7-17-2023 Cancer New Moon:Impeccability

Cancer New Moon July 17, 2023: Impeccability

Hi there, Francesca here from Inner Beauty Healing with the Global Energy Forecast for the Cancer New Moon on July 17, 2023, Impeccability, using the divination arts of astrology, numerology, Human Design and the Gene Keys.

@GeneKeyFrancesca on Tik TokHappy Cancer New Moon!

We are now in the second half of 2023 and it is a time to SHIFT!

Shift to what?

Your higher-self, to living and being in the Mastery of you!

This year 2023 is the Year of Mastery. So far each month we have been offered to take these steps.

  • January was about taking the first step to Empowering Your Mastery.
  • February was giving you the wisdom to Master Creative Healing.
  • March was leading you to Freeing Control.
  • April was communicating how to Master Freedom.
  • May was releasing your inner student that is Creating the New Human.
  • June was uniting the mind, body and spirit to manifest Divine Compassion.

Now the second half of the year is here and July opens the door to make the big SHIFT into your Mastery! CLICK to Watch the Quick Glimpse Global Energy Forecast for July

July 3rd, the Capricorn Full Moon, was provoking you to build dynamic healing with your awakened consciousness.

July 17th is the Cancer New Moon. Cancer is the Mother, the one who feels, the one who opens the door to emotions.

If you look back into the global human history, you may feel there has been a lack of feelings applied to our evolution. This is because we were living in the years marked by 1000, the numerology of One (assertion, action, application), the Sacred Masculine energy.

When the year 2000 arrived there was a Universal SHIFT into Two (service, relating, connection), the Divine Feminine energy. We are now in the currents to SHIFT from the Mind into the Heart and with this Cancer New Moon it is from the energy of  Impeccability.



Planting the seed of Impeccability:

    1. Close your eyes and take THREE deep breaths.
    2. Go to your Mind and say “Hello” to your Mind and have your Mind say “Hello” back.
    3. Now ask your Mind to move down to your Heart. Take THREE deep breaths to do this. Imagine with each deep breath you descend deeper and deeper into your Heart.
    4. Bring your attention to your 3rd Eye, the space in the center of your head between your two natural eyes. Say “Hello” to your 3rd Eye and have it say “Hello” back.
    5. Now imagine from your 3rd Eye you see a golden seed; this is the seed of your inner truth, your higher-self.
    6. Now bring your attention to your inner Voice, Say “Hello” to your inner Voice and have your inner Voice say “Hello” back.
    7. Ask your inner Voice to connect with your Mind, Heart and 3rd Eye.
    8. Once you are all together ask your 3rd Eye to release the seed and watch it find it’s way to your inner Voice.
    9. With you imagination plant your golden seed and watch it grow from the energy of Impeccability into a beautiful, strong, vibrant feeling. Feel free to bring any kind of image you want to it or not.
    10. As it grows allow yourself to feel your life, all that you have done, all your accomplishments and receive the love.
    11. When you are ready send appreciation to yourself, thank yourself and realize you are an amazing being unique in all the universe.
    12. When you feel complete, thank the Is-ness of All That Is and open your eyes.

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This Cancer New Moon is planting the seed of Impeccability

In Numerology, this day is a 22/4.

  • 22 is the Architect of Peace; this is about having high goals and making them concrete.
  • 4 is Manifesting into Matter through the unity of your Mind, Body, and Spirit.

In Astrology: Cancer is the Mother, one who feels, the one who opens the door to emotions.

In the Gene Keys:

The Sun (Ego), and Moon (Feelings) are in Gene Key 62. This is the light of:

  • Impeccability
  • Precision
  • Intellect

Sun and Moon are pointing with nicely to Neptune (Dreams) in Gene Key 36. This is the light of:

  • Compassion
  • Humanity
  • Turbulence

Sun and Moon are pointing nicely to Uranus (Breakthrough) in Gene Key 23. This is the light of:

  • Quintessence
  • Simplicity
  • Complexity

Sun and Moon are pointing with tension to Chiron (Wounded Healer) in Gene Key 51. This is the light of:

  • Awakening
  • Initiative
  • Agitation

Sun and Moon are pointing with tension to Pluto (Transformation) in Gene Key 60. This is the light of:

  • Justice
  • Realism
  • Limitation

Pluto and Neptune are pointing with the Finger of God to Venus (Values) in Gene Key 4. This is the light of:

  • Forgiveness
  • Understanding
  • Intolerance

On this same day the North Node (Direction) enter Aries in Gene Key 3. This is the light of

  • Innocence
  • Innovation
  • Chaos

What does this mean to you? How is this Cancer New Moon going to help you?

This is the new moon to manifest into matter from a place of Impeccability.

It is asking you to SHIFT out of chaos by setting high goals to attain your peace.

How do you do that?

Take the direction to be innovative.

Let go of complexity and having to figure it all out.

Use this formula: consciously take the initiative to value forgiveness and understanding. This will help transform your limitations and turbulent dreams of humanity.

Last but not least, breakthrough to simplicity. This is the key you can turn to open the door to being in the flow of precision and manifest into matter Impeccability. 

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Be Well & Prosper for the rest of this Glorious 2023.

Sending much Light & Love,


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