May 29, 2018 Sagittarius Full Moon: Divine Feminine – Lead Your Life with Your Heart

“Love is what we are born with.  Fear is what we have learned here.  The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love back into your hearts.” Marianne Williamson

Welcome to Inner Beauty Healing’s Full Moon blog May 29, 2018.

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Today’s Beauty-Inside Story is: The Divine Feminine – Leading Your Life With Your Heart

Venus the Goddess of Love and Beauty stood atop a splendorous mountain,  casting her lavish lustrous loving eyes along the valley.

Venus raised her head to the heaven’s above and announced, “Today…today it’s ripe, to shine my light… my loving light of the divine.  For centuries now, the Divine Feminine light has been maturing…growing…building within the heart…and’s ready to bring forth… to bud and flourish.”

So she opened her arms and reached across the sky, across the sky she reach, until her radiant incandescent beam landed within the spectrum of the glorious golden rays of Jupiter, whose thunder made life sing.

To Venus, Jupiter said, “Today, yes, today I’m happy to play my theme of joy, adventure, of going beyond, to expand bring abundance to all those who wish to ride along.”

And with his big bold bellowing laugh, Jupiter reach across the Moon and sent a lightning bolt with thunder into the water world of Neptune.

Now Jupiter said, “Neptune my friend let’s close the trine and together let’s support the loving light of the Divine.”

Neptune without a word, from the depth of wisdom within the crystal clarity in silence, he brought forth longevity, to blend, to give essence of enlightenment.

He cast his oceanic net….and tied the knot, that went across the Sun and Moon, to bring forth the loving Heart’s Power, the message for May’s full moon.

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Today is May 29th and today’s full moon is a powerful full moon.  Why?  Because today there is a Grand Trine the most benefic sacred geometric shape to be drawn in the heaven’s above.

What does this mean for you?  Good fortune, long lasting good fortune, a time to align your values with your heart and not your mind, so you can live in the nurturing world of YOUR unconditional love.

Now shall we look at what the Moon and Sun have to say today?

Let’s say hello to the Moon.  This is a Sagittarius Moon at 8 degrees.  This moon is your inner light, your reflective light.  It’s the light that is lighting your emotions.  It’s the light of the optimist, the truth seeker, the joyful forward thinker.

And the Sun, your outer light, the light that is lighting your identity, is in opposition to the moon, to your emotions.  It’s in the fast thinking sign of Gemini at 8 degrees, the sign of the twins, the messenger, the communicator that can see and be both sides of the coin.

The key planets in play are:

  • Mercury just entering Gemini its Home sign
  • Mars at 4 degrees, in Aquarius pointing nicely at the Sun and the Moon
  • Saturn at 7 degrees in Capricorn pointing nicely Uranus at 0 degrees
  • Venus in Cancer at 11 degrees, pointing nicely at Jupiter in Scorpio at 15 degrees pointing nicely to Neptune in Pisces at 16 degrees creating the Grand Trine.

What does this all mean to you?

Today the heaven’s open doorways to Peace of Mind. As I said, this is a full moon that carries good fortune, abundance, expansion, joy, through fun play, communications.  It gives you access to your dreams.  What you imagine has the ability to move quickly and easily forward. Doors may open to break through issues that have been difficult to overcome or approach.  You’ll have opportunities to make the changes that have always been so far into the future.

There is much expansion and abundance available,  the good fortune will best be grown through being truthful to your values and living with them in the present, not from a place of the past or the future but the NOW. The focus is through taking action in the NOW which means your intuition.  Intuition in never in the past or the future, it can only be in the NOW.   Intuition is often felt from the gut, so pay attention to your gut but this is not to be confused with your emotions.  Emotions are not your intuition. Meaning pay attention to your gut or pay attention to where your body leads you, that is how intuition speaks.

And let me be clear, as with all full moons there is tension and you may find this tension in your mind.  You may feel like your mind is working with you or against you. So one of the keys to access the power of the full moon is through your mind, through your communications, your inner messages to you. Are your messages warm and loving or are they analytical and cold.? The direction of your communications will dictate the flow of this expansive energy.

The question is how will flow show up for you?

Will it work for you or make you feel it is working against you?

Here are 3 Key tips to help you flow smoothly through this transformational full moon:

  1. Be mindful of your communications. Pay attention to what you are saying to yourself and saying to others.  And ask yourself, are you being truthful to yourself or telling yourself an untruth?
  2. Take Action to change into what you want and what you love. Baby steps are fine, just take a step in the direction.
  3. Stay out of the blame game or the victim mentality, this full moon has a lot of expansive energy and negative thinking will just add fuel to what burns you.

And if you’d like to get more up close and personal information on this lunation, my plan is to go Live on FB today to shed a little bit more light on this Illuminating full Moon.

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Have a beautiful and wonderful full moon.

Much Light and Love.




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