6-5-2020 Hunger

June 5, 2020 Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Hunger

Welcome to Inner Beauty Healing’s astrology forecast for June 5, 2020, Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – Hunger.

Let me start by telling you a story. This is the story you have in your head, the voices of your Mind and Spirit in your head. It is . . .

Beauty-The Inside Story – “Hunger”

“I’m sad,” said Clasey.

“Why?” asked Voice.

“People rioting, fires. Why?” asked Clasey.

“Hunger. They are hungry for change, hungry to evolve. Clasey, you are in The Great Changea global, paradigm shift. Why else do you think COVID-19 has come to visit? It is the “invisible” sent to change the otherwise invisible fear, anger and hunger . . . and the list goes on.

This is Alchemy. You change by going through the Fire. It is good to be sad because that breaks open your heart to Love. Love that you could not see or feel before. This Love is the catalyst that frees your spirit, inspires change and drives deliverance,” said Voice.


Are you ready for deliverance?

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Now, let me begin by explaining to you how to use your Cosmic Compass to walk your Prosperity Path with this upcoming June 5th Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of 2020.

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Let’s say hello and thank you to the Moon & the Sun for their beautiful frequency of light that they share with us.

What kind of Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse light are you getting on June 5th? It is the light of :


This Sagittarius Full Moon lights Adventure. The Lunar Eclipse casts its shadow on Hunger.

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Astro-Numerology for June 5, 2020 is:

  • 5 Day + 6 Month + a 4 Year = brings it to a Universal 15 Day, a day of Spiritual Alchemy
  • Moon is in Sagittarius, the Truth Seeker and the Sun is in Gemini, the Thinker at 15° with Venus in Retrograde sitting as a partner at 12°
  • They are all pointing with tension to Mars at 15° in Pisces, the Dreamer forming a powerful activation triangle
  • Mars is sitting closely to Neptune in Pisces the Dreamer at 20°

What does this mean to you? What is the Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse going to do for you?

It can:

  1. Raise the frequency of Truth by casting the light of the shadow
  2. Bring about the Miraculous by breaking through to your heart
  3. Bring Spiritual Alchemy by setting your spirit free

In the last 3 months, there have been great changes, changes globally that you could not have imagined. As Voice said, “You are in The Big Change.

This Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is here to help you build this change by creating the life of your dreams. How? Through the pathway of Spiritual Alchemy. Why? To build a Heaven on Earth. Sagittarius is the optimist, the Patient Truth Seeker. Gemini brings the Boundless mind of Adventure. Pisces delivers the Alchemy of Dreams. Together they form a powerful triangle in the sky to help you create your new paradigm. The simple message of this Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is to take the action to nurture, heal, and mother Life – your life, others’ lives, all life. This is the act of Alchemy: to burn with the bright fire of the Mothering Spirit.

Here are my three tips for this Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Prosperity Path Tips:

  1. Laugh – Because it will bring you joy. Laughter brings Patience and with it, Good Times. And it opens your heart to . . .
  2. Love – Universal Love, the love of the Mothering Spirit. This is the love that makes you brave, that believes and sees the goodness. It is the burning fire of the heart and when ignited it will . . .
  3. Launch –Launch you into Spiritual Alchemy and here you are able to transform your world.


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