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Libra New Moon September 25, 2022: Love’s Delight

Hi there. Francesca here from Inner Beauty Healing with the Global Energy Forecast for the Libra New Moon.

This Libra New Moon is about Love’s Delight. CLICK to Watch Video

If you saw September’s calendar on my Energy Forecast page you see that the theme for September 2022 is Reflecting Wisdom.

So how do you reflect your true wisdom? Through Spiritual Alchemy.

Here is a definition of Spiritual Alchemy I found on the web.

“Spiritual Alchemy is the act of inner transformation. It is healing and freeing the inner parts of ourselves that need to be changed. By transforming these parts of us, it leads to inner liberation – the freedom from our fears, beliefs that no longer serve us, soul loss, and other self-destructive disorders.”

September 10 was the Pisces Full Moon orienting you to reflect on Oppression and Dishonor so you could Transmute Judgement.

Now this Libra New Moon on September 25 is here to help you set the new seeds to manifest into matter the love of your body.

How? Through the path of acceptance so you can live in the world of matter and experience Love’s Delight of being in your body.


  1. To set the intentions to be in Love’s Delight, close your eyes and take THREE deep breaths.
  2. Bring to mind a time in which you were not happy with your body; that you thought it was working against you and not for you.
  3. Breathe into those areas that hold your unhappiness. Relax those areas and with each breath take yourself deeper and deeper into relaxation.
  4. When ready, ask your body, “How are you helping me? How are you working for me?”
  5. When you receive an answer, with your heart say “Body, I accept you. I accept your answer.” If you cannot accept it, work with this energy until you can find an answer you can accept with your heart.
  6. When you feel you have reached “Acceptance,” now say: “Body, I love you.” Say it over and over again until you find yourself in Love’s Delight.

This is the Libra New Moon of Love’s Delight.

In the Gene Keys, the Sun and Moon are in Gene Key 46. This is the light of:

  • Seriousness
  • Delight
  • Ecstasy

The Sun and Moon are pointing with tension to Jupiter (expansion) in the Gene Key 25. This is the light of:

  • Constriction
  • Acceptance
  • Universal Love

What does this mean to you? How is this Libra New Moon going to help you?

It is going to help you Reflect your True Wisdom through the art of Spiritual Alchemy by accepting and loving your body.

We are spiritual beings living in a world of matter for the purpose of experiencing the beauty of matter. This truth is often hidden from us because we are so immersed in being in matter. But when you reach deep inside, you know this knowingness. It comes from the depth of your heart through the pathway of Love.

Libra is the astrological sign that is ruled by Venus. In Roman mythology, Venus is the goddess of Love. Just like the saying, “Love conquers all,” Libra is bringing the light of Love’s Delight to conquer the shadow of Seriousness and Constriction through Acceptance and Delight for the purpose of manifesting Ecstasy and Universal Love.

Universal Love is not an impossibility. It is just having a hard time manifesting. Why? Because there is a considerable lack of Self-Love currently on our planet. You can see this by the “not enough” statements many make. Each “not enough” statement dims the light of Love in the world.

This is one of the reasons we have the glittering lights in the sky to help guide us! So the blessings that this Libra New Moon is sharing are the transformational seeds of the Love of your Body.

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Be Well & Prosper for the rest of this Glorious 2022.

Sending much Light & Love,


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