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“Clothing is our most personal Art form, that’s why we get so excited to see what’s new.” A quote from me.

I’m Francesca Ordona Hollingsworth an inner beauty healer & Five Element Fashion designer.

Today is the last Full Moon of December 2016.  It’s a Gemini full moon and it’s vibration is tuned into awakening your inner wisdom.

Asking you…
Do your thoughts help or hinder you?
Do your thoughts liberate or do they imprison you?
Do your thoughts bring you joy & happiness?

Let’s welcome in the energy of the full moon and say hello to the Sun, who is celebrating in the optimistic sign of Sagittarius, the Truth seeker, the sign of the explorer, the adventurer, the philosopher.  And on the opposite side, is the Moon, your inner light, your reflective light and it is pondering in Gemini the thinker, teaching you how to nurture your mind body and spirit.
Together they are helping you build your foundation by encouraging you to seek your truth, and asking you to integrate your mind and heart, so you can unlock the nurturing wisdom you hold within.  They have built a starlight path for you to let go of everything that did not serve you in 2016 and asking you…
What are your intentions for the next year?
Do your thoughts wander in the shadow of fear, anger and or separation?
Do your thoughts liberate your natural abundance that brings forth expansion, fortune and wisdom?

The Sun & Moon are working together to unlock the wonderful bountiful wisdom you hold within as you enter the amazing year of 2017.


And now it’s December and you’re closing out the year with integrating The Wisdom You Hold Within.

And what is that wisdom? It is the wisdom of your natural beauty that resides within your silence.

It is the beautiful wisdom or your

• Body
• Emotions
• Spirit

The wisdom that your body really knows how to heal itself. When your skin is torn, your body mends it without even being asked. The cells take instant action to make you safe, to make you whole. That is beauty.

The wisdom of your emotions, that when you’re down, you shed tears to release grief to help you cleanse your spirit.  When you erupt in anger, you express your need for boundaries. When you laugh, you spread the joy you feel inside, so more can smile.  That is beauty.

The wisdom of your spirit, the mystical magical spirit, that invisible self that guides you up beyond the intellect of the mind. The self that is the same self when you were as a toddler, a kid, a teenager, up to now, the timeless self that has never grown old. That is beauty.

They are the beautiful wisdom you hold within.

To close out 2016, I’d like to share with you The Power of Beauty. It’s a poem I wrote a few years back on wintry rainy day.

The Power of Beauty
As I sit here and think about the power of beauty,
I listen to the melodic tones of the piano and I find myself in a palace of beauty.
I close my eyes and I see, I feel and I experience the immense energy of beauty.
As I open my eyes, I remain in the envelope of the empowerment of beauty.
Flowers, gems, animals, a beautiful sunset all reflect true beauty to us.
Artists express this to us through visual images.
Actors express this through their connection to their body.
Fashion, shows us beauty through the model, giving us image of what we can be. Which is why we are so excited to see what is new.
As human beings, we express beauty through what we create.
Such as ourselves, in what we decide to wear in the morning,
to designing a high tech cell phone or a sleek car,
even growing a delicious scrumptious strawberry,
to the most amazing beautiful creation,
a child.
So you tell me, is beauty powerful?

And now I’d love to know how are you going to close out 2016 and end your 9 year cycle?  How are you going to enter 2017, to begin this new magical makeover year?

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Have a beautiful and wonderful full moon.

Much Light and Love <3

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