August 26, 2018 Pisces Full Moon Grand Trine

Welcome to my Inner Beauty Healing’s Pisces Full Moon Grand Trine review.

A human being has so many skins inside, covering the depths of the heart. We know so many things, but we don’t know ourselves! Why, thirty or forty skins or hides, as thick and hard as an ox’s or bear’s, cover the soul. Go into your own ground and learn to know yourself there.”  a quote by Meister Eckhart a German philosopher from the late 1200’s

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Today’s Beauty-Inside Story is:  The Dragon of Transformation: The Serpent Must Shed Its Skin

gril & dragon

Sofia swayed to the music softly.  “Who am I, a dragon, a girl, a serpent?”

Her sinuous movements made her brilliant, sparkling, red skin burn and ache.

She told herself—breathe—breathe in space, make room inside and feel the swirl; let it wrap around and explore the cracks, the tears, the wounds.

She contemplated, “Shall I slither to travel the path, the change, the reshaping?  What method — as a dragon, a girl, a serpent — am I to use to breakthrough?”

She began to moan, then purr and sing – Breathe. Breathe in and make more space, Sofia. Make more space inside; stretch your skin.  Open Sofia. Open, let in the light. The images, the fears there — let them go. Shed!  LIBERATE! Transform!


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Now, that the 2018’s Summer Shadow Eclipse story–of July and August, has been already told in my past Prosperity Path Seminars. Are you ready for the next step? To meet the challenge?  To liberate your inner freedom through transparency and selflessness?

Because . . . our August 26th Pisces Full Moon can bring you there.

Let’s say hello to the Moon & the Sun.  The Sun is in Virgo, the sign of Service and Harvest at 3 degrees, the number of creativity.  It is sending its light to your outer light that is lighting your identity. This vibrational light will be asking you to look at dishonesty and its opposite, intimacy with transparency.

And the Moon,  your inner light, your reflective light that is lighting your in opposition–in the sign of Pisces, the sign of Spiritualization and Intuition at 3 degrees, the number of creativity. This moon beam is illuminating your intuition, the portal to your creativity. This placement in the heavens means it will be casting its moon beam on victimization and its opposite, freedom.

By facing each other, Sun and Moon will cause tension and intensity, highlighting events that spotlight dishonesty and victimization.  How you respond to these events will either keep you in these troubled shadows or lead out and through to higher vibrations of intimacy, transparency and freedom.

Why go through these “troubled waters”?

To be of better service to yourself and others.  The higher vibrations of intimacy, transparency and freedom will help you connect to your natural creativity and intuition, so you can manifest the life of your dream.

The best news is that this Aug 26 Pisces Full Moon is also a manifestation full moon.


Because the key planets in play form a Grand Trine with the Sun.  This is one of the most fortuitous sacred geometries that can be formed in heavens above.

The Key planets in pay are: 

  • Saturn, the Enforcer, in its home sign of Capricorn, the Builder at 2 degrees, the number of communications, relationships & partnerships. Saturn will be holding you–to be yourself, be natural–helping you move out of self-obsession.
  • Uranus, the Rebel, is in the sign of Taurus, the Sensualist, at 2 degrees, the number again of communications, relationships & partnerships.  Uranus’ rebellious call will be focused on the mirror of Selfishness.  Why? To breakthrough to the cry of Altruism, the voice that we are all ONE–to highlight the beauty of Selflessness.

Shall we put this all together?

This Grand Trine Pisces Full Moon is made up of Saturn the Enforcer, Uranus the Rebel, and the Sun your outer identity; and the Sun is in opposition to the Moon, your inner feelings.

So here it goes, this Grand Trine opens the portals of communications in your relationships and partnerships. Through Saturn, it is uplifting you to build your life from the place of your natural being.  It is also pushing you to move out of ANY self-obsessed, depressed state of being.

Uranus is making you breakthrough the barriers of Selfishness, so you can access the bounty of Altruism, that comes from being at ONE with the world.  Through this, you can access the beauty and enrichment of Selflessness–not the servitude of selflessness.

The directing light of the Sun is creativity and is drawing you to create a life that serves you.  And what will serve you is transparency and intimacy and not dishonesty.  So be honest with yourself and don’t play the victim.

The directing light of the Moon is also creativity; creativity through intuition. By accessing, using and validating your powerful intuition, your one-of-a-kind creativity, you can transform and shed the skin of the victim–and walk the inner and outer path of Freedom.

Here are 3 Key tips to help you create with the energy of this Grand Trine Pisces Full Moon:

  1. Freshness: This is a time to transform, create and manifest the life of your dreams.  So take a look at what you want to create and ask yourself, “Does this feel fresh?  Does this feel alive?” You must plant your creativity in fertile ground if you wish it to grow.
  2. Inquiry: Be curious, not doubtful.  Thoughts need to grow in fertile ground of creativity, too.  Curiosity brings life to thoughts.
  3. Acceptance: Have an open heart and accept what shows up in life.  Because if it shows up, it has a good reason to be there. When you accept, you open the door to love.

Where do you go from here.  If you like my blog and would like more personal guidance on your path.

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Have a wonderful and beautiful full moon.

Much light and love


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