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Hello, this is Rev. Dr. Trinity. December 29th is the last New Moon for 2016. Today the Sun and Moon have created a master communication portal to the universe to help us let go of the global 9 year cycle that started in 2008 and will end on December 31st 2016. It is getting us ready to enter a new global cycle. 2017 is a “Year of ONE” — the number 1 AND one, meaning ALL. This is a new beginning for all of us. . . . the entire GLOBE is about to enter an Awakening.

In future talks, I will talk more about this Awakening, we are entering. For now . . . this month of January and this year, 2017 is a time we BREAK THROUGH THE OLD and BRING IN THE NEW.

So welcome. You’re listening to my Inner Spirit Healing Talks offered to you with every new moon. The new moon is a very powerful time to manifest your wishes!

2017 begins the U.S. presidency of Donald Trump to “make America great, again.” This CRY to go back to the “good old days” is echoed by other similar-minded, “strong-man” forces and choices — BREXIT in England, Duterte in the Philippines and Putin in Russia.

Since Trump’s election, there has been outspoken antagonism and hostility from his supporters AND a felt, palpable rise in fear among women, LGBT people and people of color.

We are the “divided states of America.”

The good thing is that this situation presents clear, unambiguous support for a consciousness of “might makes right” and “survival of the strongest.” This is a masculinist consciousness of “us vs. them” built on anger, fear and hated and the political tools of blaming, bullying, marginalizing, lying, bad mouthing, gossiping and overpowering its foes — to win.

To win means that someone else — “them” — loses. This hierarchy of win/lose is based on the “us/them” world view which of course, creates systems of “othering” people: racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, able-ism, age-ism; and for “othering” countries, it is systems of war, terrorism, militarism, colonialism and imperialism.

Thus, while Trump joins the ranks of all other “might-makes-right-strong man” leaders who also promise to “change” the world — together — they only ensure that history will sadly repeat itself.


Why is this happening? Because there is BIG CHANGE afoot, in the whole world. But it is not simply a change of leaders. What you sense in the world — signaled by all these recent dramatic political choices, such as the US Presidential election — is an evolution, a critical evolution for HUMAN KIND.

For us in the US, it took the form of stepping back — “lets make America Great again” — and re-embracing the OLD WAY of fear, intimidation, bullying, and power over.

But to evolve means to shed off and leave behind, never to return to the “OLD” way of being. Such as homo sapiens did 2.5 million years ago and we stood up on 2 legs.

Evolution is accepting that which no longer works. We, HUMAN KIND, are IN NEED of this evolution, to outgrow, that which no longer serves us. The evolution of the human species is here. It is the inevitable next step in the life cycle of the HUMAN ORGANISM that wishes to live. But will we continue to live in fear as our way of life?

The opposite of fear is LOVE. THIS EVOLUTION — and we are at the very beginning of it — IS the fulcrum of change from fear to love. This evolution starts with you and me — giving away our blame, and our pettiness, and our “this person did such-and-such to me so I’m going to stay angry and oppress others because it’s my right” entitlements.

This change of our own heart and mind is THE move forward, the rebalancing with a feminine energy of sharing that will evolve us into new and better HUMAN BEINGS — and out of the masculine energy of dominance, fear and “tear-down/put-down” way of being and living.

THIS is the time and opportunity of the feminine, the great healing, where unity of the people redefines the next phase of America.

This evolution cannot be stopped, NOR can it be locked behind bars or silenced through bullying or suppressed through governmental gridlock or subjugation.

But neither can the bumps, barriers, blocks and challenges we WILL experience in this evolutionary change be wished away or voted away.

If the elections shows us anything, millions of American people already WANT a new, inclusive and sharing way of life BUT to get to where the majority, unquestionably, want this too requires us to put these values INTO daily life.

How? By knowing that healthy anger tells us immediately that something is wrong, but that compassion tells us to right the wrong, not to add fuel to the flames and incite hatred and vengeance. By responding to setbacks not with naivete or wishful thinking, but with clearheaded resolve and alternative ways forward.

This evolution starts with each one of us, with our feet on the ground, making and taking each step consciously, up, out and forward. The future is now.


SO, let us start 2017 and “BREAK THROUGH THE OLD and BRING IN THE NEW”

When all your chakras, all your energy centers, are cleared out of blocks AND aligned you can:

• SEE,
• HEAR & SPEAK your truth.
• Be guided by your HEART
• and ACT,
• FEEL accordingly.
• You can LIVE safe, secure and protected.

And break through your own “old” thoughts, values and behaviors and bring in the “new” thinking, being, feeling, and knowing . . .

Where do YOU go from here?

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I hope you learned something of value today.


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