Our Cosmic Political Landscape

This is Rev. Dr. Trinity. Thank you for dropping in to my blog and podcast “Our Cosmic Political Landscape,” on the politics of the time – and specifically June, which we are in.

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Beginning this month, my monthly talks are intended to help you understand, cosmically and karmically, the political landscape of the period and both the “what” and the “why” it is happening. My purpose? To help guide you through these troubling times by teaching you to recognize the underlying metaphysical currents that are propelling the world.


EVERY month, there a New Moon and Full Moon and BOTH are very powerful times to manifest your wishes because you can grab on and “ride” those powerful cosmic energies, and thus, consciously and quickly, manifest your wishes.

Unfortunately, our “modern world” of today no longer knows or believes in “these kinds of things,” like astrology, numerology and metaphysics, in general.  I didn’t myself, until a few years ago.

I am an Ph.D.-trained academic researcher and historian and completely familiar with modern Western thought, which follows the Cartesian philosophy, “I think, therefore, I am.” Western thought is focused on rationality and gives precedence to what can be seen, known and proven, materially. This change began in Europe with Descartes in the 16th century and the Age of Enlightenment that followed.  This rationality led to the scientific method which in turn, led to massive global changes through industrialization & technology, thereby completely transforming our social, economic, political and cultural ways of life all over the world.

In the process, “spirit” was left out of the equation and subsumed under religion or philosophy. By the 20th century, our “modern” world had completely taken over and metaphysics castigated as superstition, hocus-pocus and UNREAL.

What do those powerful cosmic energies have to do with now?  Everything.

Let me explain. I am sure there is no argument with the assessment that our world, today, is undergoing a sustained period of political upheaval and polarization.  This past year alone has seen the rise of right-wing white nationalist resurgence in Europe and the U.S., hotly contested electoral campaigns in France and England and the rise of strong-man leaders throughout the world battling each other — in politics and social media — to be #1!

While these threats to world peace— including nuclear war — are very real, it seems like there is also nothing new. The world as we know it, has seemingly ALWAYS been at war, as if it is an inescapable part of life. But is it?

I believe this is not simply an updated “ping pong” match between long-time national rivals. The energies surging beneath these challenges reach deeper and broader, and THIS is what is new.

Let me break it down. The wave of populist politics that ushered in the Trump Presidency called for a return a 1950s America. We were great, then, really because we were the only developed country unscarred by the devastation of WWII.  Even though Hitler came to power in 1933; Japan invaded China in 1937 and all the Great Powers in Europe and Asia were at war with each other by 1939, the US stood aside, with our policy of isolationism, until 1942. When WWII ended just 3 years later in 1945, everyone else — except the US— had to rebuild their countries, while the US profited enormously from all the food, machinery, technology and money we supplied everyone else to rebuild themselves.

Because of the utter devastation the war had wrought — including the threat of instant and global annihilation with nuclear weapons — the US led the world through its moral leadership, championing world cooperation. As a beacon of democracy, the US re-examined and changed its own structures of racist, sexist and homophobic oppression and welcomed millions of immigrants to our shores in their search for freedom from tyranny and oppression.

Now all of these decades of incremental steps to world peace are being turned rapidly back. Under President Trump, the US now uses its military, political and economic MIGHT to threaten nuclear retaliation and economic tariffs while breaking international treaties to bully opponents into submission.  And this is the key word — submission.

Under Trump, “might makes right” again; an old adage that guided the world . . . up until now.

This is where an understanding of the metaphysics involved really make the difference.  In numerology, when you add up all the numbers and reduce it to its symbolic essence, 2018 is the Year of Master 11. “11” is a power number and all about communication — hearing and speaking the truth to yourself and others. Furthermore, “11,” when you add up 1 + 1, it equals 2.  2 is the number for PARTNERSHIP.

Therefore, 2018 is the year of communication THROUGH partnership.  The Universe has been delivering us many, many opportunities to “hear and speak the truth” to ourselves and others!

Gemini New Moon Q's

  • Do you communicate to unite or divide?
  • Do you seek a solution or do you yell and scream at others?
  • Do you put down others and “win” because of their humiliation?
  • On a personal level, do you get mad at yourself or take time-out for yourself?
  • Do you put yourself down or pick yourself up?

We are a global community of humans, animals, plants and elements on planet Earth and we have been ushered into a time of great change. For all of us to “get along” on the same planet, we must learn to connect and communicate VERY WELL!

But this is not a lofty goal, wishful dream or New Age fantasy . . . it is a necessity.

Why? Because, according to astrology, we have also left the Age of Pisces — a time of order based on hierarchy. This hierarchy WAS based on power.  Before, whoever was the biggest, strongest, wealthiest was at the “top” of the pyramid. Life was just an endless competition and whoever “won,” was the victor.

Back in 2012, there was a lot of agitation about the Mayan calendar prediction which pointed to December 12 as a critical date. What was it?  A great cataclysm would end the world?  Was it the Second Coming, the return of Jesus Christ?

According to the Mayan calendar, global epochs are 5,200 years long, so change may seem slow, in Earthly terms. What December 12, 2012 marked was the beginning of the Age of Aquarius — the era of co-creation, collaboration, nurturance and an entirely new consciousness, a heart-based approach that puts an end to war, within and outside of us. In other words, the opportunity to find a way to live with everyone.

The Earth and all its inhabitants, including the HUMAN RACE — is at the very, very, very early beginnings of this significant global transformation.

The opportunity is now. Not tomorrow. Now.

Women's March Washington, DC

By Ted Eytan from Washington, DC, USA

Today, the karmic and cosmic causes and conditions are here to make those dreams into reality. In fact, throughout 2017and 2018, there have already been many “big COSMIC pushes,” and they will continue to PUSH, PROD and PROPEL us.

That is why I am very positive and optimistic; because I see, in this global polarization, a steadily rising tide — a sea change, in fact — of popular opposition movements to patriarchy and racism most evident by the rise of the spontaneous post-Trump Inauguration Women’s March (which has become an annual global gathering) and the #metoo and #blacklivesmatter movements in the US, to the pro-choice movement in Ireland that recently overturned its constitutional prohibitions against abortion.

I see it in the new movies and TV series and applaud the NEW trails being forged — by actors, directors, writers and everyone throughout the industry. Challenging the typical “Hollywood ending” where everything works out magically in the end, these new plot lines and characters reveal the complexities, ironies, frailties, injustices, outright contradictions, as well as struggles, movements, moments and hopes of our actual lives.

This is a time of change. But HOW we change is up to each of us.

The opportunity is here. Not tomorrow. That is why the TIME IS Now.

Let’s end this podcast with a short meditation..

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