What You Need To Know About Pain

What you need to know about pain

In the previous post

Why You Have the Body You Have,”

I talked about the 3 planes of your body.

For today, I’m going to refer to them as the 3-Planes of Self.
To recap, they are:

1. Physical Self

2. Mental-Emotional Self

3. Being Self ( AKA Spiritual Self )


What no one ever told you about your PAIN, is….

  1. Pain is not bad, it is there to act as the voice of our body, to point to the areas of unbalance.
  2. Pain is the voice that all 3-Planes of Self use.
  3. Pain shows up and dissipates differently  for each of the planes.
  4. Getting rid of pain, requires that you address it where it is.


Now I’m pretty certain that most of us, would like to get rid of pain as quickly as possible.
That being said, here are 3 helpful tips on how to distinguish the differences.
Differences in Pain Examples:

  1. A Physical injury is, you fall off a  ladder, break a leg, you realign the leg bone and your cells repair the break.
  2. A Mental or Emotional injury is, you climb a ladder, you look down, you suddenly can’t breath, your heart races, you become dizzy, you feel out of control…..you are in the midst of a panic attack, from that moment on, you have a phobia of heights. This is a recycled and recurring pain that is activated from a metal or emotional trigger or block.  When the trigger or block is deactivated, the mental and emotional pathways can realign.
  3. A Being injury is, you experience a trauma that breaks your spirit, your spirit takes flight, you loose connection to your inner self. This disconnect show up as a very real pain which can have many faces, it can be hidden, it can be illusive, it can show up without any apparent reason.  This pain’s focus is alignment of  your being and has a strong connection to your intuition.

Understanding the differences can help you pinpoint how you want to treat your pain.  Today there are many different alternative medicines, and sometimes some of them work and sometimes they don’t.  A key reason why something will not work is, because it does not address where it REALLY is. Since we live with ourselves 24/7, we are probably our best interpreter for our pain.

So the next time you feel discomfort, take a deep breath, then take a moment to check in with your 3-Planes of Self and see what they have to say to you.

Now I’d love to hear from you.  What kind of pains do you have? Have you tried alternative medicines?  Have they worked or not worked for you?

Ta Ta for now!

Francesca oh!




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