The Story of Dawn & Aquarius

“Then peace will guide the planets.  And love will steer the stars.  This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius.” a quote from the musical Hair.  Today’s Beauty-Inside Story is The Story of Dawn & Aquarius.

Age of Aquarius

Dawn awoke to Aquarius’ brilliant smile.  Good thing I’m awake, Dawn thought, because I’d been having the most frustrating dream…..of drifting in a vast ocean, sometimes swimming, sometimes kind of drowning, sometimes floating aimlessly with no direction, no compass….being in the ocean really wasn’t the annoying part.  The downer as the mind chatter that kept going around and around in my head.  It kept increasing the inner pressure in my head, so I couldn’t rest and feel at one with the ocean.  My mind kept repeating “You’re lost, you got no direction, you got to work harder and on and on and on it droned.

Thank goodness Aquarius shook me, saying “Dawn! Dawn, it’s time, time to wake up and build your dream!”  At first I thought, do you mean the dream that I’m lost, I’m helpless, and no matter how hard I work I won’t get anywhere?

Then with lightning strike clarity, I saw who was waking me up.  It was Aquarius and that was just not her style.

I said to myself, “Aquarius is the innovator, the revolutionary, the outlaw.  There is no way she’s going to put up with victim mentality.  Aquarius, she’s Super Woman, the jail breaker, the genius, the liberator. Her style is more like, let’s look at what isn’t working, take it down and build what will work for everyone. If it cause a bit of turmoil, oh well…it cant’ be helped, it’s part of the growing pains.”

I so love Aquarius.  Not so sure how everyone else feels.


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Aquarius Lunar Eclipse 8-7-17 @ 11:10 AM PST

Today, Aug 7th begins the second set of eclipses for this year.   Eclipses cast their shadow to make you look inward.  To help you release what is inside.  This August eclipse season is a time of awakening through reflection and introspection.  It’s sending the vibration to let go of what is not serving you and to transform you into the future you hold within.

This is an Aquarius lunar eclipse, so let’s say hello to the Moon in Aquarius, our inner light, our reflective light, the light that is lighting of our emotions, it is lighting our way for our evolution.

And the Sun our outer light, the light that is lighting our identity, is in opposition to the moon to our emotions.  It is in the playful lioness light of Leo, pushing in the powerful flow of expansion, creative expression and will.


The key planets in play are:

  • Uranus in Aries, initiative to breaking through
  • Jupiter in Libra, expansion and balance
  • Saturn in Sagittarius, the discipline to seek the truth
  • Venus in Cancer, the values you are nurturing
  • Mercury in Virgo, messages of service
  • Pluto in Capricorn, building of global consciousness
  • Neptune in Pisces, imagining your dreams come true

Translation, the planetary frequencies are guiding you to make nontraditional changes.  Why?  To reveal the consequences of your choices, to help you can raise the collective voice of unconditional love…that “We are all One.”  It is casting a shadow on what you reflect as light.

Together, the Sun and Moon are beaming an intense message for your career, to your home life.  Asking you to create cooperation and peace by nurturing your inner genius.  Asking you to reach for innovative solutions, to think out of the box and to connect to your childlike, playful joy of self-expression. This is the light that will expand your evolution.

This vibration is transforming you exponential by creating experiences that make you take action and break through.  It is holding you to the fire to seek the truth, to find balance, beauty and love.  Within all this potential turmoil is a secret.  It is sealed in an envelope that when opened, reveals the healing powers of nurturing your inner values. It communicates the messages of your unique service to the whole.  It is asking you to reach within and connect to building your global consciousness.  And lastly it is helping your imagination, to make your dreams come true.

This Aquarius lunar eclipse is casting it’s shadow to light the path of your evolution.  It may be through turmoil or joyful play, whichever form it takes, it will be awakening you to your potential.

3 tips for the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse
  • This is the eclipse for unconditional love, ask for help, we are in this all together. You are not alone.
  • Even though you may feel you’re on fire because this is a very fiery eclipse, this is a time for the 3 R’s to Reflect, then Release what’s not serving you and Rest.
  • Believe in yourself and be open to hear the whispers of your inner wisdom.

Lastly, in two weeks is the Great American Eclipse on August 21st.  The last time the US had a total eclipse that crossed the entire US was 1918, 99 year ago.  This is why millions of people in America are being drawn to be in the path of this eclipse. In light of this, I’ll be doing some Facebook Lives.  To catch the news, LIKE our Facebook pages Inner Beauty Healing  and Francesca OH.

Now time to reflect on what’s happened so far for 2017:

  • January and February was to Awaken your Inner Genius, your spirit that “We are all One.”
  • March & April was Mastering your Dreams, to take a Quantum Leap Forward.
  • May and June said “Do you believe you are big, beautiful, empowered and wise because if you do that is what you will become.” And Daring you to be Brave, to shed Light on your Truth.
  • July was to Climb the Mountain and Transform into your Star.

The insight for today, August 7th, is you’re Awakening to your Inner Shadows, to Let Go of what is no longer serving you so you can create the Brilliant Life of your Dreams.

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