Are you worried about Ageism?

Are you worried about ageism?  Do you want to be Aging with Grace & Beauty™?

Well then, you got to talk about the Elephant in the Beauty Closet. You know, the biggest baddest one.  The one looks so scary and fierce that all you want to do is try and runaway and escape it from it.  The one, that toots its horn and you come scurrying back to serve it.  The Mammoth like elephant the make you feel so small, so powerless, that has trapped you, and to your dismay and horror, it will grab your attention and without mercy torture and penetrate your peace of mind.

OMG what Elephant in the Beauty Closet could that be?  Aging.

Yep, ageism has become the huge, enormous Elephant you so desperately want to hide in your closet.  Yep, you open that closet door and throw whatever you can at it, dresses, shoes, make-up, rejuvenation creams, sparkle, you might even get so desperate that you might want to start inviting in the plastic surgeons.  Why?

Because you mistakenly think these things, these objects, that are outside of yourselves, will tame the beast that you’ve got hidden inside of yourselves. And what beast is that?

It’s your mental mind and it’s been running the show.  And the theme of the show is….Survival.

I think you’ll agree that as a species, our brains grew bigger to help us survive.  The brain is a large muscle of the mind, so naturally a Key function and purpose, of the mind, is to work hard to help us survive. As a result, our group consciousness, created walls that enclose us in the survival mind set. And the theme the mind likes to use to support our success in survival is….wait for it…wait for it…ya, it’s being young.

So we have these voices in our heads that will chime something like this, “You must survive… you must survive…to survive you must be young…you need to look young…look young and you’ll survive.”

The effect is, Aging gets a bum rap.  The thing is, is that Aging is path that we all must walk.  We have no choice but to walk the route.

But and this is a big But.

We have the choice to like it or not.

My vote is for liking it.

What about you?  Do you want to like your road?

Part of liking something, comes down to the experience, and today I invite you to explore the experience of my inner beauty program of Aging with Grace & Beauty.™  Do you want to stop being worried about ageism?  Do you want to take the 1st Step?

Then you’ll want to listen to this audio to get the full experience.  And when you’re done and you want to connect to find out more, just email me at  😀

Have a great one!  😀

Francesca Ordona Hollingsworth, five element Fashion Designer & Style Coach

Francesca Ordona Hollingsworth
Five Element Fashion™ Designer & Style Coach

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