Your Secret Beauty Body Code

Do you have a secret body code to beauty?

Did you say, yes?  Francesca oh do you have a secret body code

Because that’s the only answer.

You see, everyone has a unique secret beauty body code,

but so often it’s so secret, that it’s hidden from you.

The funny thing is, your secret is hiding in plain sight.

Yep, your body code to beauty is hiding in plain sight.

Here are three clues.

  1. It’s bigger than a bread box.
  2. You’re family and friends love you for it.
  3. And your parents are partly responsible for it.

Did you guess?

If you’ve been reading my blogs and listening to Inner Beauty Healing Talks, you have a better than 50% chance in guessing.

And if I wanted to mess with you, I’d say well… got take my…..

1st Step – 3 Keys to Inner Beauty Course to find out.

But, I’m only going to half mess with you.  Not because I like messing with you, but because, it does take a full course, to understand, accept and like your secret code.

That being said…..I’m ready to tell you, because I really want you to know and I can’t wait to spill the beans!

Okay,okay, here it is….

Beauty Body Code Happy Dance

Your, in plain sight Secret Code to your Beauty, is your………..


I’m doing the Happy Dance! 🙂

Really, it’s true, but, and this is a BIG BUT, the only thing that is standing in your way is…..

Your Mental Mind.

Now, I have to say that I love my Mental Mind but, sometimes it doesn’t play nice and becomes the Bully Mental Mind.

You know, the Bully Mental Mind that tells you, you’re “Not Enough….you’re less than…..the one that idolizes what your NOT.”  Ya, that little monster.

And that little monster, can be a BIG problem when it comes to being and feeling your beauty.

So, the easy way to deal with the Bully Mental Mind, is to teach it skills.

Yep, give the Mind something to solve and it’ll put a muzzle on that Bully.

What skills will occupy the Bully?  Here’s a hint.

  • They got to be FUN! Because the Bully is only being mean because it’s not having any fun.
  • They got to be Challenging, yet Easy enough, with Results, otherwise the Bully will continue to nag.
  • They got to be meaningful and helpful to YOU, so you can be boss, not the Bully.

Do your have a Secret Beauty Body CodeSo, now I’m going to say, to learn these skills, that will change that little monster Bully Mental Mind into your friend, you do have to take my….

1st Step – 3 Keys to Inner Beauty Course to find out.

It can’t be helped, because like I said, it does take a full course, to understand, accept and like your secret code.

Not sure if you know this term Fashionista but according to Carolyn Myss’s 10 Archetypes:

“The Fashionista Archetype has a knack for looking fabulous, no matter what she put on? The Fashionista uses style not as mask for old wounds, but as a way to develop self-esteem, and she loves to help others find their personal expression. She treats fashion as personal art form, with her presentation as a canvas.”

Well that’s me in three sentences. I’ve been a fashion designer for 30 plus years, a mom for over 20, a trained energy healer for over 10 and psychic since birth.

When you put all that together, it equals, Inner Beauty Healing Image Confidence System ™.

So what’s that?

It’s my system that teaches you the Master Keys to YOUR inner beauty and how to activate them.

It starts with my 1st Step – 3 Keys to Inner Beauty Course.

Want to know more about the course?

This is Inner Beauty Made Easy™ 3 week, fun, action item course with lessons that connect you to your inner beauty.

What you’ll get is an EASYHow to learn your Body Code

  • Exciting new way to SEE, ACCEPT and LIKE your body
  • Artistic way to authentically express yourself with clothing
  • Simple way to use Pinterest as scrapbook tool to make shopping more fun
  • Your personal fashion designer guide, Me!

What does this mean to you.

It means I’m teaching you how to look more like you from the inside out.

Want to know how it works.

  • For 3 weeks on Monday, audio recordings and Action Item Play Sheets will drop into your email
  • Each week you’ll create Pinterest boards which you’ll share with me
  • Once a week you’ll schedule a private 15 minute consultation to work with me

Just to be clear, you may think we’re going to pin clothing, but we’re going much deeper than that.

We’re going for the root of your self-expression and that ain’t happening by just pinning pretty clothes.

Just sayin………

If you want to be happy, comfortable, confident and beautiful in your skin and clothing, I can help you.  That’s what I do.

Yep, I have the heart and eyes of an artists, the creative skills of a fashion designer, and the soul and inner eye of a healer.

That’s why I’m and Inner Beauty 5-Element Fashion Designer, who teaches how to paint your world with the pallet of your Soul.

Want to create a way of dressing that not only looks but feels authentic to you?

Want to create a healthy self-image outlook, so thinking you must starve becomes an obsolete thought?

Want to help everyone around you shine?

If your answer is yes, then where you start is at the beginning, at the center of your world, and that means YOU.

When you shine, your world shines, it has to.  That’s the Law of Attraction.

Want to start?  Then CLICK HERE to go to our Image Confidence System page.

Taking the 1st Step is actually really easy, you just have to get Your Mental Mind to play nice.

Lots of Love!

Francesca oh!

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