Step Up, Out & Shine

Twice a month, the Sun and the Moon — two giant cosmic forces directly influencing the Earth — are in a dance together!  And because of this, it is a great time for us — people on Earth — to use these cosmic forces to manifest our wishes. in the never-ending cycle of beginning, growing, changing, ending and beginning again — with the passage of their powerful energies as they cross, match and meet each other along their separate paths, the Sun and Moon they have created a NEW MOON for us to mark a cyclical BREAKTHROUGH. So welcome to this New July Moon.  It is a time to STEP UP, OUT & SHINE!

In Numerology, 2017 is “the Year of One” — meaning, a new beginning & ALL of us. This new beginning has been a very polarizing and challenging period, politically, because we are transitioning from the astrological Age of Pisces, a time of order based on hierarchy, to the new Age of Aquarius, a time of order based on harmony and understanding,

In the 60s, the hippies announced “this dawning of the Age of Aquarius” . . . but they mistakenly thought it was right around the corner.  40 years later, however, we are finally here!

According to the lyrics of that very popular ‘60s song, the Age of Aquarius is a time of:

  • Harmony and understandingAge of Aquarius
  • Sympathy and trust abounding
  • No more falsehoods or derisions
  • Golden living dreams of visions
  • Mystic crystal revelation
  • And the mind’s true liberation.

This is why this NEW MOON is a TIME TO STEP UP, OUT & SHINE!

But first, let’s start by letting go of your stress and getting comfortable. How do you de-stress? Easy. Open your mind and heart to the universe’s information and ground yourselves to Mother Earth.

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How do you STEP UP, OUT & SHINE?

With all your chakras, that is, all your energy centers, cleared out of blocks AND aligned with an OPEN HEART and MIND, you can:

  • HEAR & SPEAK your truth to yourself
  • Your feelings and actions guided by your heart
  • See and understand how things really are
  • LIVE safe, secure and protected.


Charka is a Sanskrit word for “spinning wheel” which describes the spinning motion of energy centers located in our body. According to the ancient Indian Hindu system of Chakras, we have known about these chakras, or energy centers, for over 1500 years.

Finally, the West is learning about them and this teaching is very useful and immediately applicable, especially now. First a few basics: the Chakra system goes all the way up from the 1st chakra at the base of the spine, where we connect with Earth Energy; then all the way up, through the center of your body, to the top of your head, your 7th Chakra, where we bring in Cosmic energy, our connection to the Universe to know that we one with and are part of something greater than ourselves.

The Heart, the 4th chakra, is at the center of this system; it is the BRIDGE between the 3 lower chakras — which manage our body, feelings and power — and the 3 upper chakras, which are responsible for our communication, thoughts and spiritual connection. When our heart is heavy — with anger about political scandal or justice denied — it is hard to open. It is hard to feel positive.  When you are down and out, lost, angry or don’t know what to do . . . it is, however, your heart that leads you back, safely, to yourself.  Always, always, always.

Healing the heart involves paying attention to the most vulnerable and sacred aspects within ourselves. Only through attending to our truth can we drop the protective armor that keeps us bound to the smaller parts of ourselves. We can only melt this armor with the combination of feeling and understanding that is love.

How can we do that in such a polarized political environment, especially when you cannot tell who is telling the truth??

Simple. When the FULL truth of a situation is acknowledged — meaning both sides, and everything in between including all the lies, half-truths, misinformation, disinformation, outright deceits and manipulations — YOUR choice is still very, very clear.  Is YOUR glass half empty or half full?  It is YOUR choice on how to look at any situation. Politics is no different.

There is a very wise saying: What you see, is what you think.  WhWhat you see, is what your thinkat you think, is what you say. What you say, is what you do. What you do, is what you become. 

It all begins with SIGHT — but not just sight by the use of your eyes, but SIGHT, meaning the use of ALL of your abilities — your thoughts, feelings, instincts — that result in insight, hindsight, imagination, dreams and VISION.

So whether from the LEFT OR RIGHT, if you “see” all these political developments negatively, then that is how you will think, speak and act.

So whether from the LEFT OR RIGHT, you think, feel and say:

  • I HATE ___ (fill in the blank)
  • Get out! This country is MINE!
  • We are winning! (and you relish your victory over the “losers”
  • Or: We are losing! (and you despise or fear the “winners”)

You are bringing negativity into the YOUR world and the world around you, big and small.

What?? In terms of energy, if you CLING, HATE, DESPISE, WORRY, or FEAR — it is THESE ENERGIES that you use to build your world and contribute to the world around you, no matter which “side” you are on.

It does not have to do with the VOLUME from which you speak — though that is part of it — but from what HEART ENERGY you see, think, feel and act.

So how do you “see” things as they really are — the good, bad and ugly — without falling into Darth Vader fatalism or Pollyanna naiveté?

Well, this month and THIS MOON, it is a bit easier than you would expect. Why? While everyday is a new opportunity for beginning again, the NEW MOON of July is special.  Use the energy of this NEW MOON to make your own breakthrough by STEPPING UP, OUT & SHINING.

July is the month of breaking through, energetically, to the other side . . . whether it is a problem, confusion, misunderstanding, sadness or loss.  Heal the heart and we are one with ourselves, again.

What is this energetic breakthrough? It is that moment of realization that you can  feel better inside. Choose to do so and you will feel better about yourself, about others, about the world; about your future, about possibilities.

When you are feeling good inside, you ARE shining. This is because your INNER LIGHT is clear and bright.  And there are many, many lights — silver linings, if you will — if you choose to “look” for them amidst “the clouds” around you, you will “see” the light.

Let me give you a simple example.  Another one of my younger sisters, Elisa, is a Certified Financial Planner. She is helping me and my wife, Desiree, plan how to use our retirement funds to carry us through the next 35 years!  She is really good at what she does. She explains things so WE understand them and therefore, can make the decisions that best suit us.  One thing Des and I recently decided to do was to change our investment portfolio over to ESG funds — meaning, investment funds that ALSO promote Environmental, Social and Governance as part of their business. In other words, Investing as a social change strategy.

In the literature she sent us, Joseph Keefe, an investor who does this, wrote:

“I imagine that most people are as frustrated as I am by the current state of world affairs. Climate change, terrorism, war, poverty, growing inequality, refugee crises, debt crises, horrific human rights abuses… the list goes on and on.

. . . We live in a time when people are less optimistic, more cynical and have lower expectations, in part because they see government and other institutions as ineffective and unresponsive.

We don’t have to wait for governments to take action. We can actually increase our influence over world events, and potentially have a greater impact (and feel a little less powerless) not just through civic participation, or voting, or supporting non-profits—all of which remain vitally important—but through our role as investors.

How can investors do that? Let’s take a look at gender inequality as an example. If you believe women should be better represented in the business world, you can put your money to work by investing in funds that in turn invest in companies that promote gender equality and women’s leadership. You can send a message to companies, through your investments, that women’s leadership is valuable and that gender equality is critical to business success.”

Then, along the same line, my sister, Elisa, gave her personal perspective:

“I thinks there’s been a real sea change not only in the investment sphere but also in the business world in terms of caring about the social impact of our economic decisions and actions. This change has come about because our society’s values are changing and investment and business is really a reflection of society. However, that arc of change is hardly smooth; there will be ups and downs, losses and gains in the short term, but overall and in the long run I believe the social impact will be positive and the subsequent ESG investment positive too.”

To be honest, I just felt good reading and knowing this! In the same way that only 30 years ago, you were arrested for calling for the end of apartheid in South Africa, today, apartheid is over and it was won through peaceful — and challenging — means.  Yes, South Africa still has racism and socio-economic inequalities, but the system of apartheid is not one of them.  So yes. There is a lot of great reasons to be optimistic! In fact, without optimism, you do not even try. You just lay down, submit and let life “happen” to you.

NOW REMEMBER that the OVERVIEW VISION OF 2017 is: breakthrough the old and bring in the new. If you just look back to some of the themes in the last 7 months of New and Full Moons, you will see that BIG COSMIC CHANGES HAVE BEEN drawing us out, up and into the NEW!

In fact, the energy of EVERY New and Full Moon of this year was optimistic, encouraging and looking forward to the change that is taking place our very feet.

  • Last month, in June, it was: Build Your Mother Earth Home, Inside & Out
  • Then before that, in April it was: Quantum Leap into Your New Self
  • January started with: AwakenYour Inner Genius!

In other words, in the past 7 months, the Cosmos has planted the seed; the soil has been tilled; the seed has sprouted; we ARE GROWING!

So, time to Step out, up, shine and celebrate!

After all, on July 4th, we celebrated the POLITICAL BREAKTHROUGH of the birth of a free, democratic state — the United States of America — 241 years ago!!

So as we did over 200 years ago when this country broke with England, its colonial founder and BEGAN, ANEW . . . choose this time, this July, as your breakthrough. Choose to move toward in life.  Choose to leave your past behind. Choose to say good by to what happened before. Breakthrough. Celebrate.

Therefore, to make this breakthrough, we focus ALIGNING ALL OUR CHAKRAS.  Listen to the audio above for the guided Chakra Meditation.

I hope you learned something of value today.


Rev. Dr. Trinity

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