April 23, 2024 Scorpio Full Moon Transforming Purposlessness

April 23/24, 2024 Scorpio Full Moon: Transforming Purposelessness

Happy 2024 Scorpio Full Moon!

This is the full moon of Transforming Purposelessness!

This Scorpio Full Moon is about being:

  • Totally You
  • A Game Player in Your Life
  • Not living in the Fantasy of Doom, Gloom and Apocalypse now

Read on to learn how.🌟

Francesca Ordona HollingsworthHi there, Francesca here from Inner Beauty Healing with the Global Energy Forecast using the divination arts of Astrology, Numerology, Human Design and the Gene Keys to help you build your prosperity.

On April 23/24, 2024 depending on where you live in the world is the Scorpio Full Moon of Transforming Purposelessness!

How do you transform the heavy weight of Purposelessness.

Well let’s take a look.

In Numerology this is a 17/8  and a 18/9 Universal Day.

  • 17 is about leaving a legacy, making visible the secrets of the universe.
  • 8 is about infinity, endless energy, and empowerment.
  • 18 is a humanitarian leadership number with invincible drive and vision.
  • 9 is the humanitarian warrior. It has been through the lessons of all the other numbers. As a result it has inner strength, power and intuitively understands the trials of life.

In Astronomy: The Full Moon is when the Sun and Moon are opposing each other in the sky above.

In Astrology:  The Sun (Ego) is in Taurus the Materialist, the sign that says, “I Have.” It is opposing the Moon (Emotions) which is in Scorpio the Transformer, the sign that says “I Transform.”

In Human Design the Sun (Ego) is “Nourishment” in the “Gate of  Caring” working within the energy of “Greed.” This is a gate into the Sacral, the motor that generates our Life force energy. This is focusing the Ego on what is the most important thing to care for, for the good of the whole.

The Moon (Emotions) is “The Preponderance of the Great” in the “Gate of the Game Player” bringing forth the energy of “Adventurism.” This is a gate into the Spleen, connection to our earliest survival system, our intuition. This is working with the Emotions to know what is worth fighting for.

In the Gene Keys: The key line is 3, meaning the theme is being expressed through the lens of Change with the direction towards the Energy and Experience.

The Sun (Ego) is in Gene Key #27. The light it is sharing is:

  • Altruism
  • Selflessness
  • Selfishness

Moon (Emotions) is in Gene Key #28. The light it is sharing is:

  • Immortality
  • Totality
  • Purposelessness

Sun and Moon, are pointing with tension to Pluto (Global Transformation) in Gene Key #41. The light it is sharing is:

  • Emanation
  • Anticipation
  • Fantasy

What does this mean to you? How is this Scorpio Full Moon going to help you?

With this Scorpio Full Moon there is light hidden in the energy of opposition. In other words the experience of tension.

Why? Because it is in the tension that we learn to stretch and move beyond, to change.

With this Scorpio Full Moon it is Transforming Purposelessness. If your emotions are lost in Purposelessness, realize it is because you have chosen to live in a Fantasy – a Fantasy created by the limited mind that Life is not working for you yet by which Life responds with experiences that reflect those same limiting inner thoughts.

The way through this lower frequency of manifestation is to anticipate Life with the fun, adventurous gusto of a game. When this is your source, Life will emanate these experiences.

This Scorpio Full Moon is also leading you to empower humanitarian change. How do you do that you ask?

The simple answer is to Care. This changes the way you produce Life Force Energy that interacts with your selfish Ego, specifically the selfish Ego that is rooted in greed.  Care for yourself so you can Care for others. This will nourish your Spirit, your selfless Ego that truly Cares for the health of the Totality (the good of the Whole).

This Scorpio Full Moon is here to help produce a life that reflects the higher state of Altruism and at the same time materialize the Global Consciousness of Transforming Purposelessness.

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