Hi there, I’m Francesca and welcome to my Astro-Numerology Sessions. What is Astro-Numerology?  It is Astrology & Numerology all rolled up in one.  Astrology is the translation of planetary signatures.  Numerology is the translation of the quality of numbers. Let me explain further. Like the Sun, we know there are planets above, and they are big bodies of vital mass rotating at super-duper high velocities over great distances. Their movements are so powerful we feel their vibrations here on Earth. The constellations that we observe in Astro-Numerology have a specific vibrational signature. When you took your first breath of communal air, their signatures imprinted their code on you. This is your Birth & Life Code. My Astro-Numerology Session is a translation of your gifts and challenges in your Birth and Life Code. Are you curious? Do you want to know more? I’m happy to invite you to schedule a 1:1 Astro-Numerology Session with me today.

Just click a button below to schedule a session (your choice of 3 options). When you schedule, you’ll need to fill out an intake form for your Birthday, Birth Time and Birthplace. Once I get all three, you'll receive your own personal Astrology Chart and the Zoom link for the session. The session itself will be recorded and you'll receive a link to download the recording.

This is the first step I have you take to walk your Prosperity Path. If this calls to you, I encourage you to schedule your session today.


You are here, to live out your life story. The problem is you probably don’t know it. Do you want to know your story?

You'll receive your own personal Astrology Chart and the Zoom link for the session. With a  15-minute Astro-Numerology session you get the theme of your life story.  You will know:

  • Your Identity
  • Your Emotions
  • How People See You

Price: $125


Do you want to know your full life story? In addition to your Astrology Chart your 30-Minute Astro-Numerology Session you will tell you:

  • How You Think & Love
  • How You Make Money
  • How You Manifest Your Dreams

Price $247


In addition to your Astrology Chart, a One-Hour Astro-Numerology session is good when you have a pressing life or business question. NOTE I do not answer and yes or no questions or do predictions. 

Price $497

"Francesca is a beautiful astrologer. I gained so much wisdom and confidence from her perspectives and understandings. I love to open up and discover more about myself. The reading I had with her offered so much expansion.  Not only did she open doors for me, but the wisdom kept coming, long after the reading. I feel like so much light was offered. And light is beauty. True illumination. For anyone wanting to raise their beauty vibration, I totally recommend Francesca."

Julie A. Sergel, IAMCITIZENJANE, entrepreneur, author, artist, New York

"My reading with Francesca was incredible, I loved every second of it. Everything she said made perfect sense, and I also discovered so much about myself that I didn't even consciously realize. She gave me tons to think about, and I know I will be back for more!"

Abigail Geer, president & co-founder of Mino Farm Valley Sanctuary, Spain

"I loved my astrology reading with Francesca. It taught me more about my personality traits and how my chart influences me. One of the best parts was the confirmation on a certain area of my business, that I neglected due to listening to what others said I should be focused on. But this confirmation validated the way I felt called to work and I am so grateful for that. I totally recommend it for others looking for more clarity around how astrology works."

Uchechi Ezurike-Bosse, business strategist, speaker, author, Canada

"After my astrology reading with Francesca, I felt like I had increased confidence and awareness of my personal strengths and abilities she elaborated on based on her interpretations of my birth chart. She was easy to talk to and had great insights into potential challenges and growth areas I can look out for and work towards. A session with Francesca is a renewing and life-affirming experience I highly recommend it!"

Beth Ihle, business owner, realtor, Panama 

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