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Pisces New Moon: February 23, 2020 Awaken Freedom

Welcome to Inner Beauty Healing’s astrology forecast for February 23, 2020, Pisces Full Moon – Awaken Freedom. But before I get started, let me tell you a story. This is the story you have in your head, the voices of your mind and spirit in your head. It is…

Beauty-The Inside Story – “Awaken Freedom”

“Let me out of here, let me out of here!” cried Clasey.

“No Clasey. Don’t do anything. Don’t stir the pot. Stay here. It is safe when you do nothing.”

“Mind, I know you are trying to help but I’ve been sitting here in the dark. I’ve got to start living me. Please, stop, stopping me and work with me,” pleaded Clasey.

Are you ready to “Awaken Freedom?”

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Now, let me begin by explaining to you how to walk your path to your prosperity with this upcoming Pisces New Moon on February 23rd.
(And if you’ve got your own personal birth chart that I sent you or you just happen to have one, this is a great time to pull it out. And for those of you who don’t have one – but want one, contact me a Francesca@InnerBeautyHealing.US and we’ll see what we can do.)

Let’s say hello and thank you to the Moon & the Sun for their beautiful frequency of light that they share with us.

So, what kind of Pisces New Moon light are you getting on February 23rd? It is the initiating light that comes when you “Awaken Freedom.”

This is the awakening of freedom through the light of dissatisfaction. It is the thunder of what you value in life. Why? Because the world is crying to be saved. The Dalai Lama said in 2009 at the Vancouver Peace Summit, “The world will be saved by the Western women. Not any women, perhaps not all women, but Burning Women. Burning Woman is the heart and soul of revolution – inner and outer. She burns for change, she dances in the fire of the old, all the while visioning and weaving the new.”

Astro-Numerology for February 23, 2020 is, it’s a:

  • Number 6 Month, 11 Day in a 4 Year
  • Moon and Sun are at 4° in Pisces the Dreamer
  • Moon and Sun are partnering with Mercury the Mind at 9° in Pisces
  • Moon and Sun are pointing with ease to Mars of Action at 4° and at the South Node, what’s familiar, at 6° in Capricorn, the Builder
  • Moon and Sun are pointing with ease to Uranus, the Change Agent at 3° in Taurus, the Material Girl
  • Moon and Sun are pointing with ease to the North Node, where you’re headed at 6° in Cancer, the Nurturer

What does this mean to you? What is the Pisces New Moon going to do for you?

It can:

  • Awaken you to your freedom
  • Breakthrough your dissatisfaction
  • Bring wisdom to your mind

This Pisces New Moon is the light of Freedom and the shadow of Victimization. It’s lighting the actions to manifest Bliss and casting a shadow on acts that bring Dissatisfaction. It’s creating a path to humanitarianism and at the same time breaking into the shadows of Selfishness. It’s pointing to the uncomfortable direction of Stillness and Restraint. Why? To lead you away from Stress, so you can hear the thunder of what you value in life and Awaken your inner Freedom.
If you are at a loss of energy, know that your nurturing actions in Dissatisfactions in changing what is familiar to you. To breakthrough, take a breath, apply Restraint and Stillness in the Dissatisfactions that are creating Stress.

With Mercury in retrograde at 9° in Pisces, the Mind can get lost in the Victim shadow. Like in the story with Clasey, Mind focused on safety, as a result the Mind encased Clasey in a mental prison. And at the same time, it will be casting the light of Freedom sending the subconscious wisdom of passion to “follow your Bliss.” Just like Clasey, you can ask your inner Voice for assistance and “Awaken Freedom.”

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Here are my three tips to help you “Awaken Freedom” for 2020:

Prosperity Path Tips

  1. Plant the seeds of Humanitarianism – Pisces is the dreamer. It dreams of the big picture and the big picture includes All. The good for the All, so . . .
  2. Choose to change – choosing to change is a lot easier than resisting change. Change is inevitable. And now it is time to . . .
  3. Step Up to the plate – wouldn’t it be better to step up to the plate than live your life through default? Awakening takes Initiative and to be free means to let go of being the Victim. So let go of the Victim and take Initiative and “Awaken Freedom.”

As I said at the beginning, I help heal emotional blocks that stop you from prosperity. I do this in the area of business, personal growth, partnerships, relationships and image. How it works is for you to know your story, your inner story, If you would like help to translate Your Inner Story, you can start by scheduling a 1:1 Your Story session. This is a 15-minute Astro-Numerology session. What you will discover is Your Purpose, Your Emotional Frequency and How People See You, plus what is stopping you from getting what you want. Wishing you the best in this New Year, Decade & Chinese New Year Cycle!

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