2-29-2023 Pisces New Moon:

Pisces New Moon February 19/20, 2023: Freedom of Lightness

Happy Pisces New Moon! Francesca here from Inner Beauty Healing with the Global Energy Forecast for the Pisces New Moon on February 19 or 20, 2023 depending on where you live in the world.

If you saw my ProsperityPath 2023 webinar you will know that 2023 is the Year of Mastery.

What is Your Mastery? It is the Mastery of Self. It is about bringing the subconscious self to the surface to become conscious. Why? So you can live in the realization of your empowerment.

January’s energy was about Empowering Your Mastery.

If you saw my February calendar on my Energy Forecast page you know that the theme for February 2023 is to Master Creative Healing. February is the month to purge, let go, and release what is no longer serving you.

Now, this Pisces New Moon is moving you toward the Freedom of Lightness. It is about moving out of victimization and into freedom. CLICK HERE to Watch the Video



  1. The Freedom of Lightness is the tool we will use to let go of victimization and move into freedom.
  2. Close your eyes and take THREE deep breaths.
  3. Bring to mind a situation you felt you were either a victim, victimized, or being used.
  4. Say “Hello” to that situation and have that situation say “Hello” back.
  5. Now imagine you take 3 steps back and create space between you and the situation.
  6. Take a deep breath and relax.
  7. Take another deep breath and relax even deeper.
  8. Take one more deep breath and as you exhale imagine you are releasing the spirit of  Lightness.
  9. Now look at your situation and ask “How has this experience helped me?”
  10. As you receive the answer allow Lightness to disentangle you and free you from the victim vibration.
  11. When you feel ready, thank the situation, thank Lightness, thank yourself and anything else you feel is appropriate for you.
  12. PS: Repeat this meditation whenever you wish to free yourself from the victim vibration.

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This is the Pisces New Moon of the Freedom of Lightness 

In Numerology, this day is a 19 = 10/1 day or an 11/2 day. Ten is Instant Manifestation and eleven is a Master Communication number in your partnerships and relationships.

In Astrology, Pisces is the archetype of the Dreamer: one who imagines and is mastering the subconscious.

In the Gene Keys, the Sun (Ego), and Moon (Feelings) are in Gene Key 55. This is the light of:

  • Freedom
  • Victimization

Sun, and Moon are partnering with Saturn (Responsibility & Discipline) in Gene Key #30. This is the light of:

  • Rapture
  • Lightness
  • Desire

Pluto (Global Consciousness Transformation) and Venus (Values) are either annoying or are mildly positive with the Sun and Moon. Pluto is in Gene Key 60. This is the light of:

  • Justice
  • Realism
  • Limitation

Venus is in Gene Key 25. This is the light of:

  • Universal Love
  • Acceptance
  • Constriction

What does this mean to you? How is this Pisces New Moon going to help you?

This Pisces New Moon is planting new seeds of Lightness. What is Lightness?

It is the tangible feeling of the energy vibration of breath. With breath, we live and have life. Without breath, we die.

This Pisces New Moon is helping you heal the wounds that create the belief that you are a victim and at the same time is releasing the vibration of freedom.  It is giving you the tool to free you of your limitations and constrictions.


So you can Master Creative Healing and live in the realization of being the Master of You.

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Be Well & Prosper for the rest of this Glorious 2023.

Sending much Light & Love,


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