Comparison Thief-Roosevelt’s Quote

“Comparison is the thief of joy,” a Theodore Roosevelt’s quote.

Let’s take a moment and thank Teddy for his amazing insight! 😀

And now, how does Comparison rob you or your joy?

Do you want to know 3 ways the Comparison Thief robs you?

Do you want to stop being robbed?

Do you want an inner beauty tool that will help you?

Well then, here’s an answer to Roosevelt’s quote.

Its the “Inside Story of the the Comparison Thief.”


Hi, I’m Francesca Ordona Hollingsworth an inner beauty healer, Five Element Fashion™ designer and style coach.

If you’ve listened to the above podcast or not, you’ll want to know that today is the November 14th Supermoon.

Today’s full moon is all about assisting you with partnerships and mastering your partnership with self.

To know your Soul’s Fashion, the inner beauty questions you’re going to want to ask yourself today are:

  • What’s my relationship with my outer self?
  • What’s my relationship with my inner self?
  • What’s my relationship with my others self?

Meaning all those “Others” that stand outside of you.

Just to be clear, the “Others” are like mom, dad, your BFs and BBFs, teachers…..TV, social media,….clothes that don’t fit you…your not nice friends…..

When the “Others,” that is everything that is not YOU….Compares YOU….your mind….which is a muscle….that is meant to analyze….gets its wires crossed.

It starts thinking that the “Others” know your TRUTH of “Who You Are” better than you.

To be totally honest, this is silly thinking, because you are with yourself 24/7 and no one  knows you better that you.

-Theodore Roosevelt's quote"Comparison the thief of joy."

If you want support in dealing a with the Comparison Thief, and you haven’t yet listened to the podcast above, I’d scroll on up and click it right NOW.

And don’t forget, during the Full Moon meditation, set your intentions to rid yourself of the thief that’s robbing you of your joy.

And if you’d like to go deeper into discovering your Soul’s Fashion, schedule a FREE Discovery Consultation with me by CLICKING the link below. 


See you on the next Full Moon! 🙂


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