5 Beauty Remedies For A Bad Day

How do you feel beautiful when you’ve had a bad day?

IBH Spirit Consultation pic #2Well sometimes the solution is easy. Like if it’s a Level 1 bad day.

That’s when you’re a little off balance and you may be feeling blue.  Perhaps a little lonely or mad or sad.

Now you can help yourself get out of fowl moods, by choosing to do something that resonates with your body shape.  In other words, doing something that makes your body do the happy dance.

Here are 5 quick easy 5-Element tips to balance your inner essence.  Just remember, your body element is based on your body shape, so do what’s appropriate for your body shape.

  • Earth Element – Sing a song (hip loving babes)
  • Metal Element – Work out (broad shoulder warrior women)
  • Water Element – Listen to music ( big rounded beauties)
  • Wood Element – Take a nature walk (long and lean lovelies)
  • Fire Element – Take a bubble bath (figure 8 ladies)

If you  have a Level 2 bad day, this is like when nothing goes right.  You get irritated at everything.  You know it’s best if everyone stays out of your way.  Because if they come close, you might bite their head off.

The easy solution, hit the re-set button and put yourself to bed.

Sleep is one of nature’s powerful magic remedies that we often overlook.  When you wake up, you’ll feel like Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming is the gorgeous bright new day.

Now for a Level 3 bad day,  this is a day that’s longer than 24 hours.  It could be days, weeks, months, years…..and you know you can’t blame it on, “that time of the month.”

You’ve been simmering, stewing and bad gugu just keeps following you around.IBH Spirit Consultation pic #1

If this is happening to you and traditional remedies aren’t working, then my friend, you’re in a stuck energy time warp.

That’s my sci-fi way of saying, you’ve got stuck energy.

Easy solution, Transformational Readings.

These help you look at your problems from your Soul’s perspective.  Yep, you got to talk to your soul so you can understand what’s it all about. This is a very effective way of removing stuck energy.

How does it work?

You ask your question and we read the pictures in your aura. Yep, there’s not only colors in your aura, there’s also pictures.  Kind of like the ones you see in your dreams.  And yes, they have messages, which will make sense to YOU because they’re your pictures.  You see….you drew them….for YOU.

You can do 15 minute readings, 1 hour readings, 2 hour readings and if You and your Soul need more time, we got that too.

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Here’s solution #2.  It’s a bit more effort but the perks are great!  This is a long term solution, you OWN your remedy, you create your stability and you’ll get a better understanding of your purpose in life.

If this calls to you, then my friend, you want to learn “How to Heal  Yourself.”

You know we do this all the time.  We get a cut, we wash it, make sure there’s no garbage, cover it and protect it, so the miracle can happen and our cells grow back.  You can do the same with Level 3 bad days.  You just need to learn how.

TrinitySo how do you learn?

Get a teacher.

Yep, that’s usually how it works in this world.  Teachers take you under their wing, to guide you, to support you and instruct you on the do’s and don’ts.

That’s what Rev. Dr. Trinity does in her course Facing Your Inner Shadows. She walks with you through your shadows to get you to the other side, so you can heal past spiritual wounds that show up as Level 3 bad days.

Don’t believe?  CLICK HERE  to read what other people are saying.  And if it speaks to you, sign up.  And just so you know, we do offer Early Bird and Membership discounts.  The savings can be significant.

Not sure?  Want to see Rev. Dr. Trinity in action?  CLICK HERE  to watch her FREE video and get a glimpse of the course.  Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page.

Now it’s time to wrap up this inner beauty blog with a question to you.   What’s your solution to a bad day? Do you have non traditional remedies you’d like to share? We would love to know.  Leave it in the comment s below.


Francesca oh!

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Francesca oh!

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