“What body type am I?” Ever asked yourself this question?

What body type am I?

If so you’re gonna love this post!

You probably know, finding out what’s your body type, is one of the keys to finding the style of clothes that will make you look and feel your fabulous best. And who doesn’t want that?

Also knowing your body type means, you’ll get the confidence of knowing what looks great on your specific body. Which translates into buying the clothes that look best on you, so say goodbye to:

1. Shopping frustration
2. Style indecision
3. Time & money waste
4. A closet filled with clothes but feeling you’ve got nothing to wear
5. And clothes that don’t make you look and feel your best

We’ve all made big style mistakes because these things weren’t really taught as much and still aren’t. I’m on a mission to change that.  After my 20 plus years of experience as a fashion designer and working with many women, I’ve learned one very big thing about myself.  It pains me to see beautiful women doubting themselves and hiding their beauty behind the wrong style of clothing for them. I’d love to see a world filled with women who step into the power of their confidence, knowing that they look and feel their very best self!

Don’t want you get that strange feeling when a friends tells you:Style Coaching

“Hey girlfriend, let’s go shopping, you know, we got to go to that………event.”

Suddenly your body tightens up because you’re uncertain.


Because you don’t know what’s going to fit your body, what’s going to look good, whether you’re going to be seen and if you are, what impression you’re going to leave.

And all of this present, past and future tension hinges on what?

Well, you can sum it up in one word. It’s UNCERTAINTY.  which is the opposite to confidence.  So no good but worry not, as I mentioned earlier, I’m on a mission to make all women feel and look their best.  And you can start by taking the free, What Body Type AM I Quiz. I created it to get you started on the journey to discovering your beauty and learning how to express and enhance it.

I’d like for you to be able to look at a skirt or a pair of pants and know if it is right for you or not. Wearing clothing that’s not for your body type can be like fitting a square peg into to round hole, – and you can Tweet that 😉

OK ready to discover what body type you are?  Take the, What Body Type Am I Quiz.

Then come back here and post your results and/or thoughts.  Can’t wait to hear them.


Francesca oh!

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Francesca oh!

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