”

The “global awakening” begun in 2017 was NOT this type of “awakening” at all.exposing hidden truths

This past year has been a year of what you might call “cover pulling” — exposing “hidden” truths and secrets all year — like lying to the FBI or revealing decades-old sexual harassment from your boss or people in authority.

What was “hidden or kept secret” was and continues to be revealed, allowing a new direction and writing new life stories based on these Truths. This is what I mean by “pulling off the cover.”  At the same time, some of us may have been feeling like “pulling the covers over” our heads and hiding out. So, it’s been that kind of “cover pulling” too.

  • For some of us, the tensions of this year may have zapped you of your energy, leaving you feeling depleted and even paralyzed at times. So you’ve had to spend more time than usual trying to ground yourself and stabilize your energy.
  • Some of you, the especially sensitive ones, may have found this to be an emotional year.  With tensions high, it was easy to get “sucked into the fray” and to find yourself feeling more stress and anxiety than usual.
  • For anyone on an enlightened path, you may have felt like this year was one long slide backwards and maybe even felt a little powerless over the outer appearances of our world.

As challenging as this year has been for everyone, this was an “energetic house cleaning” vital for the whole world — all parts of it — to move forward.

How? With the truth telling, we — individually and collectively as groups or society as a whole — have the OPPORTUNITY to release patterns of fear and lack. In the case of telling the truth of women’s sexual abuse, for example, we also release very, very old and ancient traumas that have been stored in our cells and carried down to women for generations.

By clearing out “old stories” that are keeping us from unity consciousness, we shed old stories that have kept us smaller than Who We Truly Are.  By crafting stories that are rooted in honesty, clarity and deeply aligned with our Heart Selves, we can fully embrace our power and the creativity necessary for us to create a world of sustainable resources and peace.

The “revolutionary” answers we seek to solve society’s problem begins INSIDE with the involution — the maturation of our Spirit — which in turn, leads the Evolution of the body we inhabit and societies we live in.

So here, at the end of 2017, the theme of this New Moon is a time to “Know Your Truth and Feel Good” — so let’s feel good!

To “Know Your Truth and Feel Good” starts with KNOWING THIS TRUTH: We are all human; we belong to the same human race. We live on the same, single, ONE PLANET.

ANOTHER BIG TRUTH is that LIFE is not just one way or the other, but BOTH and everything-in-between.

We are leaving behind a 5,000 year epic — the Age of Pisces — an era that we ARE LEAVING — was a time of order based on hierarchy. This hierarchy was based on power.  Whoever is the biggest, strongest, wealthiest is at the “top” of the pyramid. Life was just an endless competition and whoever “won,” became the victor.

This new, emerging Age of Aquarius — the era that we ARE ENTERING —is ushering in the opportunity to create a new and different way. This means giving birth to a NEW WAY to create this new life.  That is, it will require us to co-create, collaborate, nurture and bring into being an entirely new consciousness, a heart-based approach that puts an end to war, within and outside of us. In other words, to find a way to live with everyone.

This CHANGE is unstoppable. It is taking place, whether we like it, agree with it, understand it, support it or try everything we can to stop it. This transformation is unfolding. Why? It is the time.

Like the earthquake that cracks open the earth and carves deep valleys and raises big mountains . . . it happens. This is the way of Life on Planet Earth.

Whether we understand and move with the flow of this Change, or out of just “not knowing better,” we throw ourselves into the water and try to swim upstream against Change itself, the Truth is, we cannot turn back time nor stand in the way of the Great, Global, Cosmic Change.

know your truthYou will feel “bad” about this Change if you push back against it.

You will feel “good” if you go with the Change.

So, “Know Your Truth and Feel Good.”

What is so great about this time, this Awakening, this Opportunity, this Age of Aquarius, is that we are becoming “more human” human beings. This is something to FEEL GREAT about!

What makes this possible is that as we humans strive UPWARDS in our consciousness, we move towards higher frequencies which allow us to understand, know and create things that we just “could not,” before.

For example, when we are very young, we learn the alphabet; we sing the song — A, B, C — but at that age, we don’t really understand what or why.  It takes time for our minds to grow. When we are able, we learn to put the letters together and find out they make words. Then putting different words together we can communicate ideas, feelings, experiences — from simple, to complex.

On another plane altogether — the metaphysical, spiritual plane — we are “growing up.”  It has taken time— 5,000 years at least — for the human species to develop to this point.  Now, to become “more human” human beings, our consciousness MUST evolve higher.  Only from that plane can we then “see” what we could not “see” before.  Only from that level can we “create” the experiences, behaviors, thoughts, feelings, aspirations and inspirations to make the LEAP UP and draw this consciousness down into our lives onto the material plane and create solutions that otherwise we could not imagine.

All LIFE grows, changes, and transforms through 2 aspects of an interdependent relationship in which the “spirit” (which is eternal) and “matter” (which is impermanent) are joined together.

INVOLUTION is the development and maturation of our Divinity, Our Spirit from which human, earth, planetary and personal life evolve.

So let’s take this all in . . . and experience “Feeling Good by Knowing Your Truth.”  It happens every time we reflect, contemplate, meditate or pray.  So, join with me.

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Healing the heart involves paying attention to the most vulnerable and sacred aspects within ourselves. Only through attending to our truth can we drop the protective armor that keeps us bound to the smaller parts of ourselves. We can only melt this armor with the combination of feeling and understanding that is love.

So we start from within and create out.  We start with and from ourselves and give ourselves lovingkindness.  With our hearts safe and contented, we then bring that lovingkindnesss energy to others, progressing from those close to us, then to a benefactor, a neutral person and finally, to a difficult person, someone including those you do not like or may have hurt you.

Now take a deep healing, loving breath and feel good

Where do YOU go from here?

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I hope you learned something of value today.


Rev. Dr. Trinity





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