Time to Climb Down from Our Pedestal & Look Up!

This is Rev. Dr. Trinity. Thank you for dropping in to my blog and podcast “Our Cosmic Political Landscape,” on the politics of the time.  The theme for this podcast is:

Look Up My Inner Spirit Healing Talks are offered to teach you the metaphysical truths and skills to know your Purpose, follow your Path, manifest a great, wonderful Life and make a BIG DIFFERENCE in the world.

This summer, I changed the focus of my talks to explain, cosmically and karmically, the political landscape of the times and both the “what” and the “why” these things are happening. While there are many significant events taking place, I focus on certain ones to demonstrate the theme or lesson that I believe is most useful to meet the political challenges confronting all of us.

EVERY month, there is a New Moon and Full Moon and therefore, these are “good times” to get going, whether you’re confused because you have conflicting feelings or are turned around so many times you cannot tell which way is up, down or around.

The time of a New Moon and Full Moon are BOTH are very powerful times to grab on and “ride” those powerful cosmic energies, and thus, consciously and quickly, manifest your wishes.

The purpose of my blog is to guide you through these troubling times by teaching you to recognize the underlying metaphysical currents that propel the world. Thus, you can make choices that compliment these movements instead of being confused, angry, stuck or closing your eyes, wishing for it to be “all over.”

 Unfortunately, our “modern world” of today no longer knows or believes in “these kinds of things,” like astrology, numerology and metaphysics, in general.  I didn’t myself, until a few years ago.

I am an Ph.D.-trained academic researcher and historian and completely familiar with modern Western thought, which follows the Cartesian philosophy, “I think, therefore, I am.” Western thought is overly focused on rationality and gives primacy to only what can be seen, known and proven, materially. This change began in Europe with Descartes in the 16th century and the Age of Enlightenment that followed.

This rationality was a GOOD THING; it led to the scientific method which in turn, led to massive global changes through industrialization & technology, thereby completely transforming our social, economic, political and cultural ways of life all over the world.  Humankind is no longer a helpless victim of ignorance; we do know how things root, grow, develop and die and we have millions of words to describe the inner and outer mechanisms of most things.

In the process of our technological and scientific development, however, “spirit” — that which cannot been seen, touched or verified by any means or matter — was left out altogether. By the 20th century, our “modern” world was so completely taken over by this kind of thinking that anything metaphysical — that which is above the physical — was castigated as superstition, hocus-pocus and UNREAL.

Not only that, but anything of the spirit, or spiritual, was limited and boxed into organized and institutionalized religion, leaving social morality and ethics up for grabs between competing religious interpretations of what was “good or evil.”

It is one thing to recognize the plurality of religions, that is, each person has the right to believe and worship according to their own beliefs. But it is another thing to add political, economic, military or social power to a religious belief so that its believers harm, hate, punish, discriminate and kill others in the name of their religion.

HOW did we get here?  And more importantly now, can I/we do about it?

 First, it is NOT the fault of modernity, science, technology, religion, politics or anything ONE thing that humans have made or done wrong. Nor is it the path forward through these difficult times that we should “go back” to a simpler and better world. There is no such “better, past time.” We have been hurting, harming and killing each other since before we stood up and walked on two legs! It is just plain romanticism that blithely “forgets” this truth.

I believe it is the fault of mistakenly believing that Humankind is ABOVE everything. And the corollary, that planet Earth was created for humans to rule over this Earth is just a complete lie.

All of life, humans included, are AN INTERDEPENDENT PART of a universal, multi-galactic movement of Spirit AND matter that has been activated and actualized by Spirit.

Like love, the truth of the INTERDEPENDENCY OF ALL OF LIFE is a truth best known and understood by experience.  We have many words to describe the experience of grasping this truth — wonderment, awe, even “wow” tries to capture that overwhelming, yet deeply grateful sense of all our connectedness to Life itself.

Yet, I am going to use an analogy to explain how this lack of understanding is the basis of all our dilemmas. A seed, when planted in its environment, roots, grows, develops, dies and makes new seeds; on and on again. But it NEEDS all the other elements, like the sun, moon, earth, water and air to grow.

We humans are no different. Yes, we can put a seed into the ground. Yes, we can make machinery to plant lots of seeds. But the seed still needs everything else — sun, moon, air, water, earth — to grow. So yes, humans also need all these same other elements of the earth to grow, develop, populate and die.

We are NOT a pyramid with humans at the top (though we have built our lives and societies thinking so).  We are ONE PART of a circle of life, connected to all living things.  In a circle, there is NO ONE above or below, behind or in front. We are all part of this Divine Circle called Life.

Circle of Friends

Yet, because we have “placed ourselves on a pedestal” and acting so wrong-headedly about Life, we have been steadily destroying ourselves, and now, destroying possibly our very basis to continue to live on Planet Earth.

But instead of recognizing this truth and taking responsibility to CHANGE, STEP UP and TRANSFORM OURSELVES TO MATCH THE MIRACLE OF LIFE we already have, we search instead for another planet out there where we can go and then do the same thing we have been doing to Planet Earth. Why? We’ve given up on ourselves and our innate ability to change and transform. That’s why even the “science fiction” stories of our future are filled with “guns, bombs, and shoot-‘em out” episodes on other planets. In other words, our “future” is not much different than our past and present.


OK, you know this already.  What I am saying is not new. BUT that is why TODAY is so troubling . . . Right?

What will it take for humans to change such wrong-headed thinking, beliefs, behaviors and practices?

It will take US, human beings, to change ourselves.

Yes, you already know this, too. This is what motivates you; that’s why you listening to this podcast or reading this blog. You also know that each of us, one by one, can only change ourselves. No one can dictate, program or technologically induce human transformation. We each must choose it. You know this too.

But like the seed that will only grow in its proper environment, we can MAKE the proper and healthy environment we need to grow into ourselves, to become more “human” human beings, rather than base, inhuman human beings.

Refugee Ship

This is the moral issue behind the politics today.  Shall we American people, consciously and heartlessly, turn away from those in suffering, whether fleeing war, political crises or natural disasters? We did this before in the last Word War. Fueled by rampant anti-immigrant hysteria, the U.S. turned away thousands of European Jewish refugee applicants fleeing the Nazis, including, in 1939, a cruise liner of 900 Jews who, in a highly publicized act, were NOT allowed to dock at any Cuban, US or Canadian harbor at all. Instead, they had to return to Europe.

Today, under Trump, we are being led back at this same precipice of narrow nationalism, fear mongering and isolationism.

But before FEAR takes over your mind so that find yourself wailing in pessimism so you cannot “imagine” how this global transformation could ever happen, especially now with POLITICAL REACTION pulling us very hard, BACKWARDS . . . I say,


LOOK UP at the sky, the stars, the planets, the heavens above.  The sun, we KNOW gives us life; we need the sun for heat, light and all its powerful energies. Without the sun, the Earth would be dead.

So, the sun is a planet out there in the sky.  But it too is part of an INTERDEPENDENT WHOLE of cosmic, planetary life forces, all working together in this ever-evolving cycle of life-growth-death-regeneration-and-life-again processes.

WE DO NOT KNOW HOW it all works.  We don’t have to know that, yet. Right now, we just know to know that Life works this way and we are part of a living, cosmic puzzle of wonderment and awe.

All this to say, that this truth was known, studied, understood and categorized by our ancient forebears into a system whereby we on Earth, could look up and understand the motions of all those planetary forces and see the “direction” of those currents.  This is astrology and all its kindred bodies of forms metaphysical knowledge, like the Mayan Calendar, the Chinese Lunar Calendar, Numerology, the Kabbalah and the I Ching and shamanism among the most well known. There is also updated systems like Human Design and Hologenetics.


What does all this have to do with today’s Trumpism? What are the powerful cosmic energies behind it?

According to astrology, we have left the Age of Pisces — a time of order based on hierarchy. This hierarchy WAS based on power.  Whoever was the biggest, strongest, wealthiest was at the “top” of the pyramid. Life was just an endless competition and the victor was whoever “won,” no matter the ways or means.  In America, that has ALWAYS meant white men on the top and everyone else, below.

This hierarchical behavior is the essence of Trump. He is standing up for and supported by those who, like himself, are trying to preserve this “old, ruthless, winner-take-all way of life” as the American Way of the Past, Present and Future.

But since December 12, 2012, the Age of Aquarius — the beginning of a 5,200 year epoch of co-creation, collaboration, nurturance and an entirely new consciousness — emerged.  It is a a heart-based approach will put an end to war, within and outside of us.

All the universal cosmic forces are coming into alignment to bring this transformation about. THIS is why there is a polarization: which way forward?  We each must choose, whether we like it or understand it.

GalaxyThese past two months of July and August, alone, there have been significant cosmic events — 3 eclipses, for one — to help push us through these changes, that is, if you knew enough to follow them.

Many planets joined forces — by opposition to or in alignment with other stars  — and brought up the “deep muck” that needs to be cleaned.  So sometimes this meant holding back, or dreaming big or stepping up — so that you ride or “duck” the stormy winds, depending on what the “stars said” was happening at that time.

But if you didn’t, then this summer may have been a time when things fell apart, or your got very tired or stuck and couldn’t do a thing, and it was all very, very frustrating!

If you want to know what I am talking about, learn about these eclipses on our website, www.innerbeautyhealing.us

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Reading the stars is free. But like reading a book, you have to learn the basics; then once you do, you can “look up” and know which way the “cosmic winds are blowing.”


Join and move with the cosmic winds of transformation. The future is at hand.

Where do YOU go from here?

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See yourself from the inside/out and become empowered in your grace, beauty and power.


Rev. Dr. Trinity one Race


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