May 15, 2018 Taurus New Moon: May’s Money Breakthrough

“The reason I’ve been so financially successful is that my focus has never been, even for one minute, been money.”  a wise breakthrough money quote from Oprah Winfrey.”  Oprah Winfrey

Today’s Beauty-Inside Story is the inside story of Amari

Amari my love, today is May 15th and it’s a new moon. It’s a Taurus new moon and it’s very special. 


Because the last time this happened was 84 years ago, when your great grandpa was a young man.  Your great grandpa was farmer, that was before his farm turned to dust.

When I was just about your age, he’d sit me on his lap and tell me stories.  On a day like today he’d say, “Anna, the times to plant seeds are when the moon is new.  The light of that night is like a second layer of soil making the seeds all warm and toasty inside.  The perfect climate for seedlings to breakthrough their protective outer shell and send their roots deep down into the earth, to create a stable foundation to grow. You know Anna, it is the best time to lay the groundwork for what you want.  And then he’s say, “Little Anna, what is it that you want to plant tonight?  Ask the moon when she is new, and she’ll wrap your wish with the magic light of the night, giving it the best light to bloom.” And then he’d laugh his big laugh.

So my little one what do you with to plant tonight?

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For this month of May, 2018, the buzz amongst astrologers is that this new moon is special.  Why?  Because there is a specific event that is happening that hasn’t occurred for 84 years.  This event or in astrological terms, this transit is bringing in the light of breaking up, breaking through to breakup our limiting beliefs around money, what we value, what we love, how we create our havinginess.

Three times the United States has passed through this path of light.  Three times it has crossed this astrological transit.

First time was to set the stage for the Revolutionary War.  It was May 1767, initiating the Townsend Act when the British taxed tea, creating unrest with the American Colonies, causing them to Breakup with England.  The solution was the Revolutionary War.  Why?  Because they were done with the old paradigm of King rulership, igniting the Breakthrough call for the values of “ Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Second time was on April 29, 1851, with the ominous words, “The whole land is full of blood,” uttered by James WC Pennington, a former slave and abolitionist. Breaking up the conflicted picture the United States had painted, that not all men and women were created equal, that it alright to put a price tag on human life.  The message from this transit lit the light of empowerment saying, it is time to break through this lack of recognition, this absence of humanity and breakup this belief that enslavement is okay if it provides economic value.  This struggle with what we value, what we love, our havingness, eventually lead us through the path of the Civil War.

Third time and the most recent was June, 6, 1934, the day the Securities & Exchange Commission was established to help heal the wounds from Black Tuesday, the stock market crash, that began the economic downward slide into The Depression.  Breaking through our consciousness to awaken our responsibility to create stability by showing us the depressed picture of the haves and have-nots and how that affects us all.

Now we have returned again to this transit, this similar light and the new moon in Taurus is ushering it in.   So the question is, how is May 15, 2018 going to show up for you and all of us?  It may be subtle, it may not.  But today, May 15, 2018,  the inspiration to illuminate what we value will be breaking though.  It will cause the breaking up to create breakthrough by sending the frequency of mixed blessings.

So what is this specific event that is happening in the heavens?  Uranus the planet of breakthrough, the planet of revolution, of CHANGE, is entering Taurus the Bull.  The zodiac sign of Stability, Abundance, Beauty, Patience and our Material Possession.  Putting into question, what we love, what we value, our havingness, our money.


Now shall we look at what the Moon and Sun have to say today.

Let’s say hello to the partnering Moon & the Sun.  This is a Taurus new  moon at 24 degrees.  This moon is your inner light, your reflective light.  It’s the light that is lighting your emotions.  And the Sun, your outer light, the light that is lighting your identity, is working together with the moon, your emotions.

They are in the slow sensual, sensitive sign of Taurus at 24 degrees, the sign closest to mother earth, the nature loving warm hearted bull that plods steadily forward with purpose, to create stability, beauty and love with patience.

The key planets in play are:  

  • Uranus at just entering Taurus at 0 degrees hanging out next to
  • Mercury at 3 degrees in Taurus
  • Jupiter at 17 degrees in Scorpio in opposition to the Moon & Sun
  • Mars at 29 degrees, in Capricorn hanging out next to Pluto, being its partner at 21 degrees & pointing nicely to the Sun & Moon
  • Neptune in Pisces at 16 degrees pointing nicely to Pluto and Jupiter

What does this all mean?

Your outer and inner voice want to sing with a unified voice of love, romance, sensuality, family, stability, abundance.  Your mind desires creativity and self-expression and is being asked to push.. to breakthrough…to the other side…with patience..to build stability, beauty and abundance. You’ll be forced willingly or not to expand and empower your dreams, what you image, and to take actions, to transform and build a solid career, not just for yourself but for the good of the whole.

The breakthrough energy of this new moon is about HOW you nurture.  your family, your partnerships, yourselves, what you have.

It will ask, what is it you value?  Is it your family, your partnerships, yourselves, is it what you have?

It will ask you, what is it that you love, your family, your partnerships, yourself, what you have?

And your mind will be pointed to creativity and self-expression of the self.  It will play nicely or not.

So the question is, how is your breakthrough going to show up?

Is it going to play nicely or not?

Because change is in the air whether you like it or not.

The question is whether you ride it with YOUR grace and ease or not.

Here are 3 Key tips to help you flow smoothly through this breaking through old paradigms new full moon:

  1. Stay out of judgement. I know that is a tall order but being in the shadow vibration of judgement will not serve you well.  It will only create blockages in your energy
  2. Take action to build what it is that you love, what you value because life is to short to be wasting your time in what you don’t love.
  3. Give yourself permission to dream, to imagine what you really want. Like the song written by Rodgers & Hammerstein in South Pacific, Happy Talk “Your gotta have a dream, if you don’t have a dream. How you gonna have a dream come true?”

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Sending you much light & love,



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