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Rev. Dr. Trinity explains the “Why & How to Remove Blocks,” through 1st Chakra Healing Meditation.  Learn her guided self-healing meditation for body, mind and spirit.


Why & How to Remove BlocksHello this is Rev. Dr. Trinity and welcome.  Today, I’m sharing what I know about energy blocks, why they exist and most importantly, how to release them.  Last month, I shared the story of my healing journey and how I combine Buddhist teachings with both modern and ancient healing techniques.  As I explained before, the Buddha taught: “There is no road to happiness. Happiness is the road.”

Great idea!  But then, how do you get happiness?  You get to happiness when you let go of its opposite — suffering.  What is suffering?  It is our negative response to an experience, whether that is disappointment in not getting what you want, anxiety over what could happen, or hostility, bitterness to a bad thing that happened to you. He taught that while we cannot avoid pain altogether, we can at least learn to not add reaction and mental anguish to the initial pain.

Using the metaphor of “two arrows,” the Buddha taught: “when touched with a feeling of pain, the uninstructed run-of-the-mill person sorrows, grieves, & laments, beats his breast, becomes distraught. So he feels two pains, two arrows, physical & mental.”

By resolving and healing our traumas, both arrows, we can go back and reclaim our natural instinct of aliveness, connectedness and oneness. Our inborn knowledge of how to be in the world, to be alive and OK takes over, and it all becomes easier.

But why is this so hard to do?  One reason is that our difficult experiences, especially ones that are experienced early in life and/or repeated often, create habits and patterns of unhealthy and unhappy behaviors, thoughts, feelings and attitudes.  So by the time you are an adult, even if you want to change, your effort is short-lived.

Let’s say you lose your anger easily.  You know it; you don’t like that about yourself.  You try to hold your temper, then slip; you take a workshop, try some affirmations . . . a different approach seems to work for a bit; then you fall back down again. Changing seems like an endless, lifetime project!

If you see these habits and patterns, however, as “energy blocks,” then it may be easier to see a way to change completely.  First of all, these blocks are created from our original difficult experiences. But these energy blocks are not static.  They are also magnets that attract more and more of these same difficult experiences.  So the energy block grows and gets stronger, deeper and more widespread into your entire life and system.

For example, let’s look at the wounds from emotional abuse from family members or close friends. Trust problems develop because that very close family relationship or friendship was the means/bridge/basis to hurt you.  When this betrayal of trust happens to a person when they are:

  • too young to understand what is happening,
  • too inexperienced in life to challenge/question/stop the bad experience
  • or been placed into a bad situation through lies or manipulation . . .

well, your world has been “turned upside down.”  And if this happened a lot, you then grew up and upside down world.

Meaning: what you thought would happen, doesn’t; who you thought loved you and would not hurt you, did hurt you. And for children, most usually they think it is their fault and feel they are experiencing such bad treatment because they are not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough.  After all, these are the qualities that most adults openly praise a child for: “Oh, you are so smart, cute, handsome, etc.”  So if you are not being praised and held in good esteem, it is because you are NOT handsome, cute or smart!

Carrying these wounds into our lives, we then often re-create those same challenging situations, at first, out of habit of what is familiar: you know how to act around someone who cannot trust, so you “pick” them as a partner.  By the time you are an adult, you’ve become distrustful, or misplace trust in people who are not trustworthy or not trust your own feelings.

Inside, you feel:

  • I worry that I am not smart or creative enough to be with him and that he will find somebody who is. I haven’t expressed these fears to him and I try not to let them impact our relationship by not bringing up that I worry that he doesn’t care about me the same way I care about him every time he doesn’t call me like he said he would.

By leaning both spiritual and cognitive healing practices, you can heal the wounds from BOTH arrows.

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Where do YOU go from here:

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The purpose of Facing Your Inner Shadows is to provide the tools to understand how energies work within the body and the ways they can be used to heal the past, especially traumatic experiences that have left a mark on the body-spirit.  We work privately to uncover your blocks. I teach you self-healing methods to “let go” of pent up old emotions through simple energy grounding, centering and clearing techniques. In my sessions I share what has worked for me in my own self-healing work and work with you to find and develop what works for you.

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Rev. Dr. Trinity

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