New Moon 6th Chakra Meditation

Today’s 6th chakra new moon meditation is helping you to Choose To Go Beyond Survival.  Today’s new moon is inspiring you to:

  • Birth new ideas and take action

  • Balance your life by living your truth

  • Bring love and light to your relationships

With the heat of the summer behind you, you opened yourselves to the Fall.  September, a time to get ready, get set and to go! That’s why we all go to school in the Fall, in September . . . to begin, again. But not just any beginning. A great, new, beginning. One that brings a SMILE to your face because it feels good to start again.

Yes, you started again, at a NEW BEGINNING, and that “something new” — was YOU and ME. We started again.

This is why, this month, in October, to take the NEXT STEP: Choose to go  beyond survival! To transform, altogether. To go to the next level.

What do I mean? In survival, you go day-to-day; nose to the ground, barely looking where you are going; searching outside for external signs of direction instead of inside for insight, clarity and a vision of one’s Path.  Choosing to go beyond survival, choosing to transform means you open your THIRD EYE, your psychic ability to “see” — with insight, understanding and clarity — what you could not see before.

  • With your 3rd eye, you have HINDSIGHT; you can see where you’ve been.
  • With your 3rd eye, you have INSIGHT; you can see where you’re going.
  • With your 3rd eye, you have IMAGINATION; you can paint the world you want.
  • With your 3rd eye, you have VISION. Vision combines hindsight, insight and imagination and you can “see” and understand the “meaning of it all.”

Do you Choose To Go Beyond Survival?  Want to take the next step and learn a 6th chakra meditation? Then click the audio below, and when you’re done, if you’d like know more, send me a message through our contact page.



Rev. Dr. Trinity Ordona
Spiritual Healer & Coach

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