2024 Libra Lunar Eclipse: Eclipsing Oping & Judgment

March 24/25, 2024 Libra Lunar Eclipse: Eclipsing Opinion & Judgment

Happy 2024 Libra Lunar Eclipse!

This is the Light of Eclipsing Opinion & Judgment!

This Libra Lunar Eclipse is the enlightening  journey of the Darkside of the Moon. It is about envisioning your future and relationships with strength, courage, and humanitarian leadership. It is your Soul taking the leap into Eclipsing Opinion & Judgment with conscious focus on the shadows of your emotions and ego. Read on to learn how.🌟

Francesca Ordona HollingsworthHi there, Francesca here from Inner Beauty Healing with the Global Energy Forecast using the divination arts of Astrology, Numerology, Human Design and the Gene Keys to help you build your prosperity.

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Now let’s look at the March 24/25, 2024 Libra Lunar Eclipse, Eclipsing Opinion & Judgment.

In Numerology this is a 18/9 and 17/8  Universal Day.

  • 18 is a humanitarian leadership number with invincible drive and vision.
  • 9 is the humanitarian warrior. It has been through the lessons of all the other numbers. As a result it has inner strength, power and intuitively understands the trials of life.
  • 17 is about leaving a legacy, making visible the secrets of the universe.
  • 8 is about infinity, endless energy, and empowerment.

In Astronomy: The Lunar Eclipse is when the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow causing the moon to darken.

With this Libra Lunar Eclipse my Soul’s Message is that this is a time, an opportunity for the dark side of the Moon (Emotions) to rise into conscious realization. In other words stepping into the shadow of your emotions and working them out to move them into the Light.

In Astrology: The Sun (Ego) is in Aries and says, “I AM.” The Moon (Emotions) is in Libra and says, “I Balance.”

In Human Design the Sun (Ego) is in the Gate of  Opinion. This is a gate in the Anja, how you concretize, in other words, how you put things together in your mind. This gateway is about taking patterns of thought, connecting them, then formulating them into a concept with a potential solution. This is what you Ego is doing. The Moon (Emotions) is in the Gate of Correction. This is a gate in the Spleen, connection to our earliest survival system, your intuition. This is about finding out what is not working and being able to correct the problem. This is what your Emotions are doing.

In the Gene Keys: The key line is 2, meaning the theme is being expressed through your natural Talent with the direction towards your Passions and Relationships.

The Sun (Ego) is in Gene Key #17. The light it is sharing is:

  • Omniscience
  • Farsightedness
  • Opinion

The Moon (Emotions) is in Gene Key #18. The light it is sharing is:

  • Perfection
  • Integrity
  • Judgment

The Sun is sitting close and at the same time the Moon is sitting opposite to Neptune (Dreams)  in Gene Key #36. This is adding the light of:

  • Compassion
  • Humanity
  • Turbulence

The Sun and Moon are pointing nicely to Pluto (Transformer) in Gene Key #60. This is adding the light of:

  • Justice
  • Realism
  • Limitation

What does this mean to you? How is this Libra Lunar Eclipse going to help you?

With this Libra Lunar Eclipse the theme is Eclipsing Opinion & Judgment. Our individual consciousness, and at the same time our global consciousness, are being powerfully transformed though the frequencies of Justice, Realism and Limitation.

In short this is a path of friction and/or flow. Here are two simple tips to help you navigate this stream:

  1. If your Ego is in turbulence about the vision of your Dreams. The step is to move into the Emotional shadow of your Dreams. Lead yourself through with the guiding light of Compassion and Humanity for yourself and others.
  2. The Quintessence in Relationship is highlighting the frequency of “I Am Balance.” If you are struggling with this, look at your Opinions and/or Judgments with the light of Integrity.

In summary this Libra Lunar Eclipse of Eclipsing Opinion & Judgment is giving you the gift to see the Darkside of the Moon, the Darkside of Your Emotions. Why? So you can transform the dark side of your Opinions and Judgments that keep you stuck in Limitations and prevent you from living the life of your Dreams.

🌟 For further info: Watch the March 24/25, 2024 Libra Lunar Eclipse – Eclipsing Opinion & Judgment.

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