Why You Have The Body You Have

Do you wonder WHY you have the body you have?

The simple answer is, because it’s the best and most helpful shape for you to have in this life time.
But I’m jumping the gun here.

Let me explain this by 3 Ways To Understanding Your Body Shape
The 1st way is on the physical plane.  This addresses the “WHAT” your body looks like.
If you had to break down your body shape into one of these 5 basic geometric forms, what would that be?  Would it be:

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Fashion 5 Bodies with shapes

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Each of these shape have their own special signature in space.  They have their own special meaning to the eye. Our bodies will take on one of these forms as dominant shapes or perhaps a combination of them.  From a none subjective point of view, no one particular shape is really more beautiful than the other.  But in the case of clothes, if you tried to put the rectangle shape onto the circle, your might be a bit disappointed in the outcome.

The 2nd way is on the mental & emotional plane.  This addresses the “HOW” you feel in your body, both from your personal perspective and how you connect to your friends.

Take a moment and close your eyes and image you are a Δ (triangle) walking through space, how would that make feel?  Now change your picture to a T, O, rectangle and 8
After that, close your eyes and create a moving picture with these shapes interacting. Watch how they interact. What do you see?  How does that make you feel?  Each shape not only looks different, but they also feel different and interact with you psyche differently.  Understanding how your dominate shape moves through space, can help you move through life more smoothly.

5 Element Shapes

The 3rd way is on the being or spirit plane.  This addresses the “WHY” you have the body you have.
This may be the biggest mystery, the WHY.  “Why do I have the body that I have?”
And like I said before, the simple truth is……
Your Body is the best physical form for you,
At this moment in TIME,
Because it will serve YOU the best.

You may like your body.  You may hate your body.  You may be critical of your body.  You may struggle with your body.
But every ache, every pain, every feel good moment is the best way YOUR body knows how to communicate to you, in-order to best serve YOU.

At birth we have an “Adorable Baby Body,” so adults fall in love with us.  If babies weren’t so cute, soft to touch, cuddly and smell oh so sweet, we would have a much harder time putting up with the sleepless nights, feeding fests and constant potty duties. Throwing the baby out with the bath water, might turn into a real action item.

A “Youthful Body,” we have this body because we need the fast quickening energy of youth.  It allows us to do all that amazing cellular transformation.  To build the adult body we are destined to have. This transformational high energy body, serves us by performing the miracle feat of exponential physical growth.

A “Young Adult Body,” we are naturally attached to this is the body. This is partly due to the fact that we reach maturity with our body, mind and spirit in this physical phase. This body has the fast, youthful, sexually attractive, magnetic, endurance energy.  Without this support, we couldn’t sustain the labor of working, initiating an independent life, birthing and raising children. Being obsessed with this body is not really a surprise, since one of its key services is to keep us off the endangered list.

A “Middle Age Body,”  is not so popular with us because it shows the wear and tear of time. This body shows the good, the bad and the ugly experiences, the battles we’ve fought, the road we’ve traveled, and the journey we’ve made within ourselves. The service of this body is it speaks loudly physically in hopes that it can communicate to us mentally and spiritually. The beauty of this body is it shows the the fullness, the richness, the depth, the wisdom of  life.

A “Well Worn Body,” this is probably the body we all most fear to wear. This body serves us through naturally slowing us down, giving us the opportunity of acceptance, surrender and connection to our inner wisdom. This is the beautiful body of transcendence, of letting go, of shedding, of separation. ….if it was as cute and adorable as the “Baby Body,” when it was time to leave, we might experience more separation anxiety.

For me, my body speaks really loudly, for example when I’m in a hurry, the wall has a way of jumping right out in front of my big toe!  Also I have a thing about trying out new body products for health, probably in hopes of finding the magical fountain of youth. Well….my body waists no time in letting me know what it thinks, sometimes the feelings are pleasant and then sometimes, not so much.  Whichever way it goes, I’m happy that it lets me know.

Now I’d love to know, how does your body serve you? Do you feel your body supports you? If yes or no, how does that show up for you?

Ta Ta for now!

Francesca oh!


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Francesca oh!

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